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Baltimore, MD 21227

Dogs Finding Dogs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

MurphyAfter 3 weeks and 4 days, Murphy Returned Home

George and I were devastated when she disappeared on June 5. It took us a couple of days to realize that she was really missing, put out flyers, and then friends suggested I call www.dogsfindingdogs.com. Anne, as soon as I spoke with you I knew that we had the best help available. You were so responsive and explained the whole process to me, and within 24 hours Christine and Keelah came down to Friendship to help us. We tracked for almost 2 hours that evening, and it was almost 100 degrees—way too hot for Keelah (and us!) to continue. Christine was wonderful—she explained all the things we could do to try to locate Murphy. She was with us all the way. Christine never let us feel like she and Keelah had “left us”—she offered to take Keelah anywhere to track Murphy. I think it is only because of Christine’s support that I never gave up hope. The local newspapers ran stories, and the flyers were put out even further away from home. We had callers saying they had spotted Murphy, some of them far away from our home. So, this morning at 5:30 a.m. Murphy was waiting out on our porch for us to let her in. She was thin, but she suffered no obvious trauma—her paws were in good shape and her fur looked good. If only she could talk, we would love to know where she’s been. But we won’t take a chance with her any time soon—she’s grounded for a long time. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful service you render to people who are desperate to find their dogs and cats. Christine and Keelah saved my sanity, and I know that our local papers want to do stories on dogsfindingdogs, especially to let others know what a resource you are. On our flyer for Murphy we offered a reward for her return, and we will be donating that money soon to dogsfindingdogs.com. It can’t go to a better group.

- George and Colleen in Friendship, MD (June, 2011)

PonchoKitty Runs Walls and Ceilings in Pet Grooming Center

What a nightmare! Poncho was being boarded in Baltimore and was going to be groomed. However, they decided to groom him in a room full of caged dogs. Poor Poncho was so scared that he ran out of the groomers arms and found a small hole in the wall. He managed to squeeze into it and from there he ran all the drop ceilings and walls of the renovated 2 story bar. He was trapped for 5 days. DFD came out and the dog found Poncho in one of the ceilings. We could not get to him because he kept running away. So we put traps up and started to wait. After 2 days and no Poncho, DFD came back out to make sure he was still there. This time he was found in the reception room ceiling 1 story below. Now we had traps there too! The third time out the dog smelled Poncho back upstairs in the original ceiling again. With everyone out of the room, my husband, who Poncho loves, called him out with his favorite saying for dinner time. This time, Poncho meowed and he poked his head out of the wall and my husband grabbed onto him. With claws out, my husband pleaded for a carrier. He took it like a man! Poncho was put into the carrier and finally he was going home. He was fine and we had a Welcome Home Poncho Happy Hour Party. It was a nice celebration. And we have now made new friends.

- From All of Ponchos Searchers in Baltimore City, MD (June, 2011)

MaggieTorti on the Loose for 8 Days

Maggie, our cat, got let out by accident. She is a torti, primarily black with orange, white colors. Dogs Finding Dogs came out and found that she was coming back to the house and was doing a circle around the townhouses and the woodline behind them. The tracking dog was dead on. We set feeding stations up along the path and drew a line of food smell to the house. DFD set up a trap outside the house. Maggie sure enough was caught in the trap less than 24 hours after they left. My little son missed her so much. She is back safe and sound. No harm came to her. She just wanted to explore.

- Kara in Crofton, MD (June, 2011)

WilloghbyWhatever you Want Will to Do, He will do the Opposite!

Willowbee will never do what you want him to do or expect him to do! And he sure caused a fuss when he went missing! It took almost a month of working with Dogs Finding Dogs to track him down. Will ran thru the neighborhoods around my house like he was nuts! He was easy for people to recognize because of his spots. Everytime, off we went with the dog in toe, traps in the car and following him out. A couple of times the dog said that the sighting was not Will and the dog was right once we dug into it. But Will finally landed in a backyard where we went to once again make sure it was him. And it was. But they had a deck and a swimming pool that Will ran around and around and under until we finally snagged him. These people who lived there must have thought we were nuts! Will is back home. He also has a new little sister, a Silver Bengal baby girl 8 weeks old. Not sure what he makes of it but he is on lock down!

- Bobbi in Glen Burnie, MD (June, 2011)

HazelBengal Goes on Vacation 1 Mile to a Fancy Farm

Everyone, they say that Bengals will be more curious and adventurous then you normal house cat. Hazel is just this. She usually would go out in the yard with us to watch the birds. Maybe she would venture to the neighbors house but she always listens. We never leave her out there alone. We had a freak thunderstorm creep up and it scared Hazel away. Being referred to DFD, we gave them a call. It took 2 times of coming out and an action plan of tasks to be done before Hazel was found. We had gotten tips that we needed to follow up on that lead all of us to this beautiful horse farm. Hazel had made a boyfriend and he brought her in the house with him for food. Hurray we got her back. DFD really works hard to find its missing pets! Thank you.

- Deb in Ellicott City, MD (June, 2011)

RussianHappy Mom's Day from a Lovely Russian Blue

This was the best donation fee ever spent. We are leaving to move to Zimbabwe at the end of May and our georgous Russian Blue Kitty decided to take off. We think it was because the house is being packed up and everything is strange right now. But on Mother's Day, Dogs Finding Dogs took the time out to come over and help us. It took longer to catch our kitty then it did to find him. What a remarkable service and cool too! The dog went thru our back alley and right to a deck in a neighbors house about 4 homes away. There he was! Our kitty moved from the deck to under a car that was right there. With my husband on one side of the car and the search team on the other, my cat howling in complaint, allowed my husband to grab him and bring him inside. What a Mother's Day gift and we can now move with our family all together. Thank you DFD!

- Courtney in Baltimore City, MD (May, 2011)

SadieCats Don't Like to be Squirted with the Water Hose!

My father, who loves his wifes kitty Sadie, decided to take her out in the back yard one day. Sadie didn't want to come back inside when dad did. It's spring and fun outside. Sadie was first rescued as a kitten outside our home along the waterfront. Sadie decided to outsmart dad by going under the car. Dad figured he could outsmart her and squirt her with the hose. Dad lost! Sadie disappeared and was no where to be found. Dogs Finding Dogs came out and within 1/2 hour knew exactly where Sadie was. She was hanging in the marshy woodline out the back of our property. They set a trap for her and within several hours Sadie was in the trap. I am now writing on all my flyers that Sadie was saved by Dogs Finding Dogs. I am very happy to have her back home. She has special memories of my mom attached to her

- Dan in Essex, MD (May, 2011)

JackJack Hit the Road Alright - But He Won't Do It No More

Dear DFD, After 2 weeks of trying to find where Jack ran off to we basically we going to give up until we were referred to you. With all the woods out back and the streams we were certain that he was long gone. There were several false sightings, which we know after you went to all of them for us and your search dog said the scents didn't match. But you were right! Your dog told us immediately that Jack was just 2 doors away. I cannot believe it. Your techniques that you laid out before you left lead him right back to the door that very evening. I know we spooked him out of the wood pile and I think he figured it was time to come back home. Thank you so much and we will be telling everyone about what a compassionate and relentless job that you do.

- Jason in Glen Burnie, MD (April, 2011)

LucyAfter Two Downpours Heidi Tracks Cat to Shed

I can't thank Dogs finding Dogs enough for the work that you do. I know that without Heidi we would not have seen our cat Lucy again. It all started when our little curious black ca, Lucy got out Friday night. It went unnoticed until Sunday. We immediately starting searching and put out flyers. That's when we found out that a neighbors dogs had cornered her in their yard late Friday night and that the neighbor had picked her up and put her out of their yard. That was the last time she had been seen. I began to feel hopeless when I read an email from Anne at Dogs Finding Dogs. She came out the next day with Heidi, her dog and Christine. Heidi picked up Lucy's scent around a garage near where she was last seen but despite being able to get in the garage, Lucy could not be found there. Anne, Christine and Heidi carefully looked up and down the whole block checking everywhere and under everything to try and get Heidi to hit on another scent trail, with no luck. Everyone went home and Anne promised that she would come out again as many times as it took. Two big downpours had really saturated the ground since Lucy got out but Heidi immediately followed the same trail as before and tracked Lucy to a different shed a few neighbors down from where she was last seen. It was so amazing to look under the shed and see Lucy looking back at me. I was astonished and amazed at how quickly Heidi found her! As soon as Heidi was away from the shed Lucy came out to me. I cannot thank Anne, Heidi and Christine enough for the service they are providing to pet owners in distress over their lost pets. Thanks so much for all you do.

- Nicole, John and family in MD (April, 2011)

LillyCat Trapped 17 Days in Empty House

Lilly, a very scared little silver tabby, spent 17 days in a empty house until Anne and K9 Heidi came to her rescue. The house was empty because of a forced transfer by the state department to Dubai. When the movers came in to pack up she disappeared out of fear. Soon time ran out and the move had to take place without Lilly. The property manager was by chance visited by a past client of Dogs Finding Dogs and overheard the story. They said to call DFD because they found their cat under a deck just before the blizzards last year. Heidi was brought out and found Lilly hidden behind the lower kitchen cabinets. To get her we had to remove the cabinet panels. Lilly shot out like a light and ran into the bathroom where Darlene, the cat whisperer, got a net around her and put her into a crate. Lilly is on her way now to Dubai. It is totally amazing how a cat can survive with no food, no water for 17 days. All that is left is a long flight and then she will be back safe and sound. And now, the house can be rented out.

- Mary in Bowie, MD (March, 2011)

Parkville Kittens2 Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens and Mommy and Daddy Were Told Where to Find Them

Last week, my husband found out about you because our cats got out and were lost because of a negligent care taker. You were willing to come out the next day, and the tips you gave to us to track our kittens in the meantime led to their safe capture. Please accept our gift, and thank you for helping us find our kittens, who are my pride and joy.

- Colleen in Parkville, MD (March, 2011)

ChesterKitty Hides Under a Huge Deck

Chester got out for his adventure when the repair man did not close the door tight. I did not realize that the door was ajar. Chester took off and we had no clue where to find him. After a day, we were referred to Dogs Finding Dogs from a past success case. They came out with Heidi and she found Chester under the neighbors deck about 3 houses away. This was the good news! But, it was a huge deck! We could not reach him at all. We could see him but that was it. We put 2 traps under the deck and Chester fell for it. We got him back home safe and sound. It was very interesting to see everywhere that he roamed until we caught up to him.

- Robert in Severna Park, MD (March, 2011)

LucyI Love Lucy...Especially Since She is Back Home Safe

Lucy, a very effectionate beautiful Tortise Shell kitty snuck out thru the door at night. The search started in the neighborhood. Neighbors saw her cornered by their dogs in the yard and she was rescued and put on top of a fence. That is where the tracking dog started. It took 2 visits to finally find Lucy under a shed a few yards away from where she had been trapped by the dogs. In this yard too there was a dog that kept her from moving easily. We probably would have found her the 1st time but we were not granted permission to enter the yard. Lucy came right out all on her own. The kids love Lucy and are glad to have her back home.

- Ferndale, MD (March, 2011)

CalieKitty Falls into 20 Foot Shaft with Dramatic Search and Rescue

My cat Calie is a calico who was being pet sit over the weekend. When we got home we were informed that the sitter lost Calie 5 days prior. Flyers went up, alerts were done and still no Calie. Calie is an indoor outdoor cat so we knew that something very bad happened. We hired DFD to come out and search for her. They arrived with Heidi and within an hour she found poor Calie at the bottom of a 20 foot shaft in a yard. I was about 2 houses behind the tracker when she called to me "Calie is Found, come here quick!" We heard her crying at the bottom of the shaft. The home owners came out with a ladder but we could not fit down there. So the fire department and public works came out. After many attempts they tied a rope to Calie's carrier filled with her blankets and lowered it into the shaft. God LOVE Calie, she crawled right into it to get out of the wet cold water in the shaft and they pulled her up to us. This dog is amazing, the resuce as well. If we had not found her should would have died not being able to get out. And no one would have known she was there crying because it was winter time.

- Owners, Fire Department and Neighbors of Calie in Annapolis, MD (January, 2011)

CaliCat Trapped in Attic for 8 Days

Cali had been sick with a tumor and when she disappeared it was certain that she went off to die somewhere down in the huge basement full of 10,000 books that are sold for Amazon. Hearing about Dogs Finding Dogs seemed to be the only way that Cali could be found. K9 Heidi was the dog of choice due to her ability to search buildings for missing pets and drugs. Heidi and Anne arrived at the house and quickly checked the ground outside to check for scent of Cali. With no scent outside the search began inside. K9 Heidi was first taken to the attic because the attic door was close to the front door. Up she went and a huge ruckus started hearing Anne tripping over all the items stored up there. Then within 10 seconds a yell down the stairs "We Found Her!!!" Poor Cali was hiding in the insulation in the rafters. We made the house quiet, put food out and Cali came out to eat and then down the stairs. 8 days, quite hungry and thirsty but otherwise in good health.

- Susanne in Hyattsville, MD (January, 2011)

RustyRusty Falls For the Trap

Rusty is HOME!!!! There are no appropriate words to describe the gratitude of June and I to Lynn and Mabel of Dogs Finding Dogs. We are deeply grateful to everyone who expressed their concern, and passed along their input and expertise. It was Dogs Finding Dogs that led to Rusty’s return after six terrifying and depressing days and night. When they were here, Mabel pinpointed Rusty’s general location. Lynn offered advice on exactly what we needed to do. Some of it frankly seemed bizarre, but we did it. And it worked. The last step was that we put a HavaHart trap on our deck baited with food and a couple articles of clothing. At 12:30 AM Thursday, January 6, 2011, we heard the trap door close and there he was. The feelings of joy and relief are indescribable. We highly, jubilantly and enthusiastically recommend and praise Dogs Finding Dogs.

- Louis in MD (January, 2011)

MurphyKitty Caught Under Deck

I want to thank the super nose of Heidi for finding Murphy hiding under a broken down deck. I knew that Murphy roamed but this time he went further than I would have expected. Happy Holidays to all!

- Amy in Laurel, MD (December, 2010)

ThomasKitty With Heart Condition Escapes Vet Shots for 1 Month

Thank God for Dogs Finding Dogs!!! My Kitty Didn't Die on XMAS! Thomas is a miracle kitty who survived the harsh temperatures with a severe heart condition and blood presssure disorder. While at the cardiologists office in Annapolis, I decided to take Tommy outside and let him walk in the grass while on a harness. The harness failed and Tommy ran off. We could not find him and after about 3 weeks I gave up thinking he was dead without having his heart meds. I then found out about Dogs Finding Dogs and they sparked life back into the search for Tommy. They tracked and searched high and low. Having scent on the ground of Tommy meant he probably was still alive, however even the Vet was saying he maybe could live only a short while longer. Finally Tommy was caught in the traps! What a rejoicing party it was at XMAS in the vets office to have Tommy under their care. He is home now safe and sound. XMAS could NEVER have been better. Thank you so so very much!

- Dan in Fairfax, VA (December, 2010)

TopiaTopia Home in time for Christmas

My Topia is a huge Calico kitty who was left out of the house when we were on vacation. We had to have Dogs Finding Dogs come out 2 times to keep tracking her down. First she was coming back to the house but then she moved to the top of the neighborhood. I was basically going to give up before Dogs Finding Dogs came out. It was comforting to know that she was so so close. With December being so cold I thought that she would not be able to make it. Knowing Topia is safe now made the holidays much more merrier. Thank you so much for the work you do.

- Maggy in Chevy Chase, MD (December, 2010)

KitKatKit Kat Rescued During XMAS Vacation

Thank you DFD for locating Kit Kat for us over XMAS! We were certain that he had been eaten by the local fox. But Ms. Heidi showed us that Kit Kat was running between a couple of neighbors homes and the sewer. We are so thankful that you leant us your trap to put in the garage. You were right! We caught him just like you figured. We now have to figure out how to change him into a house cat. That won't be so easy. Happy New Year to all of you!

- Francois in Severn, MD (December, 2010)

SistineSistine Hides Under Junky Old Lawn Mower in Junk Yard

Sistine is a my only baby! A rescued Maine Coon who accidently fell out of my door when my mom opened it. We got Dogs Finding Dogs' name from a neighbor who had used them for their missing cat. They came out with Heidi the very next morning. It took all of about 1/2 hour for Heidi to find Sistine hiding in the junkiest of yards. The wind was blowing about 20 miles an hour and it was cold. I was afraid that my Sistine would not survive. But Heidi went straight to my neighbors back yard and worked thru all the junk to find Sistine under an old broken down lawn mower. I was shocked to see how it all happened. We would NEVER had known to look for Sistine under a old rusty mower. I am so so grateful that she has been found.

- Mercedes in Annapolis, MD (December, 2010)

RomeoRomeo Romeo We Found You!

Dogs Finding Dogs wants to say big congrats to Janice and her family in getting Romeo home just in the nick of time! Romeo had been missing for over a week. Dogs Finding Dogs came out to search for him but there was no scent of him anywhere. This was so so strange. Searching the entire neighborhood, the woods, all the backyards and still not even a little smell of him at all! Romeo vanished! Then, a absolute miracle, Janice looked towards a neighbors fancy shed that had a window in it and there was Romeo stratching at the window from inside as to say "Here I Am!!!! Help me!!!" The neighbors had gone on vacation for a month and somehow Romeo wandered into the shed and then they pad locked it shut. Well, needless to say, the neighbors now have a brand new pad lock! :) When Janice got up to the window Romeo was meowing but you couldn't even hear him. The shed was completely air tight and sound proof! Romeo, where fore art thou Romeo!! In the Shed Mom!

- For Janice and her family in Severna Park, MD (December, 2010)

LolaA Bad Trick on Halloween

Trick but no treats came my way on Halloween night. My mistake in letting her out. Lola was following some kids up the street and vanished. The way it turns out is that she was taken to a nearby town by some pranksters and dropped off. DFD came out to look for her and found nothing. They insisted that I do flyers and put them up real far out. We got some sighting of Lola but they were false. Then finally I put the flyers up far like suggested and a nice family had taken Lola in and was taking care of her. She was well over 7 miles away. A note to everyone...please keep your animals inside on Halloween to avoid a nasty trick like this. Thank you DFD.

- Wendy in Parkville, MD (November, 2010)

ChumbaChumba Gone for 2 Weeks but so VERY Close to Home?

During a party at my house Chumba, my best buddy, disappeared. I tired everything!!! Searched the house, the yard and still couldn't find him. I called Dogs Finding Dogs and they came out to look for him. His smell was only in the yard. This was not unusual because I take him out with me in the back. But the smell didn't go anywhere. Strange....or was it! No smell of him anywhere around the hood. Well, we found Chumba in the downstairs apartment of my house. He had slipped down there when the door was open. Poor boy! Skinny but so happy to be back home, at least in his part of the home.

- Leveo in Northwest, DC (November, 2010)

GuiGui Runs Alley in Washington DC

Gui had snuck out of the house and ran into the alley ways of my sons apartment in DC. Gui is a little orange tabby and we didn't know where to go. When Dogs Finding Dogs came out we only found slight hints of scent in the immediate alley behind the apartment. I had a siting of a orange tabby 2 blocks away and was trapping there with no luck. The search dog was not interested in that area, only in the alley behind the house. There was a yard that the dog wanted in to but it was locked tight. This is where Gui was. We put out food, his litter box and my sons clothes and at 1:30 in the morning my son spotted him in the back yard. What a relief!

- Natalie and family in Washington, DC (November, 2010)

TeddyDFD's Own Cat has to be Found by their Own Search Dog

It happens to all of us! Teddy belongs to Anne and lives with K9 Heidi. Thanksgiving morning Teddy fell off of the deck. By 2pm I noticed that he was not around. I searched the house top to bottom and no Teddy. Oh My Gosh - My baby is missing! Here I am laying scent trails off of the house with cat litter and food. Printing out the flyers and getting them onto the mailboxes. I was so frantic that it took my dear neighbor to tell me I had a S for Stupid on the front of my forehead. I forgot in all the panic that I had Heidi inside. I vested her up and out the door we went hunting for Teddy. Ahhhh!!!! Teddy was right next door under their deck....but he wouldn't come to me....typical. I tried until 10:30pm. I put food out for him, a trap and decided to see if I could catch him over the nite. NOT!!!! In the morning I went back out and no Teddy. I took Heidi out again and we found Teddy about 10 houses away under another deck. This time I crawled under as far as I could, gave him food which he would not eat. I got to where I could just touch his nose. Then he started to snap out of it and came closer to my hand and WHALA!!! I was able to scruff the fur on the back of his neck and get him. Worse thing is, I wound up with cat food smeared all in my hair and clothes, I bumped my head and was stuck under the deck unable to move with a 25lb cat in 1 hand. I little creative wiggling and out we went back home with Teddy protesting all the way! I have been humbled.

- Anne and Heidi in Halethorpe, MD (November, 2010)

VasyaBug Entices Kitty Over Balcony

We would like to welcome Vasya home after his daring fall from the balcony. Vasya was on the balcony bug hunting one evening when he went after a bug that was just a little to far away. K9 Lee and Janel went out twice to help find the lost hunter. This is what his owners had to say: We/he did it! We spotted our cat in 30 yards from home at about 10:30 pm, just by chance (on our way back from setting up the trap in the woods). Called him for a few minutes, and he approached, and let us take him home. All legs, ears, tails are in the right place; he's not even too skinny. After the initial stress of some cleaning he's absolutely happy now, loves everything and everybody. Happy end. Thanks a lot for your help and advises!

- Sergey and Rimma in Germantown, MD (November, 2010)

GuapoHome is Where Guapo Want to Be

We would like to welcome Guapo home after a week and a half of being a little lost. Guapo is an indoor kitty that lives with an indoor/outdoor cat. He manages to go outside more then Mary, his owner, would like but he always comes to the door when she gets home. For what ever the reason, maybe it was the rain; Guapo did not come running when Mary came home. K9 Lee and handler Janel came out to aid in the search for the missing feline. K9 Lee let both Janel and Mary know that this cat was close by while tracking. After tracking the scent and sweeping the near by yards K9 Lee and Janel had to leave. About an hour and a half Guapo must have decided that he did not want to have K9 Lee back out to look for him so he wandered home. Glad to have you home Guapo!

- Glen Burnie, MD (October, 2010)

Tegri114 Days Out Smarting Us Humans & Then "Gotcha!"

Tegri's tale starts in the beginning of June when she jumped across the stream from her dad who was kindly showing her the great outdoors. It took 114 days to catch her. Dogs Finding Dogs came to search for her and showed us that Tegri went up thru the forest to a person's house. This is utlimately where she was caught. Tegri was not ready to come home we guess. Everytime we tried to track for her we could tell where her scent was but she out smarted us and hid in the woods. Traps were set in the "Golden Yard" identified from the beginning. Night vision cameras were set up. We got tons of pictures of Tegri, saw her almost every day. She would not come to us nor into the traditional trap. So DFD suggested that we use a dog trap, much bigger. This is what finally worked. As I stood in the dark with a night scope watching Tegri go in and out of the trap 3 times to eat the food I held my breath. Then finally I said "God do something!" and just then a big branch fell off of a tree in the woods! It scared Tegri to where she made her ultimate mistake and she jumped and landed on the trip plate. SHE WAS FINALLY CAUGHT. She was half her body weight but nothing else wrong. If it had not been for DFD we would have given up long ago. But the use of their cameras, traps, tracking dog and continuous support was what drove us to not give up.

- Piotr and Anya in Chevy Chase, MD (November, 2010)

VaderTrapped! In Our Own Backyard

On Sunday, all 3 of our beloved indoor house cats managed to escape. Curtis and Iggy were found the same day very close to home. Our 3rd cat Vader never showed up. He waits in the window daily for us to get home and meows as we enter the house. He sleeps in our bed most nights and follows us around like a small child would. Without him home, our lives were miserable. My husband Jason contacted Anne at Dogs Finding Dogs. Anne and her beautiful, intelligent Heidi came right over to help. Heidi's nose alerted us several times to Vader's whereabouts although we were not able to catch him. I'm pretty sure he was scared to death and just wouldn't come out. It was reassuring to know though that he was still in the neighborhood. Anne and Heidi came several times and each time picked up his scent not far from home. Anne left us some traps to set and we put wet cat food in them and waited and waited and waited. Finally, a happy ending to the story. Vader was found in a trap right in our own backyard. He was a little beaten up and had lost some weight but a vet visit, some food and some antibiotics and he is good to go!! Our family is ecstatic and owes deep gratitude to Anne and Heidi. Without their hard work , dedication and persistance, we might not have our baby Vader home!

- Jenn and Jason in MD (September, 2010)

ChesterChester Caught by Foiled Squirrel Attack

Chester is a Son of a Gun for causing us so much worry. The story goes like this....Chester slinked by my feet when I went out about 11pm on my back deck. Usually this would not have caused a big problem. This time the back fence was left open. So when I went to bed I never realized Chester would disappear. After 2 days I saw DFD on TV and decided to give it a shot. The search didn't take very long. Chester was 3 doors down under a deck. But he picked the best deck to hide under. We could not get him out. So per your instructions we set the stage to keep him there long enough for him to peep his head out so we could grab him. The funniest thing is that Chester got caught because instead of hiding from us, he darted out in front of us after a squirrel. Ah ha! Now we got you! And that we did! Chester is back home with his brothers and sisters now, but still yearns for another attempt to ambush the squirrels. Thank you so much for finding him.

- Amanda and Joe in Annapolis, MD (September, 2010)

IssyIssy Enjoys the Waterfront Homes

DFD, Consider me one of your satisfied happy customers. Your dog was right on target with Issy. I appreciate all the times you came out to track her down for me. You never once turned us away. Issy is back home now. However, she still trys to dart out the door to go back to her vacation home that she found. I think the lure of the seagulls and the summertime was too much to resist. We hope that we never need to call on your service again but your number will always be on my speed dial! Take care and I surely will spread the word about you.

- Paula in Annapolis, MD (September, 2010)

MirahMirah Rescued from Mountain Top

I want to thank you and so very much for the wonderful service you and your organization performs. Mirah is a terribly scared feral cat that I rescued years ago. She hides under everything. When she snuck out and shot across the street I thought that I would never be able to catch her again. Knowing that I live on a wooded mountain in Westminster I figured all was a loss until that Super Nose Search Dog of yours found Mirah. I could not believe that she was so close to home hiding in the culvert! I took alot of patience to finally capture her but it was well worth it. I would urge everyone to be proactive and use your service the minute their pet goes astray. Thank you again.

- Misty in Westminster, MD (September, 2010)

TripperTripper Went on His Own Vacation

Tripper went on his own vacation while I was on mine. He didn’t travel far. He only went down to the end of the street and found a nice house with a fish pond in back. The only hard part was convincing him it was time to come home. Dogs Finding Dogs found his location very quickly when they came to search. It was wonderful!

- Sam in Boonsboro, MD (August, 2010)

TripperMissing Ferret Part II

Lee once again to the rescue! I lost another ferret and had to have my favorite hound dog Lee come out to find him. This time my ferret escaped thru the drop ceiling of the basement. Lee didn’t have to go very far. His wonder nose sniffed him out under my deck. We couldn’t reach the little guy so we put a trap under there with some yummy food and he was caught ASAP. Thanks once again Janel and Lee for coming to our aide.!

- Kim in Essex, MD (August, 2010)

BellaMaine Coon Found in 1/2 Hour Under Neighbors Deck

Bella is a Maine Coon who escaped from my front door. I was referred to Dogs Finding Dogs by a friend. We started our search with scenting up the dog at the front door and Bella roamed around a couple of townhouses and then was hunkered down under a deck a few houses away. Bella had to pick the best deck to get under! We could not reach her because it was low to the ground. We baited the edges of the deck, led a trail to my back door and she followed it out. I was amazed to see that she was eating out of the bowl at the slider. I was happy to know that Bella was OK and alive! Thank you DFD.

- Jim in Silver Spring, MD (August, 2010)

KiddoIn Memory of Kiddo

Dogs Finding Dogs wants to extend our deepest sympathies to Kiddo’s family and friends. Kiddo was a beautiful cat who happened to wander into the wrong yard of a Rottweiler. Although it was not the desired outcome, at least there is some closure.

- All the Staff at Dogs Finding Dogs (August, 2010)

FigaroJack Back After 3 Long Months

Our orange tabby got out of the house while we were on vacation. He disappeared on 3/31. It took a very long time to finally track him down in a nearby neighborhood. Dogs Finding Dogs used 2 K9 teams off and on to help us. Its a great feeling to have him back home!

- John and Kim in Arbutus, MD (July, 2010)

FigaroFigaro, Figaro, Figaro!  We found you!!!

Figaro has been FOUND!!! We thank the man at 3 PM, and then the couple at 7:30 PM (both today) who saw our flyers and called us! We thank the great people at Dogs Finding Dogs who came out and also gave us great tips, as well as Anne from DFD. We thank our neighbors, some who went out themselves looking for Figaro. We thank all for their messages of concern and compassion. You all are GREAT!!!!!!
He looks good, he's quite hungry, eating LOTS and he will be going to the vet in the morning. He's super affectionate with us, my dog was ECSTATIC when we brought him in the door (but we kept them separated as my dog was TOO MUCH for Figaro, so they will have to reunite later). We wish everyone else the ABSOLUTE BEST OF LUCK in finding your pet. Don't give up. :)

- Brandy in Baltimore, MD (July, 2010)

ZaneyThe trick was FindToto!

I wanted to let you know that we got Zany back!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your advice! The trick was FindToto! We had 2 calls from neighbors about 3/4 mile away and one of them said "we're looking at him right now" and we were on it! I had never heard of that website, but that was a Godsend! I will spread the word about them for anyone who finds themselves in our situation. Thank you for everything you did to help us. We are so happy and feel like we can finally sleep again! We want to make a donation to you all in appreciation for everything you do for all the animals! God Bless you ALL!

- Carolyn and George in MD (June, 2010)

BetsyDogs Finding Dogs Helped Us Find Our Cat for the 2nd Time!

DFD has been out to my home 2 times now. First time my cat was trapped and found in the kitchen cabinet. It had been there for 3 days. This time my sweet Betsy ran out of the yard and was gone for 4 days. Heidi is a remarkable dog! She scented up in my back yard. Tracked frantically to the end of my neighbors back yard which was at the waters edge. There was a huge overgrowth of weeds and honeysuckle there. Heidi smelled Betsy under it but could not get in it. Then she ran around the edge of it and onto the pier. She was trying to leap into it. They went into the water and Heidi went into the weeds. It scared Betsy out where I could scoop her up and get her inside. I am so glad that I do not have to feel crazy anymore looking for her. If you are missing a cat then these are the people to go to for sure!

- Kelly in Annapolis, MD (June, 2010)

JinxJinx Found Under Plywood

Jinx is home. He is worn out but otherwise OK. He ate, drank from his favorite source, the fishbowl and rested by my side the rest of the evening. Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide. Kim, Kayla and Walker did a fantastic job. Walker really helped to narrow down the area and confirm that Jinx was close by. He happened to be in a yard that was closed off by a high fence but Jinx got under it and was hiding under some plywood. Kim and Kayla worked very hard. My energy was waning after 2 days of searching all hours in the heat, so I was really grateful for their enthusiasm, diligence and high energy. They left no stone unturned and they approached everyone that we passed on the street. If it weren’t for Kayla insisting on looking under EVERYTHING, I may not have looked where I looked as I didn’t even think he could fit in there. So thanks again for this wonderful service. They were true professionals and all the tips and advice really paid off in the end. I will definitely recommend Dogs Finding Dogs and truly appreciate this unique service.

- Teri in Baltimore, MD (June, 2010)

LillyBelleCat Rescued From Life Threatening Situation - Found Tangled in Vines Upside Down in Tree with Injuries

I just want to take the time to thank you for helping me find my cat LillyBelle. When I placed an ad on Craigslist I really did not think I would get a response. It was only 1 day later that you responded. Due to your quick response we were able to find LillyBelle quicker, which was vital to her well-being, for she had been missing for almost a week! You had immediately called for someone to come out to my house, that evening, to help me find LillyBelle.

On May 19 I had the privilege to meet Lynn and her dog Mabel. Lynn made me feel very comfortable and confident that Mabel would help find LillyBelle, even when I was doubtful. After giving Mabel the scent of LillyBelle, off she went to search for her. It was like she knew she had a job to do and acted very professional. It was as if she was a human-being, but only better! Mabel started her search and I was amazed of how diligent she was.

Mabel took us on a 30 – 40 minute search for LillyBelle. She took us through neighbors yards, down to a wooded area. Lynn and I walked, sometimes running, with Mabel through weeds as high as our waists, streams, up and down hills jumping over fallen trees and broken branches. I thought there is no way my LillyBelle could have traveled this path. I was getting more and more discouraged and sad of not finding her. I was almost doubting Mabel’s ability. We were about 40 minutes into the search when Mabel just stopped. I thought we were going to turn back to my house. But then Lynn was saying to Mabel “check check”, Mabel looked at one particular tree. I looked at the tree and hesitated then looked again and saw something orange. Not sure of what it was I went closer to the tree and wouldn’t you know it THERE WAS LILLYBELLE. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES! I WAS SO AMAZED AT THIS! I could not help but to cry of joy and relief of finding her.

LillyBelle was stuck in this tree with her tail literally tied around the branches, hanging upside down, tangled all up. There is no way LillyBelle would have been able to break free of this tangle without the help of a human-being. There is no way LillyBelle would have been found by a human-being, even if it was a mass man hunt for her. The only reason she is here today, alive is because of that wonderful DOG NAMED MABEL and her owner LYNN. Lynn was amazing of how she knew exactly what and how to handle Mabel. The connection between them was indescribable. I have never been more amazed and emotional in any thing like this experience. It was a true privilege to work and watch Mabel and Lynn at their best.

LillyBelle suffered dehydration and major cuts and wounds to her tail but will be just fine, thanks to Dogs Finding Dogs organization! From the bottom of my heart, I THANK ALL OF YOU for being a remarkable team of a miracle!!

- Jill in Eldersburg, MD (May, 2010)

RinguRingu's Playtime Outside Foiled by a Black Shepherd

Ringu always comes out on the front porch with me but one day he jumped away. I posted him up on the computer and Dogs Finding Dogs called and offered help on the phone. They told me of some things I could try and then if I needed help they would come out. After no luck we had Heidi come out to search for Ringu. She immeidately smelled him in the yard and Anne said it was a strong scent and that Ringu had probably just been in the yard. It led to the back corner of the yard and then up 2 homes. We could not get into all the yards to check under the sheds but we knew which one he was in. We put food out for him and he came right back home crying for more. Ringu is never allowed to go outside without a harness now. We have told every person we know of your service! Thank you to K9 Heidi!

- Brinn in Lanham, MD (May, 2010)

SylvesterSylvester the Kitty Out Smarted by a Hound Dog

I had almost given up hope that our cat Sylvester would come home after being gone for three weeks. I had Dogs Finding Dogs come out as the last resort to find our little guy but was not expecting much. Janel, Anne and Lee the tracking dog came right out and started the search. They explained that even though Sylvester had not returned home it did not mean that he was not in the area. While we were out tracking we told everyone that we were looking for a black cat. Some of my neighbors that we talked to said that they had seen a new black cat hanging out around the area over the past few weeks. Lee showed us a few areas that Sylvester was hanging out in and with in a few days we had caught him! Lee is an amazing tracking dog and both Janel and Anne are so full of information it is wonderful to know they are helping you look for your lost pet.

- Brandon in Crofton, MD (May, 2010)

Sweet PeaSweet Pea Found in Kitchen Cabinet

Sweet Pea had been lost for 3 days. Thinking that she had gotten out the front door when we were moving furniture we search day and night to find her. We thought a neighbor may have trapped her and taken her away. We saw Dogs Finding Dogs on the internet and a friend of ours actually used them for her cat. We called them and they came out to look for Sweet Pea. There was not scent path off of our house. We have a very large home on the water. They kept saying that Sweet Pea had to still be inside. Using the dogs to search the house Sweet Pea was locked in a kitchen drawer by mistake. She made 1 little meow. She was so happy to be released from her prison. What a relief. Thank you so much for helping us out! We thought we had looked everywhere.

- Kelly in Annapolis, MD (May, 2010)

BinkyA Bit of Advice Goes a Long Way in Finding a Binky

I contacted your organization Monday May 3 at 8 pm about my missing cat, Binky, in Woodbridge, Va. I was given some amazing advice from a caring and empathetic expert. She told me to go to Home Depot and buy a Havahart Live Animal Raccoon Trap and put wet food inside, with flour around it to track the pawprints. I did this immediately, and within 2 hours, my cat was inside meowing! My cat had been missing for 3 whole days, and I had contacted numerous animal shelters, vets, other organizations, etc. and no one provided the personalized, helpful advice that your organization did. I had not even heard of these traps before. I cannot thank you enough- you have no idea how much it means to me to have my precious cat back! Thank you again and keep helping people and animals- it is much appreciated!

- Stephanie in Woodbridge, VA (May, 2010)

PicklesPickles, the Most Famous Cat in Md. Outwits Us All!

When Pickles went missing I told anyone and everyone my tale of woe, and after a couple of days a friend at work told me about Dogs Finding Dogs. I thought this was the best idea I had ever heard, and called Anne immediately. Yoshy and Lee came out with Anne to search for Pickles the next day. Pickles was on the move, and hard to pin down. Throughout the next week and a half Anne and Janel helped me with useful advice on how to track him down, and Heidi worked to sniff out any evidence. One night Anne brought me a motion detector camera to find out what was happening at my house at night, and Heidi picked up Pickles' scent right on my front porch! This reenergized my hope, and helped me focus my energy on the porch baiting it with lots of food, the flour to track his paw prints and an open window in case he decided to come home. I stunk up the outside of the house with his litter and lots of smelly wet cat food. After several days of trial and error with the camera I caught Pickles return on film. Everyone at Dogs Finding Dogs not only helped me search for my friend, but helped me find humor in the situation. My heartfelt thanks go to Anne and everyone at Dogs Finding Dogs, without them I might have given up hope.

P.S. from DFD: Pickles also was on the radio and his mom Caroline is known by almost everyone in Md. We got calls from all over asking if we were looking for Pickles because people knew of him. If you look at his pictures you can see that he refused to take the bait and even tip toed into the window!

- Caroline in Catonsville, MD (May, 2010)

ChloeChloe Found Under Townhouse Deck

Our cat Chloe had slipped out on Thursday night when my husband opened the front door to walk a friend out. We had no idea she was missing until Friday morning. We didn’t know what to do or where to even being. On Saturday we got in touch with Dogs Finding Dogs who offered to send a tracking team out that afternoon. Dogs Finding Dogs came out in full force to help us look for Chloe. We began sweeping through our townhouse communities. K9 Lee and Janel would take one side of the street and sniff every possible hiding spot while Kayla and Ashley would look with flash lights on the other side of the street. After one hour we had swept through quite a few of the townhouses. I was beginning to think that we were not going to find Chloe. As we were heading back to my house the trackers decided to make one last sweep under the group of decks in my townhouse group. Lee sniffed at the first deck and then when he walked over to the second deck he perked up and was trying to pull Janel under the deck with him. Janel took a look and so did Kayla and there was my Chloe under the deck. With some time and a lot of patience I got Chloe out from the deck and inside. I don’t know if I would have ever found Chloe without the help of this amazing group of people. Thank you again.

- The Storck Family in Ellicott City, MD (May, 2010)

Boo BooBoo Boo Found 2 Times in Less than 24 Hours

I want to thank Dogs Finding Dogs for finding Boo Boo not once but twice in less than 24 hours. Each time it only took 15 minutes. We would have never found him. Boo Boo fell thru the screen and scurried under our concrete steps that led to our basement. The dirt had washed away from under them. I had cameras up at the door looking for him all night. I walked by the steps at least 100 times, and didn't sleep at all. Heidi found Boo Boo right away and when she sniffed him out he came up and gave her a swat on the nose. After you left we tried to get him out of the hole with a hose. We blew into it and he flew out of the hole and across the yard. I am so thankful that you came back the next morning and found Boo in the storm drain pipe that goes under the driveway. It was quite an adventure to get him out of there by taping the unused drain spouts together to move him towards the opening with the net attached to it. Boo Boo recovered from the ordeal real fast and is now laying around like nothing ever happened. I am so happy this is over! Using a search dog team is a real help. I will recommend you to everyone.

- Joyce in Severna Park, MD (April, 2010)

RazelleFood is the Key Again

I called you tonight on my way home from work and you gave me lots of great ideas. As soon as I got home I took wet cat food and placed it in a bowl in the center of a flour ring. Then I sprinkled lots of the food all around the house as you instructed. I did a once through the neighborhood with a flash light, then went home and ate dinner. One and a half hours later I walked out on my deck to see if I had any flour prints and heard my girl meowing. There above me , on the upper deck stairs was my Razelle, looking down at me. My usual skittish girl stood there and waited for me to come and pick her up and carry her inside. Thank you so very much.

- Nancy in MD (April, 2010)

KittayWet Food Attracts Kittay

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about finding Kittay. I took you advice and put wet food out last night and at 4:45 this morning, Kittay was at the back door asking to get in. I have a 10 week old daughter so I am up most of the night. That is why I was able to hear Kittay outside at that ridiculous hour. I told my 2 1/2 year old daughter that the Easter Bunny brought Kittay home. It was perfect. I never thought about putting wet food out since he only eats dry food, however looking back it seems obvious.

- Jen in Sykesville, MD (April, 2010)

SashaLittle Kitty Hides in Little Space

Sasha is a tiny little black kitty. She got out of the house and disappeared. Not being a outdoor cat we knew that she was lost! Little did we dream that she would be so close. We had Dogs Finding Dogs come out 3 days after she went missing. Heidi scented up at the front door where Sasha got out from and tracked directly to the neighbors back yard old shed. It was off of the ground about 6 inches and Sasha had pushed herself all the way in the back where we could not reach her. So with directions from DFD we put a trap out with smelly food and Sasha tried to get into it but failed. Then we were told to lay a path of wet food to the back door. We left the door open and at 3 am Sasha just came wandering back into the house. We are so grateful to have her back so quickly. Using a tracking dog shortens the process like you would not believe. Many thanks DFD!

- Shannon in Silver Spring, MD (March, 2010)

JackKitty Found Sunbathing on Neighbor's Deck

I just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for facilitating support over these past few days and finding Jack (aka Trouble) today. Even though Jack acts nonchalant, curled up on his favorite chair behind my computer sleeping, I know he is glad to be home as much as I am to have him. I had to laugh at him as he actually had the gall to "cat growl" at his brother Sam who was only glad to see him. Go figure! Continue with your good work in good health and spirit! Again, I say Thank You not just for finding Jack but more so for the moral support you gave me through the process!

- Mickie in Crofton, MD (March, 2010)

Von PiggyVon Piggy Lost her Way Home

Ms. Von Piggy lives in a nice house with alot of property and woods. She went missing which was unusual. She has a boyfriend who is a outdoor stray that stays around and plays with her. We noticed that she disapppeared and her boyfriend seemed distressed. Lynn came out with Mabel to look for her and took us exactly where she was found. She had traveled off the property, thru a storm drain and had been hanging around a house right next to it. We did a FindToTo alert also which was very helpful. Alot of people were very kind and called to say they would look out for her. It is amazing to see what a search dog can do!

- Kingsville, MD (March, 2010)

KittyKitty Lost thru Blizzard and Found Trapped in Shed

We want to express our gratitude to Dogs Finding Dogs for their efforts in finding Kitty. Kitty left by way of the front door just before the blizzard. We think our dog chased her out of the yard. Dogs Finding Dogs came over in 3 feet of snow with the search dog and spent hours wading thru 3 feet of snow, shovelling out decks and sheds so their search dog could sniff for Kitty. We were very afraid that she would not have been alive. It was so cold, no food or water available. It was very upsetting. Kitty was found under a shed next door. We are so grateful to have her back. We are amazed that she lived thru the blizzard.

- April & Mike in GLen Burnie, MD (February, 2010)

PoopiesStinky Cat Food the Key to Poopies Return

Poopies loves to go outside and she comes in and out during the day if I am home, usually just upon a call. But this time, she did not return when I called, and as the night progressed, she did not come home at all. The next night she did not return, and I put some fliers into some of the neighbours mailboxes. On Friday night, I called DogsFindngDogs.com to see if they would come in to find a cat. The next day, help arrived with Janelle and Lee. 2 blocks away, her scent, perhaps a day old, was found. That made me feel much better. The next day, we set out a raccoon trap and threw around some stinky cat food. It was late afternoon when I heard some desperate meows. She had come home! She was skinny too! I am very relieved to have my little Poop back, and thankful that DogsFindingDogs.com was able find her scent that lead me to believe that after a week outside, contrary to her normal behaviour, she could be alive still. And then she came back! Sigh of relief!

- Alanna in Rockville, MD (February, 2010)

GeorgeGeorge is home, safe and warm

On Monday evening, my cat George decided to sneak out as the pizza delivery guy came to the door. We searched many hours, walked several miles, putting up flyers, visiting Animal Control, and local Vets and Animal Hospitals. I got a call from Anne Wills at Dogs Finding Dogs offering suggestions and help. After her call, it was the first time I felt a little bit of hope. When I heard we were going to get another snow storm on Friday, I called Anne and asked if she could come out with Heidi to help look for George. Anne and Heidi came on Thursday and within an hour, Heidi found George. George saw me but was super scared and ran back underneath the deck. With the help of my wonderful friends, we were able to coax him out of hiding. If it weren’t for Anne’s call and help, I don’t know what I would have done or if I would ever have gotten George back. Thursday night was the first peaceful night sleep I had since George snuck out and I owe it all to Dogs Finding Dogs tracking my kitty!

- Shelly in Odenton, MD (February, 2010)

Puss PussKitty with Intestinal Cancer Found in Nick of Time

Thank you so much for bringing that search dog out here! I just had a new baby and life is hard as a young single mom. Now Puss Puss who has intestinal cancer got out and was gone for 2 weeks. I thought for sure he would be dead. He has to have special medicine for his illness. Dogs Finding Dogs came out and tracked with me to find Puss Puss. We tracked from my back door where he had gotten out 2 weeks earlier, crossed around my back yard and then went straight across the street to a yard that was huge and full of junk. The dog kept wanting into the yard just outside a old shed way in the back. We couldn't get into the yard but when my neighbor got home I told him what had happened. Oh My Gosh! The dog was right! There was Puss Puss! He was severely dehydrated, had fleas and was in need of immediate vet care. The vet had to give him fluids, get his medicine into him and we are now watching him closely to make sure he bounces back. Without being able to find him he may have not been so lucky! That dog is truely amazing.

- Megan in Darlington, MD (January, 2010)

BudrickBudrick Trapped for 4 Days in Crawl Space

Budrick has now used up one more of his 9 lives! Living on the water in a beautiful setting, Budrick has full run to come in and out whenever he likes. He has even been spotted laying on the pier in the sun. One day he disappeared and it was unusual. Knowing that he always stayed close playing in the woods and visiting the neighbors it was a sign that something was really wrong. Dogs Finding Dogs came out and searched the whole little neighborhood tracking Budricks scent. At a house about 3 doors down lives 2 kitties that Budrick must like to play with. The people in this house always let the kitties go under the crawl space because there is a heater in there. Mistakenly they closed Budrick in. When Budrick heard his name being called a faint cry was heard. The crawl space was opened and Budrick ran out and straight back home inside thru his cat door. Other than being a little thin and thirsty and hungry, Budrick was perfectly fine. Thank Goodness he was found because that night we got another wintry mix of weather!

- Mike in Middle River, MD (January, 2010)

CharlieCharlie’s back home!!… four weeks after disappearing into a huge blizzard!!

We rescued Charlie from an animal shelter 4 ˝ years ago, and now he’s a real part of our family! On December 18th, the kitchen door blew open and Charlie escaped – the day before an enormous blizzard! He’s very timid, and since we’ve had him, he’s never been outside. We searched for him as much as we could, before all of Baltimore was covered with almost two feet of snow. After Charlie had been gone for more than a week, we were really losing hope. A shelter suggested that I post a lost-and-found ad on Craigslist and, thankfully, Dogs Finding Dogs contacted us after seeing the ad! Anne brought her dogs over to track for Charlie, helped put up dozens and dozens of posters, followed up on every “Charlie sighting” by placing cat traps… and, very most importantly, never let us give up hope. Weeks went by, and Anne kept saying, “He’s out there, and we’re going to find him!!” Finally one day a neighborhood child thought she saw Charlie running past a nearby garage. We put a trap out where she’d seen him, and the next morning there was Charlie!! He was thin and dirty, but had survived outside for four weeks in extremely cold, snowy, windy weather… and we found him, just as Anne had said! Without Dogs Finding Dogs, we would not have known what to do. It truly seemed that he had completely disappeared, and we would have given up the search weeks earlier. We probably would have lost him forever. We (and Charlie!) are so extremely thankful to Dogs Finding Dogs for getting him back home to us!!

- Kathy in Catonsville, MD (January, 2010)

BaxterBaxter Makes it Thru 3 Snow Storms

I want to write this to have people never give up hope this winter. Baxter is our Maine Coon Orange Tabby mix and he got out of our new house just before the big 20" snow storm. He used to go out at our old house. We did not know how to find him. We hired Dogs Finding Dogs and they helped by giving us guidance on how to set up our yard to keep Baxter near by. They also lent us traps to try to catch him. But most of all they came out 2 times with their K9 and searched for Baxter. They assured us that Baxter was somewhere in the alley behind our house. The alley is full of so many places and yards we could not get into. We posted flyers as well. Dogs Finding Dogs gave us such hope and when we found Baxter hiding in a old garage we were over joyed!!! During the 2 weeks that we worked with them we knew Baxter had come home because of his huge footprints in the area we set up with food. We knew he was running the yards because the tracking dog said so. They were right and Baxter was found. 3 snow storms and he is just a little thinner. Now it is a Happy New Year!

- Monica in Baltimore, MD (January, 2010)

PJPJ Says Happy New Year and Goes Out to Celebrate

While we were on vacation for the holidays PJ decided to go out for New Years Eve and celebrate for a while. He ran out the door on my grandmother who was watching her. Frantic and far from home we could not do anything. We called Dogs Finding Dogs from Deer Creek and asked them to meet us when we got home. They were their waiting and quickly searched for PJ who was found across the street between the neighbors houses. It was so cold and windy and we were really worried. Thank you so much for responding so quickly for our little PJ.

- Peter in Towson, MD (January, 2010)

IsabellaDad I Want to go Back Outside and Play With my 5 New Friends!

Queen Isabella is our downstairs/living room kitty. She is very special because she was brought home from work as a stray. Changing jobs and leaving her behind was not an option. Isabella got out from the front door and vanished. Dogs Finding Dogs contacted us after seeing a posting for Bella. We had them come over and Heidi sniffed Isabella's footprints which led to a neighbors HUGE deck, with in ground pool built into it and a very nice screened pool house. WOW! Bella has class! Isabella was found instantly but we could not get under the deck to get her and there were too many big openings to be able to block them off. So we tried traps. In the course of it, we caught kitties that were partying with her under there. It came to be that Bella had made 5 new friends! Now that Isabella is back home she still wants to dart the door. But now, she is not just a living room kitty, but a bedroom kitty, a kitchen kitty and much more! She truely is the queen and having her back home is priceless.

- Matt in Halethorpe, MD (December, 2009)

MaxCat Runs the Hood for 3 Weeks

Max, what a beautiful long haired black cat. He was a gift from a friend. Max went out on the patio one night and was mistakenly forgotten about. 3 hours later Max was gone. He was tracked 3 times by Heidi and was finally discovered running in the nearby storm drain. After alot of coaxing and dropping down of smelly cat food, Max came out one day only to continue is game of "Catch Me if You Can". Several traps were set for him and after almost giving up a trap was replaced outside on the patio. In the middle of the night Max finally came home, got caught in the trap and back inside he now is with his sister! Hurray! It took almost 3 weeks of hard work to return Max safe and sound.

- Evelyn in Clarksville, MD (December, 2009)

DutchessDutchess Finally Home After 6 Cold November Days!

Dutchess came to us through the SPCA and she has always been an inside cat. One night when getting our dog Bryce in for the night she must have slipped out. It wasn't until the next day when I went to feed our cats that I noticed that she was missing. After a searching the house and talking with my husband we came to the conclusion that she must have gotten outside. We spent the morning searching for her; we called and called but no Dutchess. I got on the internet and listed her as missing. Anne saw my notice and e-mailed me and offered her help. I gave her a call and I'm so glad I did. She gave me many suggestions and as I tried each of them I kept hearing her words echo through my head as the next step to take in trying to find her. Well after 6 days of cold, rainy, terrible weather in November- horrible weather for a cat that had never been outside- we found her. I truly believe we found her because of Anne's advice and suggestions. She is now back with her family.

- Stacy in Maryland (November, 2009)

CloeCloe Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Elisabeth was talking today about maybe getting a new kitty after Christmas. She knows she will not be replacing Cloe, just sharing all the love she had for Cloe with another little kitty who needs a home and someone to love it. I bought her the book "Cat Heaven" this evening. The book talks about how sometimes the dogs and cats come back to check on the people who loved them here on earth.

From all of us at Dogs Finding Dogs -- we're sorry for your loss and hope a new kitty finds you soon Elisabeth.

- Ann in MD (November, 2009)

IncaStorm Drain Provides Kitty Hiding Place

I lost my cat Inca on a cold, rainy Saturday night. I searched my home and yard, and found no sign of him. I posted an ad on the Anne Arundel county Lost Pets site, and within 24 hours Anne sent an email to ask if Dogs Finding Dogs could help me find Inca. Anne brought Heidi that same day. Heidi quickly caught Inca's scent and tracked him to a storm drain just a few houses away. We didn't find Inca though, so Anne left me some HavAHeart traps and instructions to lure Inca home. Anne called every day and came to help search whenever I received a report of an "Inca sighting". For every search, Heidi led Anne and I back to the storm drain but we just didn't find Inca. During this time Anne provided the support and kindness I needed to keep up hope and keep searching. Three weeks after Inca went missing, I received a call for a sighting in the neighborhood adjacent to mine, that Inca was seen going into a street drain. I raced over there, crawled head-and-shoulders down into the drain, and called for Inca. He jumped right out of the drain and into my arms. Turns out that this street drain empties into the neighborhood storm drain where Heidi tracked Inca. He was there all along!

- Christina in Catonsville, MD (November, 2009)

WinkFeral Cat Finds a Home

My husband, Micky, and I have been caring for a colony of feral and semi-feral cats that he discovered while on a walk in our neighborhood. In August, we discovered Wink hiding under a rusted out lawn tractor. Then one day she came out with her eyes crusted up. We took her to the vet, got her eyes and respiratory issues addressed and she quickly became my husband’s favorite. Micky became concerned about her last week and we brought her home for a few days. The weather was beautiful on Sunday so we brought Wink outside to the patio with our two dogs and two cats. After a minute or so, our neighbor fired up his ATV, which freaked Wink out and she took off darted off away from the sound of the ATV. Micky took off after her. He lost sight of her in some brush in the back of one of our neighbor’s houses. No Wink. On Monday, we put up posters and fliers. We left clothing out so she could pick up our sent. Micky put cans of food in various spots. Still no Wink. On Wednesday morning, Micky was searching online for other suggestions and came across the Dogs Finding Dogs website. Anne was at our house with Heidi within a few hours ready to find Wink. Anne was thorough in explaining what she and Heidi would be doing and how we could help the search process. We started the search and Heidi kept coming back to one of the sheds in our neighbor’s yard and to an area of dense brush behind another neighbor’s house. Anne suggested we put traps and food trails out then see what happens. She left and told us to call her the next morning with any updates. She loaned us a Have-a-Heart trap. We borrowed one from a neighbor and bought another at Home Depot. Not even three hours later, Micky went out to check the traps and there was Wink in the one by the brush. Completely scared but in one piece. As I snuggled her, Micky called Anne to let her know Wink was safe at home. We cannot thank you enough. We had planned on finding a home for her. Now, we can’t imagine ever letting her go.

- Elzabeth and Micky in Rosedale, MD (November, 2009)

BarleyKitty Survives 2 Weeks of Wet Weather

Barley is one heck of a fighter. He got outside Halloween night and must have gotten lost in the veritable wilderness behind our home. After two weeks of pretty horrible weather he must have had enough of the outside life and went to the neighbor two houses down from ours and meowed his way inside. Luckily the neighbor had seen a flyer we'd place in her mailbox and called us right away. However, if it wasn't for Dogs Finding Dogs we would have never tracked Barley to the neighbor's house in the first place. Also we would have never found out that the neighbors had seen Barley several times during his hiatus while we hadn't seen him once.

- Byron in MD (November, 2009)

ShadowRecommendations Were All that was Needed! Shadow is Home!

Shadow is so pretty and never really went far from home. He had been missing for a couple of days when Dogs Finding Dogs gave all of the suggestions and techniques on what we could try on our own to see if Shadow would come home. A tracking team was scheduled to come out the very next morning. All of the food trails, litter and scents were put out to see if Shadow would find his way back and at midnight he was peaking into the front door window! Thank Goodness! Where the K9 wasn't needed it is still appreciated for the effort that was given to help us! And it worked 100%. Shadow is so thankful to be back with our family.

- Kelley in Laurel, MD (November, 2009)

JRJR Missing in Action for 8 Weeks

JR is beautiful. He is a black and white tuxedo cat who was rescued from the SPCA along with his brother. One day he managed to get locked out on the balcony and he jumped down and disappeared. Dogs Finding Dogs came out with Anne and Heidi and they searched 3 different times for JR. Finding his scent path that went around the building and into the woods, Anne lent traps to catch JR. It took 8 weeks of never giving up. Just as all hope was leaving JR was finally brought back home to his brother. He also had a surprise of a new sister waiting to meet him!

- Evie in Annapolis, MD (November, 2009)

PrinceBlack Cat Decides to Hang Outside for Halloween

Our black cat Prince had been missing for 8 days. Anne contacted me and I was amazed by her email. This was the real deal. I called Anne and she gave me some helpful tips in trying to get him home quicker. The first night, nothing. So then Anne called back and we decided to have her and Heidi come out and help. Later that night we noticed the WHOLE bowl of cat food out on the porch was gone…interesting. So Anne and Heidi came over the next day and Heidi sniffed Prince’s hair from his cat tree. Heidi went to town and we were in and out of our neighbor’s backyards. We went back around the block and Heidi stopped when she got to a neighbor’s parking pad only 3 doors down from us. Anne shouted it was him and I couldn’t believe it! This WHOLE time Prince really was alive and sooo close!! I was AMAZED beyond belief; holy cow, it really was Prince. We got him from under the car and put him in a crate and put him back inside. In only 15-20 min it took Heidi to find him and it took me a whole 8 days to realize how close he really was!! Dogsfindingdogs is truly an amazing organization and heaven sent. I’m forever grateful to them. Good job Heidi and Anne!!!

Dogs Finding Dogs sends a big Thank You out to Carol and family for the additional donation they made.

- Rachel, Carol, Mike and Paul in Baltimore, MD (November, 2009)

GaiaRest in Peace Gaia

First of all, thanks for your help. We’re very pleased with your service. Not only did you always respond to our calls promptly, but you and Heidi make a great team. Even though we didn’t like the outcome (it would have been thrilling to find Gaia, alive and well), it answered our doubts. Without your service, we may still be wondering what happened to her. Putting everything together, our best guess is that she went outside and headed to the other end of the house and came across a rabbit or other critter and took off after it, running into the road without awareness of the traffic. THANKS again to you and Heidi for your help. We will be sure to refer you to others who have missing pets.

- Deb in Jarretsville, MD (November, 2009)

SamSam Missing for 8 Weeks Gets a Big Welcome Home!

Sam is a extremely handsome brown tabby with the biggest green eyes imaginable! We know this for sure because while under his favorite shed and just out of reach all you saw were those big emerald eyes staring at you! He is also one of the sweetest friendliest kitty's around. Sam was gone for 8 weeks. Dogs Finding Dogs tracked for him at least 5 times and also helped in the effort to lay out traps for him as well. Sam had a favorite shed that he liked to hide under! and it was perfect for him in that no one could get near him without him being able to escape from any direction. Sam was tracked there by Heidi 2 times. Sam is so loved by his family and they are so happy to have him back home. Sam was found only about 7 houses away. He had a very long summer vacation!

Sam had a very nice welcome home party with his family, neighborhood friends that helped to feed him and keep him in place in their yard and Dogs Finding Dogs went too! It was so nice to have Sam come up and greet us and let us pick him up and love all over him!

Liz and Mark gave a very generous donation to Dogs Finding Dogs to put towards the Walker Fund which helps us out for people who cannot make donations. They also donated 2 traps to us as well. We are SO GRATEFUL! . We have made the dearest of friends with Sam's family. Sam's first spotting was on his mom Liz's birthday. Mark, Sam's dad, had the great fortune of being the one to scoop him up and bring him into the house. Seeing the happiness on everyone's face was priceless! 8 weeks out and Sam was in pretty good shape! This shows that you should never give up on finding your Little Furry Family Member. Dogs Finding Dogs wants to thank Sam and his family for all that they have done!

- Liz and Mark in Laurel, MD (October, 2009)

Leo Found in Under 1 Minute - A Record So Far!

I want to thank Anne and Heidi for finding my Leo in under 1 minute!!!! It was amazing. By the time I had walked to the back of my apartment outside to meet them as they came around the back of the building, Leo was already found by Heidi. I was amazed! Heidi caught a wiff of Leo on a end porch of my apartment building. Anne ran down saying hurry up because we found him. Sure enough, there was Leo hiding behind some old stuffed chairs in the corner. I scooped him up and back inside he was. Leo was lost by my room-mates while I was out of town and had been gone for 3 to 4 days before we found him.

- Kristen in Columbia, MD (October, 2009)

EmmaBruce Willis Look Out! We just made your next movie finding the "Emmanator"!

Our beloved 15-year old indoor cat Emma was accidentally locked out of the house. She enjoys sitting on our porch for a few minutes. I had opened the door, but she walked away into the kitchen to eat, and so, minutes later, I had shut it, thinking she was in the kitchen. Dogs Finding Dogs contacted me. We spent 2 hours or more, picking up fresh tracks. Interestingly, Heidi showed a lot of interest in a yard where our neighborhood mockingbird had been calling out every morning, imitating Emma’s rather distinct meow. Anne and Heidi returned 2 evenings later with 3 volunteers and we searched every backyard behind my block. Then, Heidi picked up a scent while walking along the front of the houses on my block, and the team caught sight of a cat on a porch, calling me to come see. It was Emma. She bolted right into Heidi’s paws, but Anne pulled Heidi back so as not to hurt her. A volunteer managed to grab Emma, but Emma (or the “Emmanator” as we call her), bolted to freedom. By this time, a dozen neighbors and children were on the case. At the same time, a police helicopter was overhead with searchlights, apparently looking for a suspect. Was it us? We had been running through backyards all evening! We had to shout at each other at the top of our lungs because of the noise. All I could say was that I felt like we were in a Bruce Willis movie. It was definitely high drama. We set 4 traps since Emma was unreachable. The next morning, there was Emma, hissing and spitting in one of the traps. As I write this, Emma is happily asleep in the rocking chair. And, the mockingbird woke us both up this morning with a very happy “meow.” All the excitement in his territory is over. My thanks to our canine search team and most especially to Heidi, the wonder dog.

- Claire in Gwynn Oak, MD (September, 2009)

buddyMabel has a new Buddy

I had lost a dear friend. I felt defeated, and had given up the search for him. Anne Wills of Dogs Finding Dogs responded to my ad. Anne sent Lynn to my house with her companion, Mabel. Mabel was not like any other dog I had ever met. She seemed focused and professional and eager to get to work (a description I had never been able to pin to any dog I had met). I gave Lynn a brush I had used on my kitty so Mabel could establish a target to sniff for. Mabel sniffed the brush only briefly, and Lynn said to her, “Find the cat.” A couple of days earlier, one of my neighbors said he saw my kitty laying in the sun in the grass in back of the house. The spot he had pointed to was exactly the first spot Mabel went to! Though I had put all my eggs in the Dogs Finding Dogs basket; I was still a little skeptical. After about 2 minutes with Mabel, I felt 99% sure that she would find my kitty. After the search, Lynn expressed that she was rather confident that my kitty was still in the immediate area and that it would take some simple coaxing to get him to come home. That night, I decided to go outside and try one of the techniques Lynn had suggested. She said to take a big flashlight and shine it into the woods, so the light would reflect off of his eyes. I had only a small flashlight, and I shined it into the woods where I briefly saw a flicker of reflecting eyes. I maneuvered the flashlight to shine it at a different angle, and I saw the eyes again! I called him. “Is that my Buddy? Come here Buddy.” “Meow!” It was him! Even though the emotion of thankfulness cannot be sufficiently expressed by mere words, I extend my gratitude to Mabel, Lynn, Anne and all of the people and animals who make Dogs Finding Dogs possible. You have helped me, and you have most likely saved the life of my harmless, innocent kitty. Thank You So Much!

- Christopher in Maryland (September, 2009)


Thanks to your tips, she was found under our shed. Thank you for your help & your concern. We will all rest a lot easier tonight knowing our Penny is back inside, safe & sound.

- Julie in Abingdon, MD (September, 2009)

DuncanKitty Lost in House Fire - Dogs Finding Dogs Clients Made this Search Possible

Joe and Rebecca along with their 2 young children lost their home to a tragic fire. Nothing was able to be saved. They had 2 cats. One got out of the fire successfully and lived and poor Duncan was not so lucky. Dogs Finding Dogs pulled its money from the Walker Fund that has been set up for them to help people who financially cannot afford its services. We bought 4 large traps, donated our time 4 times to track for Duncan and also created and posted 75 flyers in the neighborhood. Some of our past clients, after seeing the story on our Facebook page sent many prayers and donated traps as well to help Duncan and his family. Heidi was the dog of choice to use because she has a strong enough nose to go into the charred remains of Duncan's home to search for him. After many hours of hard work and tracking and manning traps, Duncan was found but the fire caused him to expire too early. Our hearts go out to Duncan and his family. It was one
more tragedy that this family had to endure. Finally we got some closure.

Dogs Finding Dogs wants to give a SPECIAL Thank You to all of our clients/friends who sent prayers, money, and traps to us to help Duncan's family. This helped us to be able to do a HUGE effort in finding Duncan! The left over monies are being given to Duncan's family to use to help start over rebuilding what they have lost. All of us at Dogs Finding Dogs are so very grateful to all of you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

- Written on Behalf of Joe and Rebecca and family in Odenton, MD (August, 2009)

SnufkinAcrobatic Bengal Jumps Out 2 Story Window for a Adventure

I was catsitting Snufkin, a crazy little Bengal kitty, for a friend who was away on a trip for a few weeks. One night, while I was out, Snufkin popped a huge screen out of a second story window and jumped. I live in a heavily wooded area, and was beside myself looking for the cat for several days with no sightings whatsoever. The day before my appointment with Anne, she gave me some tips on leaving scent trails, which I believe drew him out and gave us our first solid sighting. When Anne and Heidi arrived, we went to the house where he had been seen. As I went inside to talk to the neighbor who saw Snufkin, there was a commotion outside - Heidi had seen a cat coming out of the woods next door and gotten it corralled into a garage! I went inside, and sure enough, there was Snufkin. He is now once again safe in my apartment - as long as we can keep this little Houdini inside for two more weeks we'll be all set!!! I am so far beyond relieved that I will have an adventurous story to tell my friend upon his return instead of a tragic one. Thank you SO much, Anne & Heidi!!!

- Tiana in Annapolis, MD (August, 2009)

Lost CatOh "O" Where Ever Did You Go!

Meet "O" an exotic hairless Sphynx who went missing from our beloved vets office one Sunday. O has a severe respiratory problem and he needed to be found ASAP. Once again, Heidi set out to Dr. Barbara's to help find a missing fellow pet, last time it was a prize show Whippet that hopped the fence, and once again the nose found the hiding spot! O was hiding in an old garage that was full of major clutter and an old car. What a mess! and O being pink blended right in! We humans couldn't see him but the dog knew where he was! O finally came out of the garage filled with dirt, all of his nails broken off and bleeding and large greasy scratch marks on his side. He was limping on his hind leg badly! He was definitely trapped under something and could not free himself! Oh what a beautiful day for Mr. "O"! Hurray!!!!

-Burtonsville, MD (June, 2009)

BuddyBuddy Makes it Home via Owners Excellent Scent Paths!

My little tortie tabby, Buddy, came home this morning. I poured cat food into the bowls and she showed up in the kitchen to eat (I left the garage door cracked and she alone of all the cats can go from garage to house through a space near the basement ceiling.) I am amazed and delighted! She is a little thin, but otherwise completely fine, not even dirty. After having some breakfast, she is wandering around getting reacquainted with the house. Her best friend cat looked at her with round eyes and hissed at her. Some friend! But he's coming around. I am absolutely positive that the scent trails you advised me to leave were what brought her back. All my neighbors were looking and they didn't see her, plus I got no calls at all from the Amber Alert. (The corn starch food stations had raccoon tracks.) It was definitely the scent trails.

Charlene generously sent Dogs Finding Dogs a donation on behalf of Buddy. We are so appreciative and grateful! We are also very happy to have helped her to get Buddy home! Charlene's donation will go into the Walker Fund to help us cover our expenses for those families who are not financially able to make donations when we come out to find their missing pets. Thank you Charlene from all of the Dogs Finding Dogs members, friends and future pets that will be brought home!

- Charlene in Upper Marlboro, MD (August, 2009)

SonuSay a Prayer for Sonu and His Family

Sonu, a beautiful and much loved brown tabby and best friend went missing all of a sudden. It was unusal for him because he is an avid hunter, always bringing home his prizes to his owners. Sonu would catch mice, baby bats and a whole list of other critters. He was very well adapted to being outside. Being gone almost a week was so not like him. Heidi was brought out to look for Sonu. She was scented up from Sonu's favorite cat door. Immediatelty Sonu's scent went from the door to around the house and to a neighbor's house that was under construction. During the track Heidi was frantic--air Scenting extremely hard, tracking with her nose to the ground at a fierce pace! This meant that something strange was up. We could smell a hint of something not right but ignored it. Then Heidi pulled us to the edge of the road where it was wooded. It became very apparent that we needed to see what was there. So sadly Sonu was found; absolutely heart breaking! He was just 2 houses away from home and trying to make it back. What took Sonu we will never know. This is the part of our job that so hard! Sometimes the ending is not what we want but closure can be given. Our thoughts go to Sonu and his family.

- For Sonu's Family in Washington Grove, MD (August, 2009)

BentleyWalker Fund Supports Himlayan Search

The day we moved to our new home, amidst all the confusion and even having one of my other kitties ride in the moving truck since he was all the way in the back of the packed truck and we could not get to him, Bentley got outside. When I realized Bentley was nowhere to be found, I went searching for him. No luck. I put up posters and listed him on Craigslist. That's when Anne called me. She suggested many things to me to help me find Bentley, which I tried. A lady called me and said she had seen Bentley in her back yard. He eats with her cats who stay outside. Now we only had to catch him. Anne and Heidi came out last night. We went to this lady's house. While we were searching for Bentley, I happened to look over down a long grassway that has trees on either side of it. There was Bentley--I walked really fast and called his name, but he ran away. Heidi tracked him down into a patch of pine trees...literally up to Bentley's nose when she indicated she had found him! Unfortunately he ran and we couldn't catch him. I found an old abandoned trap and put in just inside the pine trees, put some food in it and left. I came back the next day...wondering if I had caught anything...and there was Ben Ben inside of it!!!

My thanks go out to Anne and Heidi again. I also want to thank the family to whom Walker was a part of....Anne says you guys made a nice donation to DogsFindingDogs for people like me who are strapped for money and need help finding their lost pets. My condolences go out to you. Walker is ok now, though...he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and is now a doggie angel...where he can run and track all he wants to his hearts content!

- Amy and Alicia Niles, Angel Snickers, Emerald, Reece (Cup), Miss Peaches, Shadow, Scruffy, Winston, and Angel Gunsmoke in Funkstown, MD (July, 2009)

Rose LilyRose Lily was Smelling the Roses for a Few Days!

Our gratitude and admiration know no bounds for the proactive approach that you took with your talented dog Heidi to find our sweet 13-year old indoor cat, Rose Lily (who had never spent a day - much less 2 nights, out of the house until she escaped through the "doggie door" earlier this week). Having seen my "Lost Cat" posting on Montgomery County's SPCA website, you contacted me with additional and very helpful pointers for finding Rose Lily, but it wasn't until the following morning when you and Heidi took to the trail and Heidi could actually track Rose Lily's scent 6 acres away under our neighbors backyard shed that hope began to spring eternal. And sure enough, Rose Lily followed Heidi home that very morning to our front porch, hungry and glad to be back inside! Anyone who has lost a cat or a dog MUST contact DogsFindingDogs.com immediately - the service, advice, and results are second to none - snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat!

- Carol, Tim, Frances and Rose Lily in Potomac, MD (July, 2009)

spookySpooky gets Spooked out from Under a Shed!

Spooky got his name becuase he is a very scared kitty. He got out of the house and ran into a woodpile in the back yard. We tried to catch him ourselves but had no luck because he ran off. Anne called us from a posting on the SPCA website. She brought Heidi out to look for Spooky. Heidi led us to a shed in the neighbors yard and was insistant that Spooky was under it. We could not see him because not all of the ground was visible and of course Spooky is black. Heidi went back to the shed 3 times and just stood there looking at us as to say "Here he is your crazy humans!" So we baited up the back yard with tunafish trails that led to the house hoping that this would bring him out. Spooky did in fact come out but it took 3 times to catch him in 1 nite. He kept coming to the back door, we would open it, he would run back to the shed! Finally the humans got smart and we ambushed him on his 4th attempt! Heidi let us know where Spooky was and also took the fear away that he was no where around. Thank you!

- Cindy in Bethesda, MD (July, 2009)

rogueKitty Found Just in Time

Rogue's story is an example of why cat owners should act RIGHT AWAY when their beloved baby is lost. Thanks again, so so much. Your dog is a genius, and your service is a lifesaver. Rogue is an indoor/outdoor cat, so when she didn't come home, we knew something was very wrong. Our friends said "don't worry, cats always find their way home" but we called Dogs Finding Dogs after just two nights of searching, posting fliers, and leaving food outside. It's good thing we did. Heidi the wonder-dog came that same evening. She got a good whiff of her scent, and followed it to my neighbor's tool shed, which was shut. Our neighbor kindly opened it for us to look around. It was too full to go into it or even to search well, but I called for her. No response. Still, Heidi seemed sure Rogue was there. So we asked our neighbor to leave the shed door open for the evening. Just then it started to storm, but as soon as the rain stopped, Rogue came home! She was in terrible shape. She had suffered a horribly broken and infected jaw, which is why she didn't answered my calls or come out when the dog was there. But Heidi was right, and it's a good thing we believed her. If we had waited another day to open that shed, Rogue could have easily died of her severe infections. Hopefully your baby isn't injured or sick, but if you can't find her, Heidi probably can!

- Becky in Washington, DC (July, 2009)

kittyKitty Kitty Hangs Out at Neighbor's Deck

Thank you so much for finding Kitty. Kitty is a house cat and got out the front door at 1100 pm. She panicked and ran into the woods behind our house. We looked every day for her, put food out, put fliers out, everything but no Kitty. After 5 days we received a call from a neighbor down the road and said her name was Ann. She said she finds dogs and cats with her dogs. Then for two days, Ann would look for Kitty with us and also on her own. Ann and her dog Heidi where amazing. The first day Heidi picked up Kitty's scent and went all through the woods and behind all the townhouses. That night Ann called us to say they found kitty under a townhouse deck. We could not get her out, as she was way under deck and we could not reach her. The next day Ann took her dog out again and found Kitty again 6 townhouses down from our house. this time my son who is skinny went under the deck and pulled Kitty out. Kitty was a little dirty but she was alright. Again Thank you and Heidi very much for finding Kitty.

- Steve, Kristy, Nick, and Heather in Halethorpe, MD (June, 2009)

beanMs. Beans 8 Day Adventure

It just dawned on me today that I never emailed you the week I returned back to NY with Bean. Things have been so busy here. But we are so excited to have her back. And she has been a very happy cat since returning. She's even put back on most of the weight she lost during her 8 day adventure. I wanted to thank you for all of your support and help during the whole ordeal. You are a very generous person and do a great service. And of course thanks to Heidi too!

Thanks again for everything. Hope all is well down there!

- Leigh in Olney, MD and NY (June, 2009)

Lost FerretFerret Frolic Foiled by Coon Hound

7 ferrets escaped one evening thru the air conditioner conduit. We found 4 of them right away but 3 were still at large! Dogs Finding Dogs brought their Blood Hound Lee out to sniff them down. Lee came out with Janel and he went to work finding the scent paths. These paths led down to a creek where they had gone. Finding a little guy like this is tricky but we were successful! No more happy days out playing by the stream! Thanks to Lee and his nose this plan was foiled!

-Ferret Rescue, Baltimore, MD (June, 2009)

Lost CatKit Kat is Found Full of Mud!

Kit Kat is a very scared kitty. She even hides on a normal day at home. She managed to scoot out the door one day and was missing for 5 days until Heidi with her terrific nose came to the rescue! Kit Kat was found under 1 deck a few doors down but we could not get her because of the slope and the mud. So we put food under the deck and by the next day it was gone but no Kit Kat! So out Heidi came again to show that she moved a few houses away and within 10 minutes we managed to recover Kit Kat, full of mud, very scared but finally safe! Thank you Dogs Finding Dogs for all your help!

-Clarence and Marsha in Baltimore, MD (June, 2009)

Lost CatMax Climbs Tree in Woods to Escape Capture!

Max is a beautiful fun loving full of energy Maine Coon Cat! He is indoors and managed to get out and then disappeared. We tried everything to find him and had Dogs Finding Dogs bring Heidi out along with her handler Anne. Anne, Heidi and Janel, another member of Dogs Finding Dogs, came out to look for Max. His scent was all over the front yards and in the back as well. Some of his food we left out got eaten. We knew Max was close by. The trio followed Max's scent in the woods and he zapped out from under some large brush! The chase was on! Max ran thru the woods with tracking dog Heidi on his tail! Anne, Janel and us followed. Janel looked up for a brief moment where Heidi last saw Max and there he was clinging all claws into the side of a tree! It took Janel some effort to undo Max from the tree but she succeeded. Max got a massage, some food and water and he is home happily safe and sound. All the neighbors watched and applauded the safe return of Max.

-Guy and Jane in Owings Mills, MD (June, 2009)

Lost CatKitty Found Hiding in Bushes

Max went missing and was found with the support of Dogs Finding Dogs. We did exactly as they instructed with all of the tricks that we were told. And Max was found in the bushes not far from our home! We were so worried that we would never see him again but with the reassurance of Dogs Finding Dogs and the hours that they spent with us keeping our spirits up Max is now home safe and sound. Max was gone for 5 days, thru rain storm after raim storm! When he was found he cried and cried to say TAKE ME HOME...NOW! Hopefully he will never try this again!

-Matt in Baltimore (May, 2009)

Lost CatCat with Asthma Runs Off without Meds

Melanie is a older kitty who has SEVERE asthma. I have to give her treatments with a inhaler 2 times per day plus meds. So when she went missing it was a rush to find her to save her life! Melanie was out on our patio when a group of kids ran by and scared her so bad that she ran away. We searched all over for 2 nights and then we had Anne bring Heidi out to find her. Anne gave us tips on what to do for that night and she would be out the next day. IT WAS A MIRACLE!!! Heidi found Melanie sitting in a broken down shed on top of some wet newspapers right next door! Why we never saw her is a mystery. But now Melanie is home and we can love her even more! She is our spoiled little baby!

-Fernanda in Gaithersburg (May, 2009)

Lost CatKitty In the Wild for 10 Days

One of our two family cats, Tigger, escaped through a door which had blown open. I didn't realize it until late that night, but fully expected to see him standing outside the door the next morning. We walked the neighborhood calling his name but to no avail. I advertised on Craigs List and the next morning got a couple of phone calls and emails from "rescue" people giving advice on how to entice him back. One was from Anne Wills at Dogs Finding Dogs. She offered so much helpful advice on the phone and encouraged me not to give up. After nine days of searching, Anne and Heidi came all the way from Baltimore to Reston the next day. Heidi went to work immediately and got a strong scent all around the area of woods between our townhouse and the townhouses just behind us. The next day, following Anne's instructions, my daughter and son-in-law laid a food trail in three directions from our back gate and put down a baited humane trap borrowed from the Humane Society. My son-in-law was looking down from the upstairs deck a short time later and, lo and behold, Tigger was eating some of the food. My daughter was able to approach him and bring him back inside!! We are forever grateful to Anne and Heidi. I would highly recommend Dogs Finding Dogs to anyone who has a pet missing. My only wish is that I had called them sooner than I did rather than suffering the miserable 10 days without my best friend.

-Suzanne in Reston, VA (April, 2009)

Lost CatCat Hides in Sewer for 3 Weeks

I had lost a cat before and thought it was hopeless after more than 3 weeks til I met Anne Wills from DogsFindingDogs.com. Not only does she care tremendously and has dogs to help, she loves what she does and IS NO JOKE. If you've lost you're pet....you need someone like her. She led me to the FindToto website, which was one more way to verify what was logical. Krislyn from this site....to whom Anne referred me was AMAZING as well and moved quickly and accurately to get my alert out. THANKS ALL !!! Good luck....talk to the right people.

-Joe in Annandale, VA (April, 2009)

Lost CatMabel Makes the Easter Bunny Look Like a Dog!

Mabel is an incredible asset to your team. She did in under 3 minutes what I couldn't do in 3 days! It gave me such peace of mind to know where Murphy was. Murphy had slipped out of the house on a Friday and ran from me when I tried to get her back. Lynn really did fly out of her house on Sunday morning, and on a holiday no less! It was Easter! I worried that Murphy might be frightened by a dog, but Mabel didn't make a sound when she found her tucked way under a very unstable broken down shed. Lynn was so great, too. She helped us secure the hiding spot and set up the trap, and was very reassuring when she called to check in. After waiting and watching for one more day "We have success!" I could hardly believe it when I saw white fur sticking out of the cage! Murphy got into the trap sometime between 8-11pm last night, and was happily waiting for me when I did the before-bed check. She is filthy, and a little skinny, but otherwise perfectly sound. I expected her to run and hide in the house, but she rubbed our legs and purred happily, and snuggled her grimy self into bed with us. I am definitely keeping your numbers in my cell phone in case this ever happens again!

-Emily in Monrovia, MD (April, 2009)

Found CatKitty Trapped for 30 Hours in Neighbor's Basement!

Mila is a 2 year old female kitty who is very smart! She walks beside you outside like a dog, following you all the way, and is very very friendly to everyone! Easter Monday Mila went outside like usual and when called to come back in she never returned!!! Frantic, web postings went up, flyers everywhere and the whole area was walked over and over again calling her name with no results! Ahhhhh! Anne with Dogs Finding Dogs saw our posting and gave us a call. She and Heidi came out on Wednesday in the pouring down rain to do a yard to yard search looking under sheds and decks to see if we could find Mila! The neighbor across the street saw Heidi with her Search Vest on and thought that she would come tell us a wierd story! It seems that Tuesday her little daughter told her that she saw a white kitty in their house and it meowed! That night at midnight something knocked down the ceiling tiles in the basement and set off the motion detector but they had not seen any cat!!??!! I said the little girl must be imagining things and my cat would NEVER go into someones house! Well Anne asked if Heidi could go into the house and try to see if the cat was there. We went into the basement and Heidi smelled the cat all over it! Hmmmm! Maybe! Sure enough, Heidi was right! Mila was behind the furnace! What a relief! The little girl is getting a Spaghetti Dinner made just for her! Amazing but True!

-Emily in Washington, DC (April, 2009)

PBloomParty Time!!! Mom and Dad went on Vacation!

Blooms's mom and dad went on vacation and thought that they had locked the doors. Not! On Friday nite Bloom let himself and his sister out to party and play with all the other animals! Wow! Bloom is a master at opening round handled doorknobs and this is what he did! Mom and Dad were gone all weekend! Bloom jumped over a 6 foot fence. His sister got out of the yard by a hole under the fence. Bloom being a little pudgy could not get back into the yard. When mom and dad got home Bloom was gone, his sister was still there. Bloom was searched for with a dog team and finally found in a garage where he had been trapped inside for some time. His Party Time was over! and baby locks will now be on the doors!

-Vienna, VA (April, 2009)

PatchesCuriosity and the Cat

Anne and Heidi came down here in January to look for our lost cat, Patches. I wanted to tell you that today they took off the cover of the outdoor pool, which I have been waiting for all winter, and they found a cat. Unfortunately, you and Heidi were right about Patches falling through the hole in the cover. He was a curious cat who liked to explore. We are all sad but now we can have closure and move on. Thanks again for all the time you took looking for Patches.

-Pam in Garrett Park, MD (March, 2009)

Found CatKitty Takes a Sleep in the Shade

Enoch, a 17-year-old indoor Himalayan cat, had been missing for 3 days. He just walked out the door not to be enticed back in by anyone. His mother looked for days yelling his name all around the neighborhood to no avail. Enoch, being the wonderful cat that he is, would not answer. Wendy, Teresa’s daughter-in-law, called Dogs Finding Dogs and Mabel was sent to the house to look for Enoch. Mabel pickup his scent immediately. She searched the backyard and sheds and then went to the neighbors and searched their yards. She found Enoch relaxing under a bush taking a nap only 2 doors away. He still did not answer his mother when she called him.

-Teresa in Dundalk, MD (March, 2009)

Found CatKitty Jumps Off 2 Story Balcony

My family & I can’t thank you enough for the assistance of Lynn & Mabel in finding Susan’s cat Jasper. Jasper disappeared on Sunday and the next day we were contacted by Dogs Finding Dogs via e-mail. Your organization learned of our lost kitty because we posted an alert on Petfinder.com. We called and spoke with Anne Wills who arranged for the search to start that day. At 4:00 Lynn and Mabel arrived. For three hours they scoured the areas surrounding our apartment building, but Mabel kept leading us back to the same wooded area not far from our home. Although we didn’t find Jasper that day, we now knew where he was “hanging out” and at Lynn’s recommendation, we set a humane trap in that area. On Wednesday, Sue went to check the trap and there was Jasper, sitting in the light rain at the edge of the exact wooded area that Mabel had targeted. By knowing exactly where to look, we were able to find Jasper! Lynn stayed in contact and gave us many good suggestions and helped us keep our spirits up. We would highly recommend Dogs Finding Dogs to anyone trying to locate a lost pet. This organization is all about helping to reunite anxious and sad pet owners with their missing pets and they excel in that.

-Susan, Jean, and Cindy in Baltimore (March, 2009)

LowisKitty Leaps Out of Sewage Tank - Yuk!

Lowis is a female black and white cat who went missing for 5 days. Dogs Finding Dogs came out with Heidi, a sweet dog, to find Lowis. We could only scent Heidi up on a little cloth mouse of Lowis but Heidi tracked for only 15 minutes where we found Lowis hiding under a rusty huge structure in the woods. We are so greatful to have Lowis back. She was so dirty but is OK.

-Anna in Owings Mills, MD (March, 2009)

PeteyKitty Went on Spring Break!

Petey is our 10 year old, large, indoor Tabby cat. Last Friday night my teenage son left the back door open and Petey decided he wanted to go on Spring Break. My husband and I were out of town and didn’t realize the situation until Saturday night, a full 24 hours after Petey’s escape. We live in an area with some woods and fairly large lots. Also we have foxes, raccoons, and other wildlife around that could threaten a not too bright indoor cat! We posted flyers within a several mile radius of the house, spoke to neighbors, and advertised on Craig’s List. Then we just hoped. On Monday, we received an e-mail and a call from Anne. Anne told me about her service and also gave me lots of good advice for finding our cat. After several hours thought, we hired Anne to come do a search for Petey. Anne and Heidi came the following day and Heidi did her thing after sniffing Petey’s climber. Heidi is quite an impressive searcher and picked up Petey’s sent immediately. Several houses away, Heidi zeroed in on a rundown gardener’s shed. The door was closed but had rotted out holes in the base. When we opened it, there was Pete, “fat, dumb, and happy” curled up in the leaves. To make a long and happy story short, we captured him, loaded him into his carrier and brought him home. Many thanks to Anne and Heidi!

-Julia in McLean, VA (March, 2009)

ZoeCat Escapes in Furious Wind Storm

Zoe is a beautiful tabby cat. She went missing at 7:00 in the morning. Dogs Finding Dogs came out to help after one of their competitors in the area tried to find Zoe earlier that day with no success. Dogs Finding Dogs was referred to us by our neighbor who's cat Snowy was found by them. They started the search for Zoe and in about 20 minutes they found Zoe behind a air conditioning unit. Heidi tracks with a purpose. We are so glad that this is over and Zoe is back home.

-Paul in Ellicott City, MD (February, 2009)

SnowyStuck in the Sticker Bushes - Ouch!

My Snowy had been missing for 3 days and never stayed away this long! We live in a nice neighborhood with a very large thick wooded area that is impassable by humans. The Sticker bushes are so thick and over grown and there is a stream that runs thru the middle of it. Dogs Finding Dogs came out to try to locate Snowy. We used some of Snowy's hair to scent up their tracking dog Heidi. Heidi took us across a few yards and then into a thick area of sticker bushes in the back on my neighbors yards. We could not get thru it so we took Heidi around it back to the closest spot where we left off. She traced Snowy's footsteps down to another street and then along the edge of this wooded area that was full of stickers. As we were following Heidi I was saying Snowy never would go this far! or would he? Just as we got to the edge of the large wooded sticker bush area we heard Snowy crying or I should say screaming! I called Snowy's name and he answered me 4 times. Great we found him. Dogs Finding Dogs was right! But now how in the world do we get to him? We tried everything to get into the midst of this horrible mess! It was impossible! My husband and my son came down and started to chop thru all the overgrowth and stomp around....and low and behold Snowy was finally back to us that very same night! He was fine and thinking about where he went....well it is a great place to catch all kinds of mice and rabbits. Now we know where to look if he ever does not return back home again.

-Robin in Ellicott City (February, 2009)

MaxOlive Restored to Martini

Olive, and his sister Martini, are the loves of my life. Last Thursday, Olive managed to slip out the front door unnoticed with his black fur. I searched the house high and low, then around the neighborhood in sheer panic. I recruited family members and friends to plaster the neighborhood with posters. I notified all the shelters and animal hospitals and checked listings of lost animals. Finally, I put up an ad in craigslist and a nice lady named Ann responded saying that she thought she might be able to help me find him. When I saw Anns response, I immediately gave her a call. After only a 15 minute conversation, I felt completely empowered with Ann's advice. She encouraged me to take a more active role in Olive's search and reassured me that everything would be ok. I went out and crawled under decks and in bushes and sheds, and realized that Heidi was who I needed. I called Ann back and she spent even more time giving advice and reassurance and we arranged for her and Heidi to come by. They were able to narrow down a few homes where Olive had been recently, and that in itself gave me a lot of hope. Ann promised to return two days later so that we could use the snow that was about to fall as another tracking device. In the mean time, she gave me detailed instructions on what to do to find him- like getting a trap from the humane society. Well, needless to say, I canceled Ann's second visit bc last night, Olive wondered right smack into the trap! I am so grateful to have him back!! I am also equally grateful to have Ann's help! Without it, I think that I would still be searching for Olive, and Martini would sill be pacing around the house missing her brother.

-Lauren in Arlington (February, 2009)

MiracleKitty Hidden Under Deck 5 Days & Found with a Audience

My cat Miracle must have ran out the front door of my Townhouse on a cold Wednesday evening in January of 2009. I did not notice him missing until the next morning. My housemate and I put out flyers and walked the neighborhood for the next 3 days to no avail. On the advice of the animal shelter I placed an ad on craigslist. The next morning I got an email from Anne at Dogs Finding Dogs. I had thought the day before how awesome it would be if there were search dogs available to look for lost pets. Anne was the answer to my hope. I called her the next morning. She gave me good advice on looking for my pet myself if I decided against her services. I had her come over that afternoon and within an hour of our search, Heidi, the search dog, had found my cat. I had now wished I had known of them on day one. If either of my cats every go missing again, she will be the first call I make. Thank You!!

-Larry in Maryland (January, 2009)

TessieKitten Trapped Under Deck on Xmas Eve

We just wanted to post this in hopes that others missing their pet might consider this, as it helped us find our pet who was lost on Christmas Eve. Our Tessie ran out the front door while we were visiting relatives Christmas Eve in an area unfamiliar to her, and it was the first time she had ever wandered outside. We posted on Craigslist as soon as she was lost and searched for her endlessly for two days. It was 2 days of crying, unrest, and worry wondering if we'd be able to find her before the end of the holidays and we'd have to go back home and back to work. A wonderful lady named Anne with dogsfindingdogs.com saw our posting on Craigslist and contacted us. She was very helpful in first giving us advice to locate Tessie over the phone. We decided to enlist the help of her and her tracking dog Heidi to find our pet. They came and tracked her scent, showing us the trail Tessie had wandered to. We are still amazed at how they were completely accurate showing us a few houses that were strong with her scent. She told us she'd be back as long as was necessary until we found our girl. That night as we continued calling out to her, we found Tessie hiding right in the yard Heidi had tracked her to. Anne and Heidi are our heroes right now, and thanks to them we have our Tessie back home. If it hadn't been for their help, we'd still be wandering the whole neighborhood looking for Tessie. Thanks to them, they showed us that she was really only across the street in a well hidden spot. If you are missing your pet, please consider calling her. Anne and Heidi will have our gratitude forever for reuniting us with Tessie.

-Rockville, MD (December, 2008)

JackKitty Leaps 6 Ft. in Air and Protests His Recapture

Jack is my bestfriend! He is the most loving affectionate cat ever! I was never a cat lover but Jack changed me. What was supposed to be a quiet working weekend with my wife and children out of town, turned into a nightmare! Jack my Russian Blue buddy had snuck out the front door. This was on Friday and all weekend I searched high and low for him. I posted him up on the internet and Dogs Finding Dogs saw our cry for help! On Monday Dogs Finding Dogs shows up ready to look for Jack. Heidi started tracking Jack from the front door where he got out of. She then took us on a walk around my surrounding townhome blocks and lead us to where Jack was hiding. Jack was hiding under a deck behind a rolled up hose. Heidi zeroed in on him and Jack shot straight up in the air announcing his disgust all the way! Poor Heidi could not understand why he was so upset. Jack shot into a 6' fenced in yard and was now cornered and had no choice but to let me snatch him up! I had to scale the fence and run around a bit to get him. Success! When Heidi came up on Jack all I could say was "You are amazing! Incredible!" Life is back to normal. What a incredible relief it was to find Jack. Thank you Dogs Finding Dogs! I just wish I had known about you on Saturday.

-Andy in Annapolis (January, 2009)


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