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Baltimore, MD 21227

Dogs Finding Dogs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

OpalBWI Airport to Shoot Dog - Video News Clip Attached

Opal was a birthday gift but I never got to even touch her before she escaped from her crate in the middle of the BWI Sheraton Hotel. We chased her and did everything possible to try to catch little Opal but she was too quick and too scared. She had just been flown in from Oregon from her breeder. We placed a cry for help out on the web and Dogs Finding Dogs came to the rescue. Anne and Heidi showed up at the Sheraton and helped track Opal. Opal's footsteps were like spaghetti! Up and down, all around and no wonder.....we had chased the poor little dog all over! Heidi tracked them perfectly and then lead us off of the property of the Hotel, across 195 and to a hole in the fence of the airport runways! This is where the airport stepped in and said they would take over. They would not allow Anne and Heidi on the property because they were considered to be a security risk. Anne spoke to the head of operations at the Airport, BWI, and was told that if USDA could not catch Opal by the next morning than they would resort to shotting her with live ammo!!!! They had had enough of her running on all active runways, in front of planes and baggage carriers!! By a miracle bigger than life, Opal was caught the next morning. WBAL 11 news was on the phone with Anne as they were in the air coming to Opal's rescue!! We love Dogs Finding Dogs and all the help that they gave to us! And Heidi is about the smartest dog on this earth. She knew just who Opal was....you will see this for yourself in the video. For now, Opal gets eggs and bacon every morning and she is adjusting to me being her new mom!

-Mary Lu in Silver Spring

SparkyHusband Loses Dog While Moving from Florida to NJ

My husband got into to so much trouble. We were moving and took a break at Arundel Mills in Md to let the dog go to the bathroom. He let her out without a leash and she took off. Now what? We searched all that day and night, slept in the moving van and had to take our car off of the trailer to drive around. We were referred to Dogs Finding Dogs by the local animal control. They came out and found that our dog was in the area and at a construction site of new apartments. We had to go to NJ because my husband needed to be at work on Monday. Ladies, you will love this! When we had to drive back I was so mad that I tricked my husband into going into the trailered car to look for something for me. When he got in I pulled off and started driving. I left him there about 3 hours when finally I got sick and tired of hearing him blowing the horn at me. He lost my dog! On Wed we came back and were able to catch Sparky at the construction site. Some workers there helped all of us round him up. This time on the way home I let my husband ride in the car. He wasn't banished anymore. DFD came out to help total strangers. This is a terrific feeling.

- Ellsa in New Jersey (June, 2011)

MunchiePomeranian Almost Eaten by Fox & Causes Searchers to get Poison Ivy!

Munchie was lost by my elderly inlaws even after I told them DO NOT TAKE HIM OUTSIDE! My husband and I live in NY and were visiting the inlaws here in MD. While we were out with friends they let the dog outside to go to the bathroom. I had put papers down for her inside. Once she was outside she took off and my father in law could not keep up with her. His neighbor referred us to DFD. I have to say I was very stressed when I called them. My husband drove back down to MD to meet with them to search. While out they found where Munchie was. She was in the heavily poison ivy filled woods behind a neighbors house. There was a fox there that kept chasing Munchie so it was so scarey and we had to catch her. Once we knew where she was we set up feeding stations and food paths that led back to my in laws. The next morning my father in law saw her in the driveway but he did not tell us unitl later that afternoon. So DFD came back again, verified that she was still there. We did not let the search dog go into the woods after her because we did not want to chase her off. DFD was on the phone with my husband seems like all night into the early morning guiding him on what to do outside. They told him at one point to walk down the path that the dog said Munchie was using. And there was Munchie! He got her to come to him and he came home to NY. I have never been so greatful for the help we received. The only sad thing is that everyone got the worst case of poison ivy. My gratitude will always be to DFD.

- Sam in Westminster, MD (June, 2011)

JulieJulie the Greyhound Escapes from her New Home

Julie is a greyhound that we rescued. She used to race and is very fast. She got out of the yard when the air conditioning company came one day. She ran thru the yards and wound up being spotted in a span of woods at a school. We searched the woods high and low and could not find her. The rescue told us to call Dogs Finding Dogs. They brought out 2 teams to search the woods and they found Julie the first time out. They lent us traps to put out but Julie would not go in them. We put feeding stations and blankets out for her and she would eat the food and sleep on the blankets. We saw her footprints. DFD came out a second time to make sure that she was there and she was. She was caught walking a path that lead to a golf course on the other side of the woods. We were just about to give up! My youngest daughter is so happy to have Julie back. They became quick buddies.

- Kate in Laurel, MD (June, 2011)

HarleyPitbull Stolen by Neighbors - Returned in 24 Hours After DFD got Involved

Thank you DFD! You ROCK! My name is Ron. I am a musician in a local Baltimore Rock band. My dog Harley got away from my roommate while I was at work. I could not find him. He vanished! Dogs Finding Dogs came out for us the following day. The tracking dog ran out Harley's path and then it abruptly stopped on a yard of the local VFW hall. This was about 1 block away. But, while we were tracking there the dog stopped at a house and would not leave. It was really insistant! These people hid in the house until we left and then started to follow us in their car. They then started a confrontation with us as to why we were at their house. It was as if they had something to hide, and they sure did!!!!! Anne told us that they know something and probably had my dog. She told me to branch out further and hit the Harford County shelter with a report. I live in Baltimore County. She said that people will dump the dogs a little further out to avoid being caught. The very day Harford County called and they had Harley. What the neighbors didn't think of was that the shelter makes you show your drivers license when you drop off a dog. That is how I found out the the tracking dog was right. They got scared and the morning we got the call from the shelter they had dropped him off. Wow! Rock on DFD! We owe you a concert.

- Ron in Essex, MD (June, 2011)

Found DogPrize Show Dog Missing From Boarding Facility

While at a dog show my kennel staff lost one of my clients prized Japanese Chin show dogs. This is a small little dog. I called Dogs Finding Dogs from the show ring and asked them to rush out there to meet the owner and find this puppy. Within 1 hour and on a Sunday too, they went out and found that this little dog did get out of the kennel. It had ran around the back of the property and was hiding in the woodline. We were so amazed because we thought that this little fellow would not be able to go where he was found. The dogs' owner is elated. All in all the dog was only missing for about 24 hours. Now I have to make sure that we never under estimate what a small dog can do. Thank you!

- Jean in Parkton, MD (June, 2011)

ElvisAin't Nothing but a Hound Dog --- Wandering All the Time

Elvis, a 15year old Bull Terrier decided to take a wander for several days thru the woods of his neighborhood. Watching the dogs work was truley amazing. Thank you for bringing out 2 dog teams to look for him. His legs are so bad that they would not have lasted for much longer. His feet are a bit sore and he is limping but finding him pop out of the woods was a big sigh of relief. For Elvis, he truely will be crying like a hound dog because he is now on lockdown. Thank you for the work you do.

- Christina in St. Leonard, MD (May, 2011)

Victoria & DylanStolen on a Friday and Returned in 1 Hour After Search

Victoria and Dylan, a Havanese and a Pug, were let out of our yard by the lawn service early in the morning. They were spotted about half a block away only 1 time. We are surrounded by woods down here in Southern Maryland. We put up flyers thru the weekend. Went door to door. Then on Monday we had Anne and Heidi come out. This is a weird story. While they were waiting for me to come home to meet, my neighbor with a broken up rent-a- cop car was driving up and down the street at least 5 times...in his house out of his house. He stopped and stared at the van each time. Then a woman was doing the same thing from his house. No eye contact. This is a very quiet neighborhood during the day. We searched with the dog and it took us to the house with the sighting and then to the yard of the rent-a cop car. We developed a plan to put the heat on and it worked. Within 1 hour, these lovely people dumped my one dog at the Humane Society down the street and the other they moved to a house in Mechanicsville. They were moving them right as we were there. Funny how the house in Mechanicsville knew who to call when they are 25 minutes away. Long story short, the neighbors got scared and instead of just bringing the dogs home they decided to get them out of their posession. THANK YOU DFD! If it weren't for you who knows what they were planning on doing with my babies.

- Reginald in Waldorf, MD (May, 2011)

BaileyGerman Pointer Found Locked in Camper

I hate to say how rediculous I feel knowing the outcome of your search. Bailey always jumps the fence, runs around and then comes back home. This is what he did the other night when you came out. It was strange that he was gone for so many hours! We were getting ready for a Mothers Day weekend of camping. I was busy preparing everything, cleaning out the camper of its cob webs. Maggie is a wonderful dog and very smart! John was a pleasure to work with and very kind. He kept saying that the dogs smell doesn't go anywhere. Maggie pulled John into the backyard and 2 times went up to the camper. And this is exactly where Bailey was. I mistakenly closed the camper door and didn't realize that Bailey was inside. Incredible to watch the dog work. I guess Baily just couldn't wait to get the camping trip under way.

- Peggy in Gwynn Oak, MD (May, 2011)

FeathersMalti-poo Says "Tag You're It"

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much DFD for getting my Maltese Poodle back home safe and sound. I have never in my life had such a incredible exciting experience as I did when Heidi and Anne came out to look for my dog. We started on 29 in Columbia and with a sighting of my little dog being chased by a fox in the woods. Within LESS THAN 1 MINUTE...Heidi found my guy and he promptly said "Tag You're It... and HAHA to You". Well my dog would sit in front of us. I would get low to the ground and do everything we could to call him over. A trap was not an issue because I was not going to stop that night until I caught him. He is so little and would be fox food. My dog did this 4 times along the way. He ran from Rt 29 straight up the waterline that lead to the parking lot on Rt 70 at the Enchanted Forest. This is where it got really crazy. We had grown men who stopped traffic and jumped out of their cars to block him off. One of the guys bit the dust face first in the dirt. Then finally another fellow popped out of his car and leaned over just in time to grab his tail. And HAHA he was caught. This was about 2 miles and a nice taxi driver brought us and both dogs back to where we started. Now we all are going to go out and celebrate! Thank you for not giving up DFD. You told me not to chase him but I just couldn't help myself. At least we got him.

- Feather in Ellicott City, MD (April, 2011)

MapelEpileptic Dog Found Quickly

Mapel was let out of the yard by the wind. I live in a very heavily congested area of Linthicum. My neighbor had the chance to catch her for me but he did not try. This of course was maddening as Mapel was in his front yard with him. However, the tracking dog Heidi came out and followed her steps into a neighborhood across a set of train tracks and a very busy road. She got us to the spot where we could post flyers. And right there a kind person had taken her inside and was taking care of her. Amazing to see this work! The gate is now padlocked. Thank you!

- Vicky in Linthicum, MD (March, 2011)

HuskyHusky Wolf Mix Takes a Walk on the Wild Side

Yes, she is a Husky Wolf mix who was rescued from being a unsuccessful sled pulling dog. She had us all fooled that she was old and barely could move. Tracking her was the only option knowing the breed combination. Luckily we had only 1 sighting to go from but that was all that was needed. The track lead into the woods about 1/4 mile away where all the footprints appeared. We knew she was there. She even visited several feeding stations we set up. Once we knew where she was it was time to catch her and hope to lead her back home. We made a deliberate trail heading to home with food and clothes. This worked! She followed us back. Now the little not so sore girl can go back to work with me every day. And she will be getting alot of exercising. There is really nothing wrong with her other than the love of just being lazy.. Lots of Smiles!!!!!!

- Rebecca in Gaithersburg, MD (March, 2011)

Barkley2nd Verse Almost Same as the First

I was partially responsible for watching my friends dog while they were out of the country. Once before XMAS their dog ran away from them shortly after she was adopted. And she did it again. This time she ran into a dangerous park in Baltimore City and disappeared. We spotted her once but that was it. DFD was called out for the 2nd time to find her. And once again she wound up under a deck hiding. And just in time. Her owners were coming home the very next day. With the exception of the woods, she did the same thing as last time but wound up under a different deck.

- Wendy in Baltimore City, MD (March, 2011)

WendelEscaped While Boarding

THANK YOU Dogs Finding Dogs! Wendel was lost at a boarding facility and ran all thru Laurel Md. We were so happy to have the instructions by your firm. The tracking dog got us right to where Wendel was hanging out in the woods. We were so happy that at every sighting you quickly came out. Funny how Wendel ran from the pet sitters into a neighborhood right across the street from my daughters house. That was a miracle! It was breath taking to see how your dog worked. Stopping dead in her tracks at the EXACT point where the teenagers picked him up out of the playground. Thank goodness we had 3 witnesses to help us. Wendel is home and will never be away from our side again.

- Donna in Laurel, MD (March, 2011)

Bean and Bella2 Dogs Picked Up by Campus Capers

My Bean and Bella ran away from me in the back of our townhouse on Catonsville Community College. It happened so fast that I did not understand how it was so. Heidi was brought out to me after I was referred to Dogs Finding Dogs by the SPCA. The track was very short. It lead from my backyard, across the parking lot and up the hill to Campus Drive. It stopped very abruptly. I was told the dogs were picked up. Their smell was no where else. And boy were they picked up. We began a huge campaign of spreading the word and putting pressure on the campus area. My dogs were taken and dumped off in 2 very far away places. One was found in College Park and the other in Charles County. Thank goodness Dogs Finding Dogs knew what to do to be able to get them back to me. They were gone almost a month.

- Lena in Catonsville, MD (March, 2011)

MerlinMerlin's Magic Made Him Withstand 2 Weeks in Cold Weather

Dogs Finding Dogs gave me the inspiration and support that I needed to continue to find Merlin. He ran out of the house with a partner in crime and then vanished. Tracking showed me where he was located in the woods. And not far from home either. I learned alot from the experience. We finally got Merlin running out of the woods after almost 2 weeks of rain and cold and without food. It is very educating learning all the steps that have to take place to find a dog. Without the support of DFD I am not sure I would have my Merlin back home.

- Nikki in Pasadena, MD (March, 2011)

LaylaLucky Layla

We are so very happy to have our Layla back! We still feel very lucky and fortunate that our story had such a happy ending. Words can not describe the feelings of worry and helplessness at having a lost pet, but your organization helped to ease those feelings. All your help, ideas, suggestions and time involved with us was invaluable. It is a true blessing to know that there are such selfless people willing to help out so much to ensure there are more happy reunions such as ours. We can not say thank you to you, your staff and the wonderful dogs that you have – your entire organization – enough. If ever we know of someone who has the misfortune of losing a pet, we will be sure to highly recommend your wonderful organization to them. Again, thank you all so very, very much!

- Mike and Leah in MD (February, 2011)

JeterJeter jetted his way to Big Lots

On Sunday, I realized our Boston Terrier, Jeter had gotten out of the house. We had a few sightings but nothing solid. On Tuesday I stopped by Best Friends Fur Ever who told me about Dogs Finding Dogs. They came over to my house and gave me information and helpful tips to help get Jeter back. The next day we had Walker come out to track. Walker picked up the scent from where I believe Jeter had gotten out then he followed his scent to places that Jeter had been. It was a very rough Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but I was always in contact with Kim, Kayla and Ashleigh. Anytime I had received a sighting that seemed legit, they would get Walker. Sunday morning, my husband went to put the poster board up and someone said he knew where Jeter was. Come to find out Jeter was with someone in PA from Tuesday to Saturday. My husband was taken to the location of the person who had him and they gave him back. Jeter is back where he belongs because of the flyers, poster boards and dedication provided by Dogs Finding Dogs . Walker gave us a sense of direction as to Jeter's original where-abouts and worked hard with the little track Jeter had left behind, but in the end it was pure dedication that Kim, Kayla and Ashleigh provided. They were just as determined to get my dog back as I was. They were always there to reassure me that I would get him back and their actions proved to be right. I am forever grateful to this wonderful company and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who has lost their dogs.

- Maggie and Gary in Edgewood, MD (February, 2011)

MojoFound My Mojo

Thank you Lynn and Mable for helping my owners find me. I was cold, hungry, tired and scared being out in the wilderness for 3 nights. Mable is so talented to track me down and Lynn is so smart to tell them to set up feeding stations and cameras to locate me. I was so happy when I found my mommy. With much gratitude...

- Mojo, Keith & Lisa in Joppa, MD (February, 2011)

P.D."Perfect Dog" Found By a Perfect Dog Team

The little poodle is getting along great and she may even forgive me for tossing her out, someday. Meanwhile, I am not completely trusted even to take the dog out on a leash into the back yard at 11:00 p.m for that "final pee" before bedtime---you can imagine how much it pains me to be deprived of that chore, but my wife insists and I always desist when she insists. Thanks also to Anne and your organization for providing a selfless service that perfectly blends conpetence and compassion; Miriam and I are certain Maggie would have led us to the door of the house where our dog was sheltered; we didn't fully realize that the lady and her young son actually had just found PD in their yard earlier Saturday morning, so it looks like you were right about her spending at least a night in that gararge/shed Maggie sniffed at for the extended period. We want to thank you again, because although P.D. may yet live up to her "nom de plume," I think Maggie already is a "perfect dog" in a perfect team that finds wayward dogs and thus brings happiness to folks like us.

- Fred & Miream in MD (February, 2011)

HenryLittle Pooch Found Eating with Kitties

Look at little adorable Henry who ran away when scared by a couple of dogs that ran up on him! He is so sweet and such a member of our family. Henry ran off when he got spooked while being watched at a pet sitter. It took several weeks of trying to find him with tracking dogs, flyers, alerts and more. Finally he was found living under a shed with feral kitties. He was lured into the shed with food. Then the shed door closed behind him so he could be caught. He had lost his little red shirt in the process but other than that he is in good shape. In the mean time, we got a little female Lhasa. Henry also has a new girlfriend to play with.

- Jesse in Fallston, MD (February, 2011)

AbbyAbby Made Her Way to a Storage Unit

Abby, my seven year old beagle escaped my fenced backyard late in the evening. We posted hundred of flyers in our development and nearby neighborhoods and convenience stores, we posted ads in newspapers and online lost dog sites, searching on foot and in the car morning and night provided no luck. The weather was not cooperating with snow, rain and ice and temperatures in the teens. We came across a website Dogs Finding Dogs and called the number listed and spoke to Anne who was very helpful and reassuring. She contacted Kayla, one of their dog trackers, who got in touch with us that night and arrangements were made for her to come out the next day. Kayla and Ashleigh, along with their dog Walker, an American Foxhound arrived at our home a week after Abby had escaped. After a four hour search we did not locate her, but it was very encouraging to see the exact path that Abby took, and how her paw prints led to several streams where the team was able to tell that Abby was drinking from the streams. They also helped us pin down the most current area where Abby last traveled. Feeding stations were set up in these areas with hopes of Abby returning. With the help of Dogs Finding Dogs, we were able to expand our flyers to other areas and gain more hope that Abby would be found. We are happy to report that Abby was found four days later. Kayla , Ashleigh and Walker were right on target with Abby’s paw prints being 4 days old. Thank you Kayla, Ashleigh and Walker for all your help and support! Hopefully I will never have to use your service again, but if another situation would occur, Dogs Finding Dogs would be the first number we would call.

- Caroline in Joppa, MD (January, 2011)

BohLabrador Runs Loose with Class!

Boh was adopted from BARCS and we lost him as we were getting him out of the car in the driveway. Dogs Finding Dogs came out with Heidi to locate him. They located Boh at the Turf Valley Country Club Golf Course. It took the efforts of DFD, BARCS, MAGSR and the Pitbull Rescue to track and trap him. Thank you to all the rescues for the use of the traps. It took just over a week of keeping an eye on Boh and playing muscial traps to finally get him. He is home safe and sound now with his new sister and settling in.

- Elisabeth and Rob in Woodstock, MD (January, 2011)

JazJaz Jazzed His Way thru a 4" Gap in a Kennel Run

Jaz squeezed himself thru the kennel run at the boarding facility that we had him at. He is a puppy mill very shattered dog that was just so scared. We've used DFD many times before since we adopt dogs out and they get lost. Always successful! This time was no different. Jaz was running all around the facility, thru cow pastures and corn fields. We were happy to see from the tracking that he had not left the property. DFD erected a huge 10 foot by 10 foot chain link kennel run trap to catch Jaz. This is a secret weapon to get the dogs and it works like a charm everytime. Poor little Jaz had never touched grass before so I am sure he absolutley was terrified. Once again DFD has found one of our dogs.

- Barb in Joppa, MD (January, 2011)

AnastasiaDogs Finding Dogs Called Out by Police, Finds Dog & Gets Award

Anastasia is an beautiful American Eskimo dog that was believed stolen during a home robbery. AA Cty police called K9 Heidi out to try to track for her. With police in hand she tracked the dogs path around the apartment development to where the dog's scent vanished as in a pick up. From the tracking, the police knew that the dog was not stolen. The same day DFD went searching its connections and found who had picked up the dog. And it was put into a car EXACTLY where Heidi indicateed. However, this person gave the dog away and it was subsequently lost again but luckily found by DFD and the AA Cty police at a shelter. The AA Cty police oversaw the dog getting back to its owner. In appreciation, the police along with the AA County Executive, awarded K9 Heidi and Anne a Executive Order of Appreciation for a job well done!

- Natasha in Glen Burnie, MD (December, 2010)

AthenaNewly Adopted Terrier Runs thru Kent Island

My newly adopted terrier Athena escaped from me on a run around my community. I originally got her for my mom to keep her company. Athena was a rescue with alot of fear issues. Dogs Finding Dogs came down to track for her and we found her at a horse farm. From there she ran into the woods where she was finally trapped and brought back home. Athena was gone for approximately 8 days. I am extremely appreciative for all the guidance and help that your organization offered to me. It was a rough XMAS but the New Year started off with a celebration!

- Claude in Kent Island, MD (December, 2010)

LucyLucy Escapes While Owner Gives Birth

My name is Angela Abel and I was scheduled to be induced to have my first baby girl on Wednesday, November 3rd. The process was going to take time, so my fiance Chris arranged to have a neighbor check on our four dogs. Unfortunately, he didnt close the front door completely. And that is all it took, our Lucy escaped out the door. Chris searched that evening with the help of friends and family. But, Lucy was not found. I finally gave birth to our happy, healthy baby girl, Charlie the next morning. A friend suggested that I contact Dogs Finding Dogs. Chris contacted Anne at Dogs Finding Dogs the next day. Anne provided us with lots of great advice. She also gave us the contact information of a tracker dog and his owner in the local area. Kim, her daughters and Walker were on the case. Walker was used to track Lucy's travels thru the local area. The ladies helped Chris setup feed stations and set a trap to capture Lucy. They also helped canvas the local area with flyers and word of mouth. Walker definitely picked up Lucy's scent but she proved very difficult to catch. Days and days past without any sitings. But, no one was giving up. We finally started to get sitings about one week after Lucy was lost. Kim and her daughters helped Chris follow up on each and every lead. Needless to say, eleven days later, we finally found Lucy. She was attempting to get in one of the traps that Kim had help us set. I cannot thank Dogs Finding Dogs, Kim, her daughters and Walker enough. Our family is complete again. We are sooo happy to have our Lucy back. Thanks again to Dogs Finding Dogs. We could have never found Lucy without them.

- Angela, Chris, and Charlie in MD (December, 2010)

NikeNike Goes Running

What started out as another praised filled day at Church, turned out to be a day of sorrow for my family. While hanging out with "Dad" in Aberdeen Nike wandered off and never came back, after several hours of looking for Nike we gave up. For about 3 rainy days we looked everywhere for Nike to no avail. until we received a call from Ashleigh & Kayla of Dogs Finding Dogs, who was offering to help us search for Nike. My hope and faith was restored by my new little four footed savior "WALKER"! After an very intense few hours of putting up colored flyers (thanks to Kayla) and searching through the woods, a graveyard and a junk car lot, Walker was able to detect Nike's scent and presents. Though we did not find Nike that day, it was only 3 days later he turned up with a local family in the area that Walker had identified. We are forever grateful.

- The Turner Family in Aberdeen, MD (December, 2010)

FrankieSheltie Runs Country 3 Weeks and Finds Country Club House

Frankie is a scared sheltie who only loves us. I took him visiting to a friends house in the country and let him off leash. He took off and ran away. I have another sheltie and thought he could find him but it didn't work. Dogs Finding Dogs did a huge effort for me. I am unemployed and they not only tracked and found where Frankie was but they also installed a huge 10 foot caged trap to catch him. Frankie was hanging at a house that was a dogs version of a country club. This is where he was caught. It took over 3 weeks. In exchange for finding Frankie with us, I am donating time to do website work for DFD. DFD came out for free to help us out.

- Dave in Jarrettsville, MD (November, 2010)

MandyPlott Hound Plots her Escape

My name is Margaret and I was fostering a hound name Mandy. She was a dear and turned out to be very smart. She loves my son who goes to high school about 2 blocks away. Many broke thru my fence and took off. I couldn't find her at all. And after Heidi came out I now know why. Heidi took us straight over to the high school which has woods all around it. This is where Mandy was! The path that Heidi took is the exact same short cut that my son uses. Best we can figure is that Mandy broke out to follow my son to school. She had even come back home the night before DFD came out. Her muddy prints were all over the glass of my front door. But we got her! I never really knew how attached to my son she really was until this.

- Margaret in Waldorf, MD (November, 2010)

BentleyShitzu Found in Farm After 3 Weeks

My daughter was away at college and I lost her dog Bentley. I felt terrible and she was devastated. She was due to come home for the holidays in a couple of weeks so I knew I had to find him. Anne came out with Heidi and we searched for Bentley. I had gotten a couple of sightings but Heidi told us they were not Bentley and she was right! We found Bentley at my neighbors farm. All in all he was out for 3 weeks before we found him. And just in time....my daughter came home from college and all was well. Thank you Heidi for all your work.

- Kim in St. Mary's, MD (November, 2010)

LaneLane Made is Own Lane All the Way Across Town in a Few Hours

Lane is a deaf Border Collie who was just adopted out to a new family. He got spooked and broke free of his collar and took off. DFD came out to start the tracking process. As the tracking was taking place a family had seen a posting on the web. They had caught Lane in their town but they lived 20 plus miles away! How he got there we will never know but at least he is home safe and sound. A side note is that we were called again 2 days later...he did it again... this time he was caught real close to home.

- Border Collie Rescue in Cockeysville, MD (November, 2010)

KatieKatie Found in Less than 24 Hours

With deepest sympathies we say goodbye to Katie. Katie had been haveing seizures and was very old but so so sweet. She had a big seizure and became disoriented and wandered off of the property. It was dark and cold out. We went out at immediately at 9:30 at nite to try to find Katie. We knew she was in danger. We also new from the tracking dog that she was right there but really traveling in a eratic path. She had found her way down to the waterfront which is where we came up on her and got her back home safe and sound. Katie went to the doctor and seemed at that point to be fine. Unfortunately a week later, Katie had another seizure and had to be put to rest. Are hearts go out to her family.

- For Barbara and her family in Annapolis, MD (November, 2010)

TobyToby Runs Railroad Tracks

Toby got away from our family when a worker left the gate open. He ran across a really dangerous road in front of the house and was only seen by some children on the corner. We had the search dog come out and we tracked Toby down to the waterfront, saw his footprints and it lead into a trailer park next to the tracks. Toby had run up the tracks and popped out to be caught by a nice family. We had put fliers up and postings on the web. The family called us and the tracking effort came to a end. He was having a blast! Seeing the dog work following his scent was incredible. Toby is home, I can get some sleep and the gate will be forever locked tight.

- Justin in Dundalk, MD (November, 2010)

MargaretMargaret Makes a Temporary Home in a Big Pile of Boulders

Little Margaret, my BABY, got scared while my wife was walking her and pulled away with her leash still attached! We looked everywhere and could not find her. DFD came out and searched high and low. Her smell was right in the immediate area. Margaret had gotten chased by some kids and she ran so far and so fast. I just knew that she would die and would never come home. I was crushed. Had just started a new job and couldn't even work. But we found Margaret living in a pile of boulders just across the street. She was missing for 5 days! I am so happy to have her home. I can now go to work at my new job! Poor little girl was so scared but it is really incredible to see the way a dog can protect itself.

- Dave in Fairfax, VA (November, 2010)

FreddieFreddy Frolics for Over a Week in the Woods

Big welcome home came for Freddy, a curious Beagle, who loves the outdoors. Freddy was adopted from a co-worker who used to let Freddy run his huge property hunting for rabbits. When I got him home to my house he had a fenced in yard that limited where he could go. Freddy found an escape route one day when he broke free from his tie down. With 25' of line dragging behind him, he ran away. Dogs Finding Dogs came out with Heidi and we tracked Freddy into nearby woods and into a neighborheood next to them. Freddy was running all around with his line. We laid deliberate trails of food, scent articles of our family and dogs to help Freddy stay in the area and find his way back home. And that is exactly what Freddy did. We got sightings of Freddy right where the track had shown us and when I the kids got home from school, Freddy was sitting at the front door! We are glad for the help and for getting him back home.

- Lexington Park, MD (November, 2010)

MarleyDog Stolen, Dog Found, All Pets Come Home When DFD Noses hit the Ground!

I contacted Dogs Finding Dogs when my dog Marley was taken out of my back yard on Thursday November 5, 2010. On Friday the 6th I went to BARCS animal shelter in the hopes that he was there but I hit a dead end. I was given the number to Dogs Finding Dogs from one of the volunteers from the shelter. I came home and immediatly contacted Ann. Saturday November 7,2010 Ann and her dog Heidi came out to see if they could track him. I will have to admit that at first I was a little sceptical but I kept my hopes high. They were able to track him around my neighborhood. What really made me a believer is when she tracked him to my fiance's grandmothers house. I was dumbfounded. We posted ads on craigslist in the lost and found section. On Sunday November 8, 2010 there was a posting made that said someone took this dog that look alot like mine to the Anne Arundel County Animal Control. I immediately called Ann to tell her the news. She went above and beyond what I called her for by taking me down to the shelter on the 9th to see if this in fact was my dog. When we walked through we didn't see him at first. After the second walk through we did infact see him and Ann helped us bring him home. We will forever owe Ann and Heidi our lives. They were able to bring our family back together. I am the first to think that when a animal is stolen they will never be found or returned. Dogs Finding Dogs has changed my mind. If you have a animal that has gotten out or that has been stolen do not hesitate to call. They are the best at what they do. It is very hard to come across people now adays that really have a heart but I have the privilage to say that the trackers at Dogs Finding Dogs actually do. Ann, Heidi, and the rest of the staff of Dogs Finding Dogs I thank you because I was able to see my fiance and our dog Marley happy for the first time since he was taken from us.

- Brookly, MD (November, 2010)

RexHome Again After Five Days

We would like to welcome Rex the Doberman home after a five day adventure in the woods. Rex jumped the fence on a Thursday and had been seen in a neighborhood not to far away. On Monday K9 Lee and handler Janel met with Rex’s owner and went to the area where Rex was running around. Thanks to several sightings of Rex by the people who live in the area and an exact location of where he was seen, K9 Lee was able to pick the scent up right away. Lee powered down the road hot on the scent. He showed where Rex had been hanging out in a backyard and as K9 Lee, Janel and the owner came around the house there was Rex about 30 feet away standing in a clearing. At that point we had confirmed that it was indeed Rex in the area and started to strategize about how to catch him. While walking back to the car Rex ran out in front of us. The next day the owner spotted him and army crawled her way over to him. Luckily Rex was caught and was able to even make his vet appointment that was scheduled before he escaped. Relieved to have you home Rex!

- Sykesville, MD (November, 2010)

BlueWho Ya Gonna Call?

On an otherwise average weekday afternoon Blue wandered out of the back yard through a bit of broken fence. I'm not sure how long she was gone before I realized it because she likes to hang out on the back deck and I didn't know the fence was broken. I immediately called Mary who talked me through what to do until she could get there with Lessa. Then Mary arrived with Lessa. Lessa has been to our house and knows Blue and at first was just sort of happy to be there. Then Mary put on her vest and you could see it like a switch how fast she got into working mode. We gave her a towel to sniff and off she went. Now, I've seen Lessa track in practice. She's even tracked me in practice. And it's cool and all, but I always thought, yeah, but in the real world? Really? And the answer is really. Absolutely. It's amazing. It's like she was following a neon spray painted line in the grass. We got about three blocks away and Lessa started nosing around in someone's driveway. Naturally the woman came out, but unfortunately she didn't speak any English - or Spanish or French - and she went inside before I could show her the picture on my phone of Blue which I'd been showing to everybody. We had gotten about two houses away when the woman came back out and called to us. When we got back she handed me a cell phone and said "English". The man on the phone explained that his sister had the dog and was waiting for him to get home from work to call the number on the tag because he was the only one who could talk to me. We went back to the house, she opened the front door, I called, and Blue came running out. It was at most 20 minutes from when Lessa arrived to when Blue was in my arms. It was such a relief that I knew exactly who to call when my time of need came.

- Kris in College Park (October, 2010)

KatieWith Deepest Sympathies

Dogs Finding Dogs wants to send its deepest sympathies to Katie's family, Mary and Don. Katie was a loving 14 year old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix who lived on a beautiful water front home in Deale, MD.

- With Deepest Sympathies from all the Staff at Dogs Finding Dogs (October, 2010)

CocoaQuick Cocoa Find

Little Cocoa got out during a Labor Day party at the house. Being in a rural area and with Cocoa being so small her being lost was a huge concern of ours. K9 Lee and his handler Janel were able to come out later in the day which turned out to be for the best because we had gotten a sighting of our little one before they came out and were able to start close to where Cocoa was and not several days behind her at the house. We started at the last sighting point and Lee smelled the bed and Cocoa’s little shirt and off he went. We walked between the baseball fence and some bunch grass that was about 5 feet tall. We had gone less than 50 feet when Lee made a sharp right hand turn into the tall bunch grass got about his body length and stopped. Janel started to move the grass aside to see what Lee was interested in and there was my little Cocoa. I can’t believe that it took longer to walk to where we started tracking then it took to find Cocoa. Thanks to K9 Lee, Janel and the staff of Dogs Finding Dogs for the quick and safe return of my little one.

- Lisbon, MD (September, 2010)

RosieRosie Released by Robber

I hope that everyone sees this story of how you helped calm me down! It was the worst feeling I could have had to come home from my very first night out with friends to see that my house got broken into and my baby Rosie was gone! For those of you reading this story, Rosie is a 2 month old Pug puppy and is my dearest little angel. I had not left her alone except for this one night. There she was locked in her crate with all her toys and blankies, happy a can be. To come home and not have her there broke my heart. I felt so guilty and so afraid for her. I saw your organization on TV and called for help. The fast response helped calm to some degree. It's hard to believe that little Rosie had wandered off into the woods behind my house. It was so hot outside I thought she would die. But what a great feeling to see the dog work and pick right up on her path. Rosie is just fine as can be. But me, I will never leave my baby alone again.

- Jessica in Millersville, MD (September, 2010)

CorkeyChihuahua Hides in woods for a month

We were away in Ocean City and my son called and said Corkey got out through loose wire under the fence because he was freaked out due to fireworks going on in the neighnborhood. We came home early the next day and did everything that we knew of to try to find him. After almost 2 weeks of putting signs up and driving around, walking around and having a couple of phone calls of sitings we still couldn't find him. I kept calling Animal Control everyday and they told me to put a listing on Craigs List which I did and I immediately got an email from Anne with Dogs Finding Dogs. My daughter called Anne and that evening we had Kayla and Ashley came over with Walker. They went to the 2 siting spots, and the 2nd spot Walker found Corkey's scent and found out where he has been hiding. With Kayla and Ashley's help we were putting posters up and setting up feeding stations. Prior to them coming down, we were ready to give up sure that Corkey was gone, with their help and persistence we knew from the feeding stations that Corkey was in the woods. Hope was back and we started following their instuctions and their commitment to find Corkey too. After almost 6 weeks, we had an anonymous message from a person that saw our posters with Corkey's picture and they thought their neighbor had Corkey for a couple of weeks and had no intentions of calling us, gave us the address and we went to the address, I knocked on the door and guess what, Corkey came running to the door barking. Thanks to Kayla, Ashley, Kim and Walker and their love of animals and commitment to bring them home, we would have given up the search weeks ago. There are not words that can express to them how much we appreciate all of their help and bringing Corky back home. Love you guys and have new friends for life!!!!!

- Collier Family in Sparrows Point, MD (August, 2010)

EvitaEvita Missing for 1 Month - Found in 10 Minutes

I cannot express the gratitude I have towards Dogs Finding Dogs and the remarkable nose of Heidi. Your organization did the impossible for my mom and dads missing dog Evita! I was certain that this would be too hard for my parents to handle. Evita was lost as I was watching her when my parents went away. She slipped out the door. Being a very fearful dog and only attached to my dad, it was very clear that she was not going to come to me. When you came out after so much time had passed I didn't think that she could be found so quickly. It was amazing that Heidi tracked her from our house to a patch of woods a couple of doors up from me. Evita was funny seeing her there sleeping in the weeds. I am so greatful that you put up the large 10 foot kennel run trap for her. What is really amazing is how you guided us to lead her back to the trap in our front yard. My father could not believe it when she got caught right out front. Thank you so very much! We will be forever in your debt! Thank you to all the gals who came up with you to help install and take down the trap. Evita is safe at home with my parents and they are keeping a real good eye on her.

- Anne in Damascus, MD (August, 2010)

BrutusDog Found after 4.5 hours of Tracking thru Gunfire at Reservoir

I was hiking with Brutus and Gracie (our other dog) in the woods by our home. We’ve hiked the same trails in the park by our home since we got him. Since it was really hot, we stopped at the creek and I took them off leash so they could get a drink and splash in the water to cool off. Brutus saw a deer and took off up a steep hill. I immediately put Gracie on her leash and called and called for him. After about 10 – 20 minutes, I decided to take Gracie home and hope he was meeting us there. When we got to the house and he was not there, I knew this time was different. It was not at all like Brutus to go far from home. We searched all day and made phone calls to friends and family to ask for help and that is how we found out about Dogs Finding Dogs. We’ve volunteered with MAMAS (a rescue organization) and our contact there recommended Anne and gave us her number. When Brutus did not come home Saturday night, we knew Anne and Heidi were our best hope. Anne gave us lots of helpful information about what is important to include in flyers, an online service called Find Toto that would call households in the area, and then immediately came over and hit the trails with Heidi. Just a few miles away there happened to be a special event being held – an automatic weapon shooting range – set up for that day only. It honestly sounded like a war was happening. Even steadfast Heidi was being affected by the rapid gunfire. After about 4.5 hours, they decided to call it a day. Just as Anne was preparing to leave, we received a call from someone who had seen one of the flyers; she had seen Brutus in her backyard the day before. Regardless of the fact that they had probably already covered 12 or 13 miles in the heat, Anne and Heidi went right to the place where he had been spotted. Immediately, Heidi picked up his scent. As she rounded the corner to the neighbor’s backyard, we heard Anne yell, “it’s Brutus”! He was on the neighbor’s deck and terrified from all of the gunfire. The neighbors had just come home from a vacation and found him on their deck. They had the phone in their hand getting ready to call the number on his collar when Heidi found him. We will always be so thankful and grateful for all of the effort and knowledge that Dogs Finding Dogs (specifically Anne and Heidi) provided us.

- Mary in Maryland (August, 2010)

GingerFresh Chicken Lures Temperance to Trap

Life for Temperance started in Georgia in a dumpster with her mom & 7 siblings She was brought up to NJ. On the 16th of July 2010, my nephew & I took Temperance to her new dad in Columbia, Md.- she went without a problem. The next morning I got a text that the door was left open by some workers at the house and she ran out. Temperance was just gone...I was heartbroken. On Wednesday, August 11th, I got a response from Dara at the MDSPCA pertaining to Dogs Finding Dogs. I called & e-mailed Anne immediately - she called me back & then I got a hold of Animal Control who had been trying to catch Temperence & the hunt began for this slick, fast and sassy dog... Officer Rachel searched & spotted her in a residential neighborhood -that is set in a ravine - she called Anne - Dogs Finding Dogs - who brought Heidi and Janel with Lee and for 2 1/2 hours ran up and down the yards. brush, trees, pricker bushes - she had never seen a dog so quick even with a limp - hahaha - tired & exhausted they wrapped it up for the night and to their right - laying on the grass - paws crossed was Temperance with the expression of "next"....they just threw food out for her...hahaha... On Saturday, the 14th, around 4-5 pm, Anne, Janel & Heidi set up the large pen trap - threw fresh roasted chicken all around the cage & inside - & set the press plate - and around 6 pm - here comes Temperance looking for food - she ate all fresh hot roast chicken that was around the trap and then stretched inside the trap to get more - they she figured it was safe so she went in to get more chicken in the back and WHAM- door slammed shut - YEAH!!!! I am so ecstatic I just started to cry. I do not know how to thank Anne, Janel, Rachel & the dogs for all their endless effort to find Temperance - what warms my heart is that these ladies went out of their way to help someone from another state and cared so much about my Temperance...it just goes to show that there are people out there who are willing to go beyond themselves for those who need help. Anne took time to talk to me, listen to what I knew about this special dog - and to reassure that they would get her back. I knew that these people are so special and we are blessed to have them as advocates for our beloved animals....Thank you so much...God Bless...

- Ingrid in New Jersey (August, 2010)

GingerFireworks Too Much For Ginger

My dearest baby Ginger, our Jack Russell, got scared out of her mind when fireworks went off in our neighborhood. She went running up the street barking out of fear. My husband tried to catch up with her but was not able to find him. We had Heidi and Anne come out to track to find her. Ginger's track ended upbruptly as if in a chase and then picked up. We knew that it could have been any of the people from all over who had come to see the fireworks. Anne instructed us to spread way out and go to all of the shelters in the area. She told us to even go to the DC shelter just in case whoever had Ginger transported her out. Sure enough! That day we went to the DC shelter and they had Ginger! We brought her home that day! Thank goodness for Dogs Finding Dogs and their help!

- Stewart and Maggie in Chevy Chase, MD (July, 2010)

codyCody Almost Adopted

Cody is a cute little dog that my daughter adopted from a family who could not take care of him. He normally would not run off when we went out in the front yard but this day he decided differently. He wound up running a few blocks away and into a home where he was going to be kept. It was the help of Dogs Finding Dogs with the tracking and the pressure that was applied to have the family think otherwise. Instead of giving Cody back they called Animal Control and had him taken away. We went to the shelter and there he was ready to be adopted by 2 young girls. I scopped him up. My daughter was so very happy to come home from school and find Cody back waiting for her. We confirmed with the shelter that the house was the one in question. I would suggest to everyone to act quickly and get a dog team out to you fast.

- Gerry in Baltimore, MD (July, 2010)

TrooperTrooper Runs Like at Troop Evading the Enemy

Trooper, a Mastif Puppy evaded capture for almost 6 days before he surrendered to the cause! All I needed was help in knowing where he went! I was out of ideas when Dogs Finding Dogs was called. Trooper escaped camp with his 2 buddies by penetrating a hole in the fence. After doing some recon, 2 of the escapies were caught on a corner but Trooper avoided capture. We had one tip of a possible siting. Heidi was brought out on July 4th in the morning to track him down. Starting at the corner, Heidi showed us just why we could not find Trooper. We followed his path during which we wound up at the siting point. We were on his trail! During the whole day we followed him and flushed him up out of the woods. It took until nightfall to finally convince him to surrender. Being stealth in color, he was hard to detect! He came out of the wood line right where Heidi had shown us. Trooper pounced the side of the truck and crawled in thru the drivers side window in pure relief of returning back to base camp. It took all day but what a July 4th celebration it was!

- Rick in Laurel, MD (July, 2010)

PoePoe Puppy Runs Farmland for 5 Days - Lab Catches Lab

I want to thank you and Heidi so much for finding my little Lab puppy Poe! I am so happy to have her back home. I have never seen anything like this before using a search dog to find a missing pet! I told my vet and everyone about you. I wish that I had called you on day 1! Spending 5 days looking for Poe, having everyone see her except for me was making me crazy. Heidi is amazing! I am so glad that you stayed all day tracking Poe in the cornfields and yards. When we finally saw her and she came running over to me it was a feeling of pure relief! Heidi was a real trooper with having Poe in the back of the van jumping and kissing all over her. I think it was really cute that the first thing that Poe did was to dive under Heidi and try to nurse on her. Heidi was really patient but it was funny the look on Heidi's face. Like " What in the world are you doing...." Thank you so much for putting a end to my plight in trying to get my little girl back home. When she gets old enough we may be asking if we can be a SAR team for you.

- Nicole in Knoxville, MD (July, 2010)

LucyLucy the Pug Stolen and Returned After Tracking Dog Puts on the Heat!

This letter is being written to tell everyone that using a tracking dog is a wonderful idea! My dog Lucy got away from my boyfriend by accident when he fell while he was walking her. We live in a apartment and across the street from us are townhomes. I could not find Lucy so I found Dogs Finding Dogs on the web. I called them and Anne and Heidi, her K9, came out to track. Heidi led us across the street and behind a group of townhomes. As we got closer to one we heard a dog barking on the back deck. It sounded like Lucy. As we got closer we saw Lucy! They quickly scurried her inside. At the exact back of the house Heidi alerted and said that this was the place. We knocked on the front door to a very scared lady. She refused to give us Lucy back. The police were called. After we left and within 2 hours these people were spotted dropping Lucy off in a nearby Pizza Hut parking lot. We were called and got her back home! If it were not for Heidi we would have never found her. They were going to keep Lucy! I am so very thankful!

- Steph in Crofton, MD (July, 2010)

GracieChihuahua Survives 100 degree Temps

On 6/22/10 my little chihuahua, Gracie, escaped out of the front door when my husband left for work in the morning. When I noticed she was gone that evening, I immediatley called the Humane Society to see if anyone had turned her in. They said no one had, but I should call Dogs finding Dogs and Findtoto.com. I called DFD first and within 10 minutes someone called me back and not only gave me advice on ways to help find her. We did findtoto.com and within 5 minutes my phone was ringing with calls from neighbors who had seen her throughout the day sleeping in people's yards, walking in the middle of the road, and running from good Samaritans that were trying to catch her. Dogs Finding Dogs came out and brought a tracking hound named Walker. They immediately put Walker to work trying to find Gracie. They and my husband searched for hours, often close on her trail. Unfortunately it got very late and very dark and little Gracie was no where to be found. They had to reluctantly give up their search for the night, but promised to be back the next day to start a search all over again. My husband and I decided to go back out one last time. We drove up and down the same streets we had been searching all night and turned down one last dirt road to see if by the grace of God she was there. We were so relieved to see her at that very moment walking down a little one lane road right about to enter the woods! We got our little girl back and she is in good shape! Our little hero survived 17 hours of extreme heat and dehydration. We truly believe that if Dogs Finding Dogs had not come out to help us, we never would have found Gracie. Their search dog Walker had been in that area right before we stopped for the night, and it was Dogs Finding Dogs that suggested we come back out one last time to look for her. We are so thankful for getting little Gracie back safely!

- Julie in Towson, MD (June, 2010)

SophieBest Friends Fur Ever Calls DFD on Behalf of Pet Owner

My Dog Sophie, a Chocolate Lab, and a very intricate part of my family had ran off and got lost..so I searched for her on my own for 2 hours, went to the humane society to no avail, fortunately on my way home I stopped at Best Friends Fur Ever in Joppa, Maryland. This place is awesome, they actually showed heart felt concern and got right on the phone and called Dogs Finding Dogs for me. The 2 girls from DFD, Ashley and Kayla, were at my house within 20 minutes of the phone call which was incredible, for it was getting dark and we had no time to spare. They asked us a series of questions, then told us how they are going to proceed in detail, which I thought was very professional! Then after the dog, "Walker," got the scent of my dog off her bed, we were off to the races. We tracked through fields, marshy areas, woods, open fields, along the road and through underpasses to finally end up at the creek! The dog was constantly on my dogs scent the whole time and took us places were only my dog would know of, so I knew that Walker was right on the Money! We ended our tracking when the sun set and could go no further. When we got to my house they showed me how to make flyers, set some traps to track my dog myself and went into detail about what to expect, I could not believe that they loved my dog as much as I did. After they left, about an hour later my dog turned up in my backyard, my dog had found my scent from the track and followed it back to my house, if it were not for Dogs finding Dogs coming out and tracking with me, my dog would probably still be missing! I would recommend their services and expertise to anyone that is heart broken and trying to find their dog !! Their success rate is off the chart!!! I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR THEIR CONCERN AND THEIR SERVICES !

- Pat in Joppa, MD (June, 2010)

SanchezSanchez Hides in Woods for 1 Week

Sanchez is home! Thank you so much for coming out and tracking for Sanchez! It was remarkable to find out that he stayed in the woods right where I last saw him run off. 1 week and he is back home! I would have never thought that it would take him to see my other dog to make him feel safe enough to come to me. Sanchez came right out of the woods where we tracked him. He would follow me around, watch me but never come to me. Thank goodness you told me to put food down while he watched me and to have my other dog along side. This was the magic that was needed for him to trust me to come over. It is such a wonderful feeling to have him back! Now, Sanchez will be visiting the Vet to get fixed, microchipped and whatever else we need to do to protect him.

- Crystal in Roland Park, MD (June, 2010)

BohPitbull Puppy Stolen then Given Up to Shelter

Boh is a pitbull puppy and we love him dearly! My friend and I both own him and he got loose from our yard. Janel and Lee of Dogs Finding Dogs helped us find him. Without their help Boh would havenever been found. Janel and Lee tracked him from our yard to a thick awful patch of woods where he was hiding. He would not come out so we tried to lure him out with food. He was seen coming out to eat. Janel brought Lee out again and there had been a chase at the woods that led to a fenced area. Boh had been stolen! It wasunder the direction of Dogs Finding Dogs that we get in touch with the shelters. We did this and Boh was found! A person stole Boh with the intention of keeping him. He took Boh 25 miles away to his home. After seeing that Boh was a puppy and full of energy, this person called Animal Control and turned him in! What wonderful people at Dogs Finding Dogs to help in everyway to get a pet home. It is a big relief to have Boh back safe and sound!

- Jo & Angie in College Park, MD (May, 2010)

Bud6 Month Old Pitbull Puppy Stolen and Dumped When Heat was Turned On by Tracking Dog

Bud was given to me with his sister, Kitty, for XMAS. Both my children had their own puppy now. Somehow, Bud got out of our yard in East Baltimore and made it across a busy street into another neighborhood. Dogs Finding Dogs brought Heidi out to find him. We had 1 possible siting of him at a playground. Heidi tracked for Bud thru the alleys and across yards and then stopped and alerted on a backyard. She was telling us that Bud was here! There were fresh mud scratches on the back door as well. We spoke to the owners and they said that they had not seen him. They cleaned the back door, cut the grass to throw off a tracking dog and much more! We put flyers up right outside their home as well as the rest of the area and they were ripped down. Heidi came out a second time and the same thing! He was there! We had Dogs Finding Dogs write a formal letter to the home owners appealing for help! A neighborhood child saw Bud in these peoples' car! The same day that the heat was turned up on them Bud was found all the way across town in the worst section of west Baltimore tied with a rope to an abandoned house. When I went to Animal Control I found him there, ready to be put to sleep because he was deemed unadoptable because he was scared! I was extremely angry! Put a puppy to sleep! Of course a puppy would be scared! Needless to say, we were reunited with Bud and my kids are thrilled. Bud's sister is no longer sad that he is gone. Dogs Finding Dogs were the only reason that we found Bud! Without their help Bud would have been gone forever. I shudder to think what those awful people were going to do with him!

- Angela in Baltimore, MD (May, 2010)

ChapelChapel Lost from Transport at Catonsville Community College

Chapel was one of the lucky dogs who was pulled from a shelter down south to be sent to a wonderful rescue in New York to find a forever home. Unfortunately, Chapels trip was interrupted at CCBC in Catonsville, Md when she slipped her collar in the parking lot during an exchange of drivers. She then enjoyed the surrounding neighborhood for almost 1 month. Chapel had alot of fun! She was very entertaining to the neighbors but a little mischievous. She would steal the morning papers, childrens balls, shoes and her favorite was to take any type of box that she could find and play with it and rip it into shreds all over the lawns. Chapel also played with all the dogs and even went for a swim in a fish pond. What a fun character she was!

Dogs Finding Dogs brought out Heidi and Lee to track for Chapel the following day after her escape. Heidi led the track on this hot muggy day and found Chapels hiding place in the woods that surrounded the homes. Lee, who happened to come from the same shelter as Chapel, also helped in tracking her. Once we knew where her new home was we set up a 6'x10'x6' kennel run with an automatic door on it to catch her. For over a week of baiting up the trap with food better than most of us were eating, Chapel finally was caught.

All of the wonderful volunteers and neighbors came out at 10pm to see her in the pen and to wish her well. All of us are going to miss Chapel! She was so much fun to watch with all her antics. She is now in New York getting a little obedience training and then will be off to a wonderful home! It took alot of persistance and big hearts to not give up on catching her during this month. Hurray to Chapel! She will have a wonderful life now!

- Mama's Rescue, Duffy's Rescue, K9 Lifesavers, Dogs Finding Dogs, MAGSR and all the neighbors! in Catonsville, MD (May, 2010)

EricaErica Home After Four Days

We recently lost our Sheltie, Erica. Two days after she went missing, we connected with Dogs Finding Dogs. They were at our home within two hours of our first call. Our team was Walker and Kayla. In addition, Ashley and Kim assisted during the tracking, offering us explanation of the process and support during the tracking time. The tracking was truly a unique and enlightening experience. Walker was intensely focused on his mission of tracking Erica's scent. He was all business and remarkably his tracking path took us to the very few locations where neighbors had seen Erica the morning she went missing. Walker eventually led us to a wooded area about a half mile from our home. Although we did not locate Erica during the tracking, we focused on the area where Walker led us. Instead of looking for the proverbial "needle in the haystack", we were able to focus our efforts, lost dog signs, flyers, food and foot search in that specific area. Without Walker we would not have had any idea or direction to look. On the fourth day we received a call from a good samaritan who was following Erica on foot in the vicinity of that specific wooded area. Remarkably the woman's foot pursuit brought Erica almost to our front door. We were so happy to have her return back home after four very long days. We can't say enough about the kindness and concern displayed by Kayla, Ashley and Kim as well as Walker who is truly an amazing tracking dog. You should be truly honored for the service you provide and the fee charged is so small in relation to what you do and the comfort you provide to caring pet owners in helping locate their lost animals.

- Donna & David in Abingdon, MD (May, 2010)

AngelAngel had a DFD Dog Angel on her Side

Dogs Finding Dogs sent an angel in Heidi the tracking dog to find our lab mix Angel. She had gotten loose during a home robbery when my husbands dirt bikes were stolen out of the yard. Angel broke out during the commotion and ran the countryside of our little town. We had a possibility of 2 sitings of Angel that were a week old when we got DFD out here. We went to the first siting and Heidi confirmed it was Angel. We tracked her footsteps and saw her prints all over the area and near a stream. We set up food and put one of DFD's traps out. Angel kept coming back. It didn't take long to get her home but it was long enough! We were so worried that she was stolen and Heidi showed us that Angel really was just running around. Thank you!

- Stan & Kirsten in Reisterstown, MD (May, 2010)

SheltieSheltie Stopped in Less Than 12 Hours

Our Sheltie went missing from our home and we had no idea where to look. We were going to bring out another tracking firm but Dogs Finding Dogs offered to come out quicker and for less money, plus they are a non-profit so it is a tax deduction. With having a tracker living 5 minutes from our home we had Kayla come out with Walker. Walker zeroed in on our dog and hit every siting spot that we had gotten phone calls from. We found our dogs footprints in the mud near a stream. Kayla told us to put food our right there and to drop our dirty clothes as well. We did this, went home and that night we got a phone call from someone who saw our flyer there. Our little girl was there. We rushed over, called her name and she came right to us! Without the nose of Walker we would have NEVER KNOWN were to even begin to look. That dogs nose is amazing!

- Steve in Edgewood, MD (May, 2010)

RalphieRalphie is Brought Home after 3 Months on the Run

Ralphie, my boxer, was let out of the yard by accident by friends of ours that were watching him. We had Dogs Finding Dogs come out 2 times to find him. I would tell everyone about them for sure! We found Ralphie behind the 7-11 eating from the dumpsters. With feeding stations out we sat on the ground on blankets in the parking lot and waited. Soon Ralphie came out. Miss Anne told me to stay low and quiet and just call him over softly. I did this and Ralphie came over to smell my hands and he licked my hand. He then went into a play bow and I grabbed him. We put the leash on him, jumped in the car and home we went! He will never leave my side now! Thank you! Thank you! for all your help!

- Julia in Nottingham, MD (May, 2010)

MaxHusky Mix Falls in Icy Creek - Newspaper Article Attached

Max, my Husky/Cocker Spaniel Mix ran out the front door when I mistakenly didn't shut it all the way. His brother had gone out also but didn't get any further than the front yard becuase he has a broken leg. Max was no where to be found and I looked allover the neighborhood for him. Exhausted I came back home and started to surf the net and call all the local shelters...and no Max. I found Dogs Finding Dogs and gave them a call. Anne brought out Heidi right away. We started from the front yard and tracked thru the neigborhood to a steep creek bed that had a vertical drop of about 30 feet. Straight down and all bolders along the way poking out. My heart DROPPED! I couldn't look and my eyes were filling up. Anne told me to hold Heidi's leash and she looked. Thank God no Max, but he had been there. His tracks were at the bottom of the frozen creek on the ice where he had apparently fallen into. His tracks led down the creek where we could get back to the ice. It was Max's footprints and human footprints. Someone had gone and rescued him and carried him off! Heidi was still able to track thru the neighborhood following Max's and the man's scent. A kind neighbor had Max and when he found him he was frozen like a popsicle. All of Max's hair was frozen solid and he had to be warmed up with hot towels. Max is now back home having survived a steep fall and crash thru the ice on a terribly cold winter day with no injuries! I thank Dogs Finding Dogs for everything they did! I was truly amazed at seeing the working relationship with Anne and Heidi. I would strongly reccommend them to anyone! And for Max, his new nick name is Tigger! He bounces with the best of them! (Read an article about this story.)

-Rich in Arbutus

janel and leeTreeing Walker Coon Hound Gets New Leash on Life

Get a kick out of Lee??? We are beyond thrilled to the point of ecstatic...to have a throw-away dog who languished tied to a igloo behind the pound for 8 months in the snow, heat, rain, etc. with only minimal human contact...a dog unloved and unwanted and pretty much doomed....only kept alive because Tyfanny in New Hampshire was sending money every month for his board or he would have been long dead... to have this dog not just adopted, but serving is a miracle! We are filled with spirit and joy at his acomplishments! We are all weeping with joy at his new wonderful life. It is more than we dared to dream for him and helps all of us in the sad job that we daily do as most endings are not happy ones. God bless you, and he most surely will.

Lee was tracked by DFD on Easter and was hiding outfor 3 weeks in a patch of bamboo. It took alot of love and patience—going to feed him 2 times a day and letting him play with Heidi to win him over so he could be caught. He now lives with Anne and Heidi and he is a Search and Rescue dog. What a wonderful life! Lee is pictured with Janel, his current handler.

- Paula,Arnies ResQ - North Carolina

TerrierSoft Coated Terrier was Given a Soft Touch by a Friendly Stranger

We want to thank yoru organization for all the hard work you did in finding our little terrier. We thought for sure that someone had taken him. It was absolutely amazing to see how your dogs work. And to see that we tracked straight to our neighbor's house who had been taking care of him. Our family is greatly appreciative and will tell everyone about your service.

- Ashley in Baltimore, MD (May, 2010)

CoreyOlder Pup Takes a Country Run

My Corey got out through a hole in my fence. Kayla came out with Walker to find him. My dog Corey has hip dysplasia and I did not think that he would go very far. Little did I know when Walker tracked we went through lots of woods and ended at Route 50. Ashleigh and Kayla put up feed stations and advised me to put up more flyers on the other side of Rt. 50. I checked the internet everyday too. I found my dog right on the other side of Rt. 50 where they said he would be. Some nice people had taken him in. Thanks so much Dogs Finding Dogs!

- Tina in Parsonsburg, MD (May, 2010)

RomeoPitbull Stolen and Then Cut Loose Because He Wasn’t Good for Fighting

My father’s pit bull slipped out of the house while the movers were there. My 85 year old father was so upset that his best friend had run away. Kayla and Walker came out and tracked. Walker kept indicating that the dog had been picked up seven houses down from our house. They recommended putting flyers up in Turners Station, a known dog fighting area 2.5 miles away. Romeo ended up in someone’s backyard in Turners Station and they kept him till they could find his owner. They saw my flyers and called me. My father is so glad to have his best friend back again. Thank you.

- Nick in Dundalk, MD (May, 2010)

King & DukeBeagle Pair Follows Trail Home

King and Duke got out from a hole in the fence on Tuesday morning. We had gotten them in December from a shelter who had found them together with their name spray painted on their sides. We were very concerned for them and had only seen them the morning they had gotten out running across a very busy street. Janel and Lee showed up and Janel started giving me lots of information on things to do and what was going to happen when we were tracking. We started out at the hole in the fence and began to follow their scent. We went all over and ended up in a communitte I didn’t even know of. We then made our way back past my house and into the development where we found out two people had seen the dogs the day before. Janel told me to come back to this area to drop food, dirty cloths and walk on the grass. When we got back to the house Janel sat down with me and went over all sort of things that needed to be done including putting food out on the front and back deck. I felt better knowing that they were seen yesterday and still in the area. Before I went to bed I put food out on the front deck and the back deck. The next morning we got a call about a sighting I rushed out the door. While I was there my husband called me to tell me that he had another sighting of them. I asked where and when. He told me that they are being sighted right now at the back door and he was letting them inside now! The family is now whole again thanks to Janel and Lee.

- Margo in Gaithersburg, MD (May, 2010)

ChinoChino Found in 1 Day by Following Advice

THANK YOU so so much for bringing Chino back home to us. You spent the time with me on the phone for hours telling me and guiding me on what I could do to find Chino. You were honest and cared so much about Chino. You told me to try these techniques first to quickly see if we could find Chino and then if they didn't work you would deploy a dog team to search. You not only saved me from having to pay your donation fee but you were RIGHT! and Chino is now home with us. Like you stated we found Chino in a home close by. Your suggestions on how to flyer up and use the alerts were right on target. It is so nice to know that there your organization really cares about the pets! I can never thank you enough and will tell everyone about you.

- Jaime Lee in Reisterstown, MD (April, 2010)

PeytonTater Tot Runs Belair for Over 1 Month

Tater Tot was adopted out to us from a local rescue and during the last snow she got out thru our gate and took off. We first had Kayla with Walker come out to look for her and we found that she left the neighborhood and headed towards the Mom and Pop trail. Flyers were put up allover the area and we got another siting behind Golds Gym in a wooded and fielded area right next to the trail. Next Heidi and Anne came out and we set up traps. It took 3 more weeks of running the traps before the final siting happened. We quickly set up the traps in this new area and over nite we caught her! Hurray, Tater Tot is now back nome to us and we have thrown a cookout for her. Of course she is the guest of honor. 37 days is a long time but don't ever give up hope. It just takes alot of work.

- Melissa and Jim in Belair, MD (April, 2010)

PeytonCavaPoo Runs 30 Days thru Mt. Airy

Thank you DFD for all the continuous ongoing help for finding Peyton. John is a fellow with a BIG heart and didn't once mind going thru all the mud and briars to search with his K9 Maggie for Peyton. It is hard to believe that it took 30 days, 3 times tracking and alot of flyers to finally get her back home after she got away from our local pet groomer. A long nightmare it was but Maggie was right on target and zoned us in on exactly where Peyton had set up shop. If it wasn't for that we would have never gotten her back. Peyton lost 1/3rd of her body weight, had a belly full of pieces of bone that she was eating off of but otherwise is in great condition. She settled right back in to normal as soon as we got her home. What a big relief! We are so grateful for all the kindness we were given by total strangers. It shows that there are alot of caring people out there.

- Karen and Kevin in Mt. Airy, MD (March, 2010)

CharlieCharlie was Stolen and Took 1 Month to Find Him- Hurray!!!!!

Diane and Joe have a beautiful Maltese Poodle named Charlie who has a life only one could wish for! Charlie got out from a relative's home while being doggy-sat. Unfortunately for Charlie this neighborhood was very rough in Baltimore City! Charlie was first unsuccessfully chased by his relative. He ran across a major busy street and was lost. A little white dog in the snow is easy to lose. Dogs Finding Dogs came out with Heidi and away she tracked Charlies path. We were hot on his tail and as we were catching up to him some kids scooped him up off of the ground and took off running! We tried for 1 whole month to get people to talk in this development, offered money, got the police involved and hung over 500 flyers. No one would say a word. We had 1 siting of the youngsters walking Charlie.....we then tracked again and found the apartment building they lived in...but still they hid him well. Finally after getting prank calls stating they had Charlie and were going to kill him, we got really MAD!! Baltimore City police got involved. Then we posted it up on the web...quite harshly I may add....and low and behold....at 12:15 in the morning a gal calls and says I have your dog, come get it and give me the reward. She states she got Charlie for free from a guy standing out in front of the Rite-Aide. When Diane and Joe went at 12:30 to go get Charlie they recognized the fellow who was giving him back. He was one of the bad guys who they spoken to in the neighborhood. Now how stupid is that! The police told him to stay away from Diane and Charlie or he would be arrested! Anyhow, Charlie is safe at home. This was truly a miracle and took alot of HARD work! Hurray for Charlie and Diane and Joe!!!

- Diane and Joe in Gwynn Oaks, MD (March, 2010)

Marley & OdisBoxer Duo Returned to Owners

My fiancé was getting Marley and Odis ready for their walk when she turned her back to grab their collars. They both made a run for the front door that was open and disappeared into the woods. I called Dogs Finding Dogs and later that day Janel and Lee showed up to track. Lee took a long sniff of their jackets and off we went. Lee followed their scent through the woods, under an overpass, over the creek and up onto the on ramp of 29 south. Janel told me that it looked like the dogs were picked up and where good places were to put up fliers so that people getting onto 29 south could see them. We put up fliers and kicked off a Find Toto alert and waited to hear something. On Monday we got the call that we hoped for all weekend, someone had picked up Marley and Odis on the on ramp! The gentleman who had them was a contractor who was leaving the area for the week and when he saw them on the side of the road got them into his truck and took them home to Fredrick. He had kept them from Wednesday until he had a chance to come back into the area on Monday to try to find their owner. We are so happy to have Marley and Odis back home thank you so much.

- Fernanco and Catalina in Columbia, MD (March, 2010)

EmmaDog with Terminal Liver Disease Found in Window Well

Emma is a Lab Bull Dog mix who has liver disease and decided to leave thru a hole in the fencing. We were very scared. Janel and Lee came out and tracked for her. We were right behind her the whole time and followed her back to the yard. Suddenly a noise from our window well sounded and there was Emma!!! A little embarrassed but she is safe.

- Joy in Cape St. Claire, MD (March, 2010)

RoxyGerman Shepherd in Va. Found!

Roxy got out of the house by accident and had been running for almost 2 weeks. We got DFD to bring Lee and Yoshy out to search for her. We had gotten sitings and narrowed down a neighborhood where she could be. Lee and Yoshy search for Roxy and found where she had just been. The area was staked out and in less than 8 hours there was Roxy! Right there! and now is back home safe and sound! Hurray!

- Mike in Woodbridge, VA (March, 2010)

ZeusNewly Adopted Rescue Boxer Goes Out for a Hunt

Zeus being a rescue is still trying to adapt to the new home he now has. We were taking him out for a walk and he saw a rabbit run in the grass. Having a Flexi-Lead in our hands it pulled away very quickly and away went Zeus lead and all going after the rabbit. We put up flyers and someone tore everyone of them down. We feared he had been stolen. Dogs Finding Dogs came out after Zeus had been missing for 3 days and confirmed that Zeus never left the neighborhood. His smell stayed close by. Suddenly a noise was hear rustling in the woods there he was. My husband laid down on the ground to get him to come over and Zeus jumped on top of him. What a happy reunion and thank goodness our fears were elimiated of him being stolen. He had obviously gotten caught on something because he chewed thru the leash.

- Lisa in Belcamp, MD (March, 2010)

LanisRed Afghan Couldn't Hide from Search Dog Team

Lanis is a red and white Afghan who got out of the house amongst the snowy countryside of Sparks Md. She had been virtually not seen for a day or 2 before John with his K9 Maggie came out to help. We were told to kick off a alert that John suggested while he was there to see if we could get lucky and get a sighting. Joh and Maggie were wonderful and good sports tracking thru all the deep snow and mud. We started to track and shortly we got a call that Lanis was spotted int he woods just up ahead of us. We quicly ran to that area and Maggie spotted Lanis before anyone else. We all surrounded Lanis and coaxed her over with treats! What a relief and extreme happiness due to John and Maggie!

- Tamar in Sparks, MD (March, 2010)

TulaHome Safe After 12 Days in the Snow

Tula is a very sweet, but very timid nine month old mixed breed. I'd only had her for a few months when on February 18 she became startled on a walk and her leash slipped from my father's hands. The retractable leash hit the ground and began chasing Tula and she took off out of sight. My family and I looked day and night for two days straight with no sign of her. We filed several lost dog reports, checked all shelters, and made and posted signs. We called DogsFindingDogs on the third day and Mary and Lessa came out right away and gave us so many ideas to alert more people that she was missing. For three hours in wind and cold, hiking through snow mounds, Mary and Lessa helped us look all over with only a few traces of a Tula scent. Almost everyday after I got a call from Mary to check to see if there had been any sightings. Twelve days later, I got the best call I have ever received. A wonderful man had been walking his own dogs deep in the woods, about 15 minutes away from where Tula was first scared. His dogs found her tangled in her leash around trees and bushes. He untangled her and took her back to his home and called me right away. Today, Tula is home, safe, and doing great. I am very thankful for all the support Mary and Lessa provided me. And hearing Mary's voice on the phone when I called to let her know Tula was found was wonderful. You could truly hear how happy she was. Thank you so much for everything you do.

- Nina in Germantown, MD (February, 2010)

Gunner13 Days Running Baltimore thru Blizzard & Home Safe

Gunner is a gentle Black Lab. He decided to take a walk with his pal Lucy right after the last big blizzard. They were able to literally walk right over top of the fences because of the 3 feet of snow. Gunner and Lucy tried to run the alley behind the house. Lucy being smaller gave up trying and came back home but Gunner being a Lab was able to go on a hike. Dogs Finding Dogs came out after 1 week and was able to successfully pick up Gunner's track in all the snow and melting. There were sitings of him all up and down Holabird Ave, a very scary road to travel. It took one more week of running behind sitings of Gunner and he is home now safe and sound without a scratch!

- George and Family in Dundalk, MD (February, 2010)

BrindleGreyhound/Lab Mix Runs the Tree Farm in Jarrettsville

I wrote a card to thank you and Heidi for for looking all day in the freezing cold and snow to find Brindle. We never would have found her with out you!! Family and friends looked for four days while we were out of town not knowing she had run off. After that amount of time and through the blizzard, my fear was if we found her at all she surely would not be alive. Because of you Brindle is home...5 days and 36 inches of snow did not keep us from recovering her. I now believe dogs have guardian angles. I had the pleasure of meeting Brin's. Her angles were Anne and Heidi. I have told everyone who will listen our story and how you worked tirelessly in the cold and snow to find her. We can not thank you enough for your incredible kindness.

Brindle is a Greyhound Labrador mix who got spooked in the parking lot of the vet's office. Since she go out when all the snow was still covering the streets right after the blizzard, it would be hard to find her. We went out at the vet to search for Brindle. A Findtoto alert was kicked off while we were tracking to see if we could get a lead. It happened instantly! We quickly got to a tree farm and found Brin's tracks everywhere. She was dragging her leash and we could see it in the snow too! We found were she had just popped out from under a deck, found a garage that she had been sleeping in and these were confirmed by neighbors who had seen Brin all around the last 4 days. Long story short, Brin was back home less than 24 hours after we started searching for her. We tracked thru 3 feet of snow with Heidi the tracking dog to find Brin. Brin's owner was able to coax her over to him! It was quite the adventure in the snow! :)

- Sue and Family in Jarrettsville, MD (February, 2010)

LexieLost Over XMAS and Found in February

It took from the XMAS holiday until the beginning of February to track Lexie down. Dogs Finding Dogs came out right away to start the search. We tracked Lexie's path and it was found that she probably had been picked up off the side of the road near a school. Dogs Finding Dogs plastered flyers everywhere. False sightings were called in but we were grateful for them. Then finally a break! DFD put up a flyer on a whim in a very off the beaten path neighborhood. Lexie was there. We found the woman who took her in. We never thought we would get Lexie back. She was in perfect health. Thank goodness this nightmare is over! Without Dogs Finding Dogs we would have never gotten her back.

- Vikki and Family in Landsdowne, MD (February, 2010)

JinglesJingles Reunited with his 87 Yr Old Owner in 1 Day

We called Dogs Finding Dogs the first night that Jingles climbed over the fence by way of the piled up snow from the blizzard. We knew DFD because of other dogs we lost in the past. Dogs Finding Dogs came out the very next morning. I was pleased when they answered the phone at 11 o'clock at night and took the time to help us. When they came out we found that Jingles had been getting in and out of the yard for a few days. There were quite a few tracks of his in the snow, some older some new. We found that Jingles had been under a trailer sleeping. He then ran thru the neighborhood where he was ultimately caught. Who would have thought a little dog would be so brave. They are like kids in the snow! Now that he is back we have cleared all the snow away from the fence. Hopefully it never happens again. Thank you.

- Barbara in Parkville, MD (February, 2010)

MaverickLabrador Takes 27 Days to be Found

Maverick was visiting his grandfather when he dug a hole under the fence and ran away. We were blessed to have Dogs Finding Dogs contact us and offer help. They came out and tracked Maverick. It was found and confirmed by sitings that Maverick was just across the street in a patch of woods. Dogs Finding Dogs got us a trap and so it began to catch Maverick and bring him home. Maverick had quite an adventure. He is a skittish dog and this made it hard to capture him. Ultimately Maverick found a friend who was also out running around loose and they both got caught together. I guess their fun and games had to come to an end at some point. 27 days and he was in pretty good shape, just a little thin. This summer we are having a Maverick party by the pool to celebrate. Will be the best party ever. Thank you DFD.

- Debbie in Owings Mills, MD (February, 2010)

WispWith Sympathy Our Hearts Go Out to Dr. Barbara and Staff

Dogs Finding Dogs wants to send our deepest sympathies to Dr. Barbara and her staff on the sad news that Wisp has passed on to a beautiful field where she can run like the wind and forever be happy. Wisp was one of our biggest accomplishments in getting her back home. A sweet little Whippet who gave us all a good work out as we tracked her all through the woods and onto horse trails. Below is the story. We will miss Wisp. Her story has been told to so many people and has given inspiration. To Dr. Barbara we love you dearly and are so heartbroken over your loss. (Februray, 2010)

It was my birthday. My 15 year old Whippet went for a nature walk by herself after a gate was mistakenly left open. Wisp, adorned in her pretty blue coat with colored paw prints, disappeared! I looked high and low and walked my large property thru the trees and the trails and could not find her. I am a Vet and one my patients, Heidi, is a search dog for Dogs Finding Dogs. In my plight, I remembered, call on Heidi! Dogs Finding Dogs showed up with 2 K9's, Heidi and Lessa. Sniffing Wisps' footprints led all over the trails on my property. Both dogs worked very hard and eventually this is what led to flushing Wisp out into the open. I directed Anne to take Heidi towards the firebreak. Off they went with Mary and Lessa holding up the rear in case Wisp came out the other side of my property. Within a few minutes I received a phone call from Anne, totally out of breath, saying "Get Outside on the Horse Trail! I got Wisp and she is heading your way! Anne had to send Heidi on a send-away, a command that is taught sending the dog out at a full run. Heidi was sent to catch Wisp who was was ahead of them. Heidi caught up to Wisp, stopped her with a nudge in the nose and turned Wisp around. Then Wisp and Heidi went blasting by Anne and back up into my property. We all ran out to the back and there was Wisp coming up the trail. We scooped her up with such joy and relief! What was the WORST birthday turned out to be the BEST birthday gift! Wisp was back home! Thanks to you and Heidi, Wisp is home and none the worse for her outing. Wish I could say the same for all of us. We sure had our exercise! Thanks to Mary and her girl for coming to our call for help.

-Barbara in Laurel (February, 2009)

MillieA Millie's Tale

When our dog Millie wandered off after a snowstorm, we thought we might not see her again. Millie is a white Spaniel-Bichon mix with a sweet disposition. At age 14 she is almost completely blind from cataracts, and increasingly hard of hearing. We launched an immediate all-out search that lasted several days. We combed the neighborhood and traversed acres of adjacent woodland, posted notices with her picture, alerted animal shelters, left detailed information with local veterinarians, and alerted neighbors and friends. After four long days she was still missing. We believed we'd let Millie down. Then while searching online, we found DogsFindingDogs.com, and through them the support and help that led to Millie's rescue! Anne Wills offered encouragement and expert advice that boosted our spirits and expanded our search efforts. When even these new tactics failed, Anne dispatched Tamara and K9 Sheba to our door. Tamara was very professional and Sheba was "all business," completely focused on the task at hand. Sheba tracked with absolute assurance through a barbed wire fence and a formidable bramble hedge, finally reaching a distant slope where Millie sat quietly in the snow and cold patiently awaiting rescue! Sheba found the white runaway in a snow-covered fallow field, far from the view of any house or outbuilding. Without Tamara's and Sheba's skill and help, Millie would have remained outdoors in blizzard conditions. We may well have lost her forever without Tamara's and Sheba's help. Thank you, DogsFindingDogs.com, Anne, Tamara, and Sheba for bringing our babydog back home!

- Kory and Pat in Oxford, PA (February, 2010)

AbbeySnowed in Under a Deck in Three Feet of Snow

Abbey, my Cardigan Welsh Corgi, was lost on Jan. 27, and was found safe ten days later. Anne at DogsFindingDogs played a major role in this success, even though all of Anne’s input was guidance by phone. She was extremely accommodating to my anxious calls with her knowledge and experience of searching for lost pets. Abbey had just been transported from CA to VA two weeks earlier. She escaped from our fenced backyard into a woodsy area near our townhouse. By the time we encountered Abbey she was in a panic state and fled in blind fear, disappearing over a hill and into a highway median. Distributing flyers (for sightings) and Anne’s guidance on a lost dog’s behavior kept me close to my Abbey for 7 days. Anne’s last advice to me on the evening before a record-breaking snow storm was that this storm could be a big help since it would limit Abbey’s mobility. Anne said that Abbey may hide under a deck or come to someone’s back door….. exactly what occurred the very next day. Abbey was too short to hop in 30 inches of snow and found a low backdoor deck at the townhouse complex we had tracked her to the day before. We got Abbey back after a Find Toto alert resulted in the phone call telling us exactly where she was. Thank you Anne. Your guidance was priceless.

- Cindy in Stafford, VA (February, 2010)

Lady2 Months Missing and Found in 5 Minutes the First Time Tracking

Finding a dog in 5 minutes after being missing for 2 months is a miracle! Lady was fostered out and was lost in a bad section of District Heights. I had to find Lady and get her back to her foster parents. The area was rough and going there was very scary but after spending a hour with Dogs Finding Dogs and meeting the neighbors I found that everyone was so very, very nice and willing to help Lady. Over the 2 months there were possible sitings of Lady but never confirmed. I did not know how to find her. Dogs Finding Dogs brought Heidi out and we went to 1 siting and looked for Lady. Then we went to a street where she was said to have been seen. After they looked at the houses and seeing which one looked quiet enough for Lady to have called her home, they scented the dog up in the front yard. BINGO!!!!! The dog immediately hit the scent trail and Anne said that this scent just happened! I couldn't believe it. Heidi tracked around to the back yard and there was Lady! After 2 months and weathering 20 inches of snow, Lady was sunning herself in a pile of leaves near a tree. When I was told to quick come here, the dog was found, I didn't think they meant Lady was really found! It happened so fast! Don't ever give up! 2 months and miracles can happen especially thanks to Heidi and Dogs Finding Dogs!

- Nancy in Districk Heights, MD (January, 2010)

IkoDogs Finding Dogs Tracks to Front Door of Where Iko was Being Held

Iko found in under 5 minutes!!!!! Absolutely unbelievable!!!! Thank you so so much! Iko is a rescue Australian Shepherd who is my constant companion who comes to work with me every day. Iko has full run of my shop and outside of it as well. He has a routine of running around the back of the building, then up on the railroad tracks and then back again. He never leaves my side, so when he disappeared at 10:00 a.m. and didn't return after a few minutes I knew that he had to be being held against his will. While talking to another fellow Australian Shepherd owner who lost his dog, I was told that Dogs Finding Dogs was there to help him as well. I called them and the next day they came out and found my best friend in under 5 minutes! The dog tracked Iko's most current path and went onto the tracks then off again into a nearby neighborhood and straight to a house. At that point I knocked on the door and they had Iko in the basement. I got Iko back and am so relieved! Use Dogs Finding Dogs if you ever lose a pet. This service is amazing.

- Joe in Kensington, MD (January, 2010)

PetePete Nabbed and Found After 5 Days

Pete the poodle is an escape artist! While out in the yard he heard his Beagle friend across the alley and found a way to get out thru a very small crack in the fence. Heidi came up from Baltimore to track after him and found that he looked like he was picked up in a grassy area across the alley near some apartments. We put up some flyers in that area and a man who probably was going to keep Pete called and said he had Pete. He said that he picked him up in the alley right where Heidi indicated. We also got a phone call from a neighbor who said that this man had Pete as well. Pete was gone for 5 days. After the pressure was put on the area he finally got back home. Thanks to Dogs Finding Dogs for helping us get Pete back home!

- Carol and Dan in Hanover, PA (January, 2010)

Bbo BboBbo-Bbo Ventures Out for a 5 Day Vacation - Is Found! and Helps a 2nd Dog Come Home Safely!

When our adorable toy poodle, Bbo-Bbo, went missing , our family didn’t know what to do. We posted flyers and contacted the shelters, but we really felt helpless. She was already gone for 5 days, and it was unbearably cold outside. Fearing the worst, Dogs Finding Dogs came to the rescue. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to help us, just out of sincere concern for our furry pet. There they were to provide the helpful tips and advice even before coming out to see us! With new and improved flyers and determination, Heidi and Anne came out to track Bbo-Bbo in the freezing cold weather. We had no idea what we were in for. Heidi was the most amazing animal we’ve ever seen! We could not believe how quickly she tracked Bbo-Bbo across the street to an apartment complex. Although her tracks ended in the parking lot, we were hoping that someone scooped her up from the cold and was taking care of her. Using the apartment complex as our focal point Heidi, Anne, and Janel stayed with us all night to post our flyers all over town. An hour after we got back home, we received a phone call from a neighbor across the street who saw our flyer and had Bbo-Bbo! She was picked up in the middle of the street and they were in the same apartment complex where Heidi tracked Bbo-Bbo earlier in the day! We could not believe it! If it wasn’t for Dogs Finding Dogs, we wouldn’t have known where to start our search! Now, our family is back together again and we made new friends! Thank you, thank you, thank you Heidi, Anne, and Janel, from the bottom of our hearts! Not only did we find Bbo-Bbo that day, our adventure led us to another pet in need. Heidi tracked another adorable pooch in distress and was able to reunite him with his owner within an hour!

- Bbo-Bbo, Sue, and Elizabeth in Glen Burnie, MD (January, 2010)

ChewySaved From Freezing by Coincidence - What a Lucky Little Fellow!!!!

Well this little fellow had a very lucky day otherwise he would not have lived in the extreme 20 degree weather and wind! Chewy was left outside to do his business in a ungated yard. His owners mistakenly forgot he was outside. Chewy ran off and got lost from home. While were were tracking for Bbo-Bbo in Glen Burnie, our tracking dog Heidi rescued Chewy also! 2 for 1 tracking and both pets home all in the same day! While Heidi was following Bbo-Bbo's footsteps, she kept turning her head and air scenting across a 40 yard patch of woods with a deep creek in it. After she turned her head for the 4th time I said "OK, so show me what you want to!" So down the hill we went into the woods slipping and falling on the ice and snow, across a swampy creek we went and then up an embankment full of stickers. Just wonderful!! Halfway up she stopped and with that I looked ahead of her to see little Chewy shaking horribly and crying in the stickers! He would not come to me but I let Heidi go over to him and they sniffed. Then I pulled her back over and he followed. Chewy was scooped up and up the hill we went, tracking dog on one side and Chewy under my arm on the other. We called Chewy's owner and left a message. They were out looking for him for over 45 minutes and were very happy to get him home. So, it was 2 dogs for 1 track back home! What a WONDERFUL feeling! Thank goodness we were in the right place at the right time. And especially thank you to Ms. Heidi who was able to scent and hear him from such a long distance away! Animals are amazing!. We especially want to thank Chewy's parent Jennifer for her donation to us for saving Chewy!

- Glen Burnie, MD (January, 2010)

EliWith Deepest Sympathies

Dogs Finding Dogs wants to send its deepest sympathies to Eli's family. Eli as you can see is a beautiful dog! He was 15 years old and the victim of a tragic error. While his owners were out the dog sitter forgot to close the gate and Eli got out. The temperatures were too cold for him to withstand. John and K9 Maggie performed the search which ended up finding Eli. Our hearts are very heavy for Eli and his family. All of the Dogs Finding Dogs staff sends their sympathies to all of those who loved Eli.

- With Deepest Sympathies from all the Staff at Dogs Finding Dogs (January, 2010)

DaisyDaisy Finds Her Way Home

Hello, I called your organization yesterday to ask for help in finding my pit bull mix, Daisy. Because she has that thin terrier coat, I thought for sure she had perished in the cold and snow since she was missing all night. I was calling to seek help in finding her body so that I would know what had happened to her. Whoever I spoke to when I called (I was so upset, I forgot to ask her name!) assured me that Daisy could most certainly have survived the night as dogs are "very resourceful." This person also gave me several tips for getting the word out about Daisy. This kept me busy and made me feel like I was doing something to help bring her home. I immediately felt 100% more positive after this phone conversation, but what impressed me the most was that DogsFindingDogs committed to coming out that day. Janel called me later that day to say she would be out and would be tracking Daisy, even in the dark! That is impressive and very committed. Fortunately, Daisy found her way home prior to Janel arriving. I was so overjoyed, that I started to cry on the phone when I called Janel back to tell her that she did not need to come out. Still, I wanted to write to say thank you for being there, for the willingness to respond so quickly, for making me feel better after the initial phone call and for all that you do for missing dogs and cats in our area.

- Laura and Daisy in Laurel, MD (January, 2010)

DanteI.G. Escapes the Life of the High Rises and Runs thru Baltimore

On Monday 1-4-2010, I accidently let out of our house an italian greyhound that we were watching. It was 8 am and the temperature was 25 degrees. Dante the dog was discovered to be missing at 11 am. We called the MDSPCA and asked if they knew a dog tracker. They suggested Anne with DogsFindingDogs. We thought that Dante would only last 20 minutes in the cold but we were wrong, Dante was picked up by a stranger running across the street at 11 pm. The first day ended at a backyard about 1 mile from our house. The next day we had a witness of Dante at a local supermarket the previous night. So we went with Anne and Heidi to the supermarket and Heidi started tracking. Heidi went down the street, turned left to the next street, made another left and went all the way up the block to the intersection of a main road, Hardford Road and then the scent went cold. We also had a witness of Dante running with another dog toward Harford Road. This we learned after Heidi did her work. Later that night, a vet called and said that they had the dog (microchip). The story we got from the vet was as follows. At 11 pm the previous night a man was driving south on Harford Road and braked to avoid hitting the dog. He got out and chased the dog down and took him home for the night. The next day he took the dog to his vet. In summary, Heidi and Anne were able to trace Dante to the exact spot where he was picked up and put into a car. We really appreciated their work and would highly recommend their services.

- Carla and Bob in Baltimore, MD (January, 2010)

DarlaDarla Lays Around Town for 2 Days

I called Dogs Finding Dogs to see if they could help me catch Darla. Darla is a rescue and she is a very scared dog. She was also in heet. She ran out of the gate when it was left open. She is very very thin and I am trying to fatten her up. The people in the area where she was hiding were feeding her and we not helping me. They thought that I had starved Darla because she was so thin looking. They were pretty nasty to me and not helpful. So Dogs Finding Dogs offered to help. I told them that I could not afford a donation being a single mom. They said they would use their Walker Fund to help offset any expenses. Within less than 5 hours of contacting them, we had Darla back. She ran from me and finally went onto a porch. We then coaxed her over with hot dogs and grabbed her collar really quick. Now I can get her home an fatten her up. She is a wonderful dog and all the help is appreciated.

- Heather in Pasadena, MD (January, 2010)

Socks8 Week Puppy Stolen from House During XMAS and Thief is Found!

I have never seen a tracking dog work before and was even told by the police that dogs can't track animals. This was stupid! Dogs can track anything not just humans. In a panic at 2a.m. in the morning I called Dogs Finding Dogs and got a live body who answered the phone. I told them how Socks got stolen from a party that was going on in my house. They came out the next morning and was able to show us that my dog was walking on the ground for 2 block distance and then went into a yard. The person who's yard it was is known to me and is a very unethical type. My dog was in his house. We got the police involved again and watched the house for Socks. I can't believe how accurate the tracker was. To steal my 8 week old puppy makes me beyond angry!

- Harry in Baltimore City, MD (December, 2009)

GwenBorder Collie Roams from Home

When I realized that Gwen was not coming back home like she usually does we called the SPCA to see if she was there. We were then referred to Dogs Finding Dogs by another person who used them. They came straight out and my seon and I int he cold tracked with Heidi to find Gwen. Up and down our hilly neighborhood we went. The track was very strong and current because the dog was telling us so. Then it swerved back down the street and into my neighbors yard where the tracking dog exploded in excitement! We had just caught up to her and she saw us coming and got up and walked around the corner of the street. We followed her and saw her new prints in the mud. Gwen was right there in the neighbors back yard. She was gone a total of 24 hours. This made the holidays much more festive! Thank goodness for the nose Heidi.

- Allison in Joppa, MD (December, 2009)

JackHe Waited for Us but We Missed Him

Jack ran after a deer when we took him to go play with his ball in a commercial site that is under development. We looked all over for him and were told that he was waiting for us to come back and sitting on the corner patiently. Every time we drove back by that day he was not there. We were missing him by minutes. He would get up and wander around. 2 Policemen and a construction worker tried to get him into the car. He wouldn't go! We finally got so worried after 2 days that we needed to know if he was still there. We had Dogs Finding Dogs come out and they were able to tell us exactly where he had wandered and was picked up. They also gave us all the instructions on where to list him as lost. The same day they came out we got Jack back. A nice little lady who was not afraid of this big Doberman put him in her car and called the shelter. They in turn called us and Jack was back! It was amazing that the dog pinpointed the exact spot he was put in the car.

- George in Essex, MD (December, 2009)

ChloePoodle's Angel Gets Her Out of Baltimore City Safely

On early Friday morning around 1am 12/25/09 I received a phone call from a friend who was dog sitting both my dogs while my family was on vacation, Chloe' & Chaz. Chloe' somehow climbed under the fence. She ran away when they attempted to catch her. She continued to run away and they had no idea where she went. I immediately gathered the kids and returned home XMAS morning. I called for her and talked with residents in the neighborhood, leaving my phone number with a few. Saturday I called Dogs Finding Dogs who helped with the search and was right when she thought that Chloe' was still in that vacinity. Over the first three days I hung flyers, contacted & visited shelters,posted her on the web, and told all friends & family to be on the look out for her. We also raised a few hundred dollars as a reward just in case. There was not much else to do so we just prayed & waited for an answer. That answer came on Friday morning when I received a call that she had been spotted, thanks to the flyers. The caller was nice enough to keep her in sight until a friend was able to go and call Chloe' to safety. Thank God! I offered the reward to the caller but she declined. I don't know what happened over the seven days that my poodle mix roamed the streets of Baltimore city but I know she had to have an angel with her. Don't ever give up is my advice to anyone with a missing pet. Thanks again Ann & Heidi.

- Shwana in Owings Mills, MD (December, 2009)

RustyRusty Stolen and Thief Won't Give Him Back!!!!!!!!

Rusty a cute little copper poodle ran out of the back yard in a townhouse community. Not knowing which way he went, Heidi and Anne came out to look for him. Heidi was scented up in the back yard and away she tracked with the family. The track lasted no more than 10 minutes. We found ourselves in another section of townhomes and Heidi was scratching at a gated back yard desperately wanting in and frantic! Just as this was happening we looked up at the window of this house and we saw the owner of the house inside holding Rusty in her arms and petting him. When we went to the house and knocked on the door the woman promptly said I have no little dog on 2 big dogs but refused to show them to us. She saw us with a search dog in vest in her back yard and saw us staring right at her with Rusty. What a HORRIBLE person this is!!! and the family's 3 children were standing right there and saw her with their pet. The police now have to convince her to give the dog back. This can sometimes be difficult because visual proof has to be made for the cops to be able to charge a person with stolen property. Hopefully if the pressure is kept on she will tell the truth! 4 eye-wittnesses and you'd think if nothing else for the sake of the kids she would give Rusty back. We continue to hope that the police will prevail!

- Claudia and Family in Owings Mills, MD (December, 2009)

KalaniSmall Lab Mix finds Home with Upscale Race Horses

Kalani is a small Lab mix that moved to her new home in Reisterstown. After 1 day of being there and sensing her new found freedom in the countryside, she decided to run out of her yard. Kalani was tracked 4 times by Dogs Finding Dogs. She first did not go very far. Just across the street into a wooded neighborhood. Next she was spotted at a nearby abandoned farm. Finally she made it to a very upscale horse racing farm where she was tracked and found staying in the woods and asociated barns. Kalani's owners had her within 8 feet of them and she ran away from them. Now she has to be trapped. Kalani's total vacation that she took was 3 weeks and in the 20 inches of snow as well. A young farmer caught Kailani around 7:30 and she is now at home and safe. I wanted to thank you for all of your help and encouragement. Thank you for everything, words can not express!

- Kelly in Reisterstown, MD (December, 2009)

RosieTribute to Rosie

It is with the saddest of hearts that we have had to say good-bye to Rosie a wonderful labrador. Rosie was taken away from her family by cancer. Rosie is VERY fond to us for she is the first official dog found by Dogs Finding Dogs. Rosie had arthritis in her hips so bad but she had taken an adventure one day that lead straight up the middle of a stream and then up the side of a steep hill near her house. Rosie didn't seem to be bothered by her arthritis that day. Heidi was very happy to rub noses with her! Dogs Finding Dogs had just officially opened and Rosie was the first dog tracked. We had been helping pets by tracking thru our training facility for a year before that. We are so sad to hear of this bad news. We want to send all of our sympathies to her family. Where are hearts are heavy with her loss Rosie can now run all the streams and fields with peace and joy.

- With Deepest Sympathies from all the Staff at Dogs Finding Dogs (December, 2009)

BingoBingo's What He Said Oh!

Bingo hit the jackpot when he was able to get out of the yard and run free. A commonly made mistake was made when Bingo first got out - some workers at the house ran and chased him trying to get him back home. While this was good intentions, it resulted in Bingo running away in fear. Being a little dog he ran thru a heavily wooded area that edged a stream. Anne had told us to do a phone calling alert to get sitings of Bingo and while she and Heidi were tracking one came in that led to Bingo being found. The site was qualified that it truely was Bingo by scenting Heidi up at the location and have her tell us if it was Bingo or not. Sure enough Bingo was found in that area and coaxed back into the arms of her owner. It was like an adventure of Lassie come home! With Bingo's parents out of town and ready to cancel their trip, the return of Bingo made all feel very relieved!

- Deborah and Family in Washington, DC (December, 2009)

FrankieXMAS Miracle 6 Days in Sub-Freezing Temps - Pulled from Swamp

Frankie, a little small Dauschund, ran out of the fence in his all country area of Del Marva Md. He was first tracked by Janel and Lee. His path was quite large because he had been out for several days. His footprints were also found. Trying to find a little dog in the sticker bushes and woods was very hard. Traps were set as well as scent paths. After another few days and only signs of food being eaten and cats being caught in some traps, Anne and Heidi drove down from Baltimore to track again for Frankie. It was a miracle! Heidi's nose was only to the ground for less than 5 minutes and we had Frankie back. Heidi was scented up at a recent siting and followed Frankie's path along with all his family members. Frankie was quickly found stranded on downed logs in a swamp. Frankie was screaming in terror, shaking with the cold and had scratches all over. Heidi's herding instinct kicked in and she held Frankie from running away from us. Frankie got off of the logs and was still trying to avoid us. Finally Frankie's family member was able to reach down into the water and scoop him out. We have never seen such a REJOICEFUL reunion! Tears were in EVERYONE's eyes! and Heidi was jumping for joy!

- Shannon and all of the whole family in Del Marva, MD (December, 2009)

TippyTippy Tracked All the Way from Glen Burnie to Ocean City!

Tippy got out of the yard when the carpenter forgot to close the gate. I called Dogs Finding Dogs and spoke to Anne. She came out with John and his K9 Maggie to track for Tippy. The track first lead to the water's edge and then to the end of my street where Tippy was picked up. The guy who picked Tippy up drove him to Ocean City and gave him to his mother to keep. Me being a older person and not knowing all about computers asked Anne to help out. She put Tippy up on all of the websites and 2 days later I got a call from a person in Ocean City that saw the ad on Petfinder. He said I know this is your dog and come and get it from his neighbor before he moves the dog. So I did! We went to Ocean City and it was Tippy. We had the police and animal control come over and get the dog from them. Without all the hard work that Dogs Finding Dogs did I would have NEVER EVER gotten my Tippy back. Tippy is so happy now to be home. He ran around the yard rejoicing. This is purely a miracle made from God! Thank you so much for getting my little Tippy back home to me.

- Jean in Glen Burnie, MD (November, 2009)

CarleeCarlee Home in Time for Thanksgiving

Thank you so much for giving me the support that you did with finding Carlee. I love her so much and am so greatful to your organization. I followed your directions on what to do to spread the word about Carlee. We had you scheduled to come out to track if it didn't work. My baby Carlee is HOME! A kind man scooped her up just as you thought and had her since Friday night at 1:30a.m. It was a long 5 days but we are so happy to have her back. Without your help we would have never found her! The man who had her wanted to keep her. Thank you for your guidance and support

- Sharon in Glen Arm, MD (November, 2009)

MollyBlind Dog Lost for 15 Hours - Found in Sticker Bushes - Ouch!

Molly is approximately 15 years old and she wandered off from her house one night. Being blind and sickly she needed to be found. I called Dogs Finding Dogs and they rushed out here to find her. I live on a huge parcel of property all wooded. I searched for hours, had all my friends here and some of them were psychics. All of us trying to find her. Then Dogs Findign Dogs arrived and the search began. Poor Molly had bumped into alot of piles of trees and was finally found in a large pile of sticker bushes. She was just standing there not knowing where to go or how to move. We picked Molly up and carried her back home. The search dog and Molly got to sniff each other and wag tales. We are so greatful to have Molly back with us and all in under 1 hour worth of searching!

- Jessica in Owings Mills, MD (November, 2009)

BowBowBowBow Found and Vetted Through Kindness of Others

I wanted to thank you again for all of your help with us finding Bow Bow and all of the leads on where to list him being lost. Him being missing put our lives in a spinning circle. Without your calm head and life line showing where to get started, we would have never saved our family member and have him back home safe and sound. While Bow Bow was out he had a prostrate tumor that busted which had to be operated on some $1,100.00 later. A kind woman named Diane paid for the surgery and never asked for anything in return. We would have had to put him down. I want to thank you and Heidi again for being there in our family's time of need. If we can help find anyone else's missing loved one, we are only a phone call away.

The Walker Fund supported the search for this dog, and a kind woman named Diane made the vetting possible. -- DFD

- Sondra in Baltimore City, MD (November, 2009)

ReggieDog Crosses 4-lane Road Before Being Found

Hello Dogs Finding Dogs! Just wanted to say thank you for your quick response in coming out to find Reggie. For all of those out in Cyberspace I want you to know that these people tracked with us for 2 hours and nailed the track!!!! Reggie went all over the Roland Park streets and thru the estate homes. He surprisingly crossed a 4 lane road safely and that is where he was caught up to. Thank goodness it was a warm night but a black dog in the pitch dark is hard to find!

- The Sharpmans in Baltimore City, MD (November, 2009)

CocoBully Buddy has a new Buddy

Coco was saved from a Baltimore area shelter by the local pit bull rescue MidAtlanticBullyBuddies. She got out of her foster parents' yard while they were at work. They searched all over the neighborhood for her with no luck. Dogs Finding Dogs came over with Lee and tracked her to a nearby apartment building. Because it was late and dark, they decided to wait until the next day to knock on doors and ask around. As luck would have it, MidAtlanticBullyBuddies got a call the next day from a very kind man that had found Coco and brought her to his apartment (the same apartment building that the track led to). He witnessed several young boys tormenting Coco and decided to help her. He called the number on her microchip tag and was able to track down the contact info for MidAtlanticBullyBuddies. Coco’s foster parents rushed over to get her and were very grateful that this kind man was looking out for Coco. His kids loved Coco so much in the short time she spent with them, they wanted to adopt Coco! Sadly, their apartment building does not allow pit bulls. Hopefully Coco will find her forever home soon.

- Tami in Baltimore, MD (November, 2009)

MelMelMel Mel Stolen, Sniffed Out and Held for Hostage for $750

Mel Mel was stolen by 2 neighbors who wanted to make a quick buck and they were STUPID! Mel-mel had been gone for 4 days and was thought to never be found. Dogs Finding Dogs called and offered help. Being very skeptical my husband convinced me to give the tracking dogs a try and THANK GOODNESS! A siting had been called in that Mel had been chased 3 blocks away in a playground. This turned out to be a false report to throw everyone off! Heidi sniffed Mels toys and blanket at the front door and tracked down to the corner of our street stopping at every place that Mel liked to visit. She was correct so far. Then instead of turning to the left to go towards the playground she made a hard right and went 3 more houses and then up to the front door! Was this right? Turns out it sure was! Heidi would not pull off and then we heard Mel-Mel barking from a window. Now we had to figure out which one. Heidi pulled around back and went into the back yard. Same house! Mel was inside. After seeing Heidi and Anne and thinking that they were police, my cell rang and the people who lived there told me to meet them on a far away corner and that I could have Mel back if I gave them $750. We got the money and called Anne who told us to call the police, keep your money in the car locked up and to let the police be there to get Mel. Sure enough, it was Mel! We got him back! and Heidi was right! AMAZING!!! As for the thiefs...what goes around comes around.....they are in hot water!!! and they are not too bright to steal a dog who lives 4 houses away! What the heck were they thinking!!!! The neighbors knew Mel and all of the family members and stole Mel from the front porch!

- Melika in Baltimore, MD (November, 2009)

OliverBeagle Runs Baltimore City Streets

Oliver is a very scared rescued beagle. In the 8 weeks after adoption he has escaped 2 times. The first time he did not get very far but the second time the trackers had to be called in. DFD came out immeidately to find Oliver. The track went into the evening hours and after dark. Heidi and Lee were the dogs used and Heidi during the track rounded a corner of a house and came nose to nose with little scared Oliver. Of course Oliver took off again and ran thru the neighborhood and was subsequently found in another back yard. It seems that during the track someone managed to grab his leash and plunk him into a yard with a closed fence. They took his leash off so he would not get hurt. Oliver was found safe and sound and is back home to rehabilitated. Now Oliver will be sporting a GPS collar! He is just way too fast!!!!

- Jamie in Baltimore, MD (November, 2009)

TigressDog Stolen to be Recovered with Police Help

Tigress is a purebred Chihuahua that got out thru a whole in the back yard fence. Flyers were posted up but we went into the wrong direction. Heidi and Anne came out to track for Tigress and they went thru a local neighborhood to a school yard where Tigress had been seen and then into a apartment complex adjacent to the school property. It was at the end of the track that it showed that Tigress had been chased and then picked up. While standing at the endpoint in the parking lot, Heidi pulled Anne over aggresively to a parked truck and sniffed all under it, into the door frames and alerted that Tigress's smell was there. Wow! Now a license plate was identified. The apartment was staked out and sure enough Tigress was seen with a woman who ran inside when she saw she was being watched. We had signs up all over the place and even put them onto the truck. It was clear that this was going to be a fight to get Tigress back. Now the police are involved. Tigress is on her way home! It is amazing what a trained SAR dog can do and when you see it, it is incredible!

- Written on behalf of Kat in Southern MD (November, 2009)

JanieTerrier Escapes Baltimore Boarding Facility but Recaptured within 48 hrs

Janie is a rescue Terrier who was being boarded in Baltimore City. She managed to break out of what is a facility that is tighter than Fort Knox! How, we will never know. But Janie ran across major 4 lane streets with heavy traffic. DFD came out within 24 hours and tracked her until her scent path ended. An alert was issued from that point and a kind person had picked her up and made that magic phone call to come and get her. Wow! Janie was so lucky to have not been harmed by the heavy city traffic. Using a search dog points out the location of where to begin to concentrate. The fast response of DFD was greatly appreciated.

- Dale in Baltimore City, MD (November, 2009)

OsaDogs Finding Dogs Teams with MidAtlantic German Shepherd Rescue to Find Lost GSD

Little Bits, a 1.5 year old female black and tan shepherd escaped wearing a blue collar and dragging a red and gray leash. She was at work with her dad and someone left a door open and she bolted. Anne and Janel from Dogs Finding Dogs came out to help narrow this dog's travel path so that we could ascertain where to set the traps. Thanks so much to them for the efforts and support in this case. They did exactly what we needed them to do. As it turns out, the GSD showed up early this morning. The husband saw the dog and did just what he was told. He laid on the ground and watched and watched...and watched. Off and on, the dog would just sit there and watch him. Then she (the dog) would get up and nonchalantly walk away. As soon as this would happen, she would come back and start the process over. This went on for 3 hours. At one point, she walked away and the husband got up and sat in the passenger side of his truck to dry off. He'd been out there lying on the street in the rain. As he did this, she approached and came the to the driver's side of the truck. He had laid one of his shirts over the driver's side windown sill (window down). She then started whining. He slowly got out and laid on the ground (pass. side) and she got down and laid on the ground (driver's side). Now they were looking at each other underneath the truck. He couldn't reach her leash (which was now completely black with muck). So he slowly crawled around to the driver's side. As he did, she slowly made her way around the pass. side. However, he left the pass. door open and had a chicken sandwich sitting on the dash. As she made her away around to the pass. side, up she went into the truck. He was able to shut the door with no problem. They then refamiliarized themselves with each other and they went home without incident. Thank you to everyone that helped. Though it wasn't one of us or our traps that ultimately caught her, it was still a team effort from all to help a dog that we have never laid eyes on or have any rights to. That's being incredibly selfless and should be commended. Great job gang!

- Monty from MAGSR (October, 2009)

NateSkittish Dog Follows Owner Home After Two Nights in the Woods

Last Thursday I asked my mom if she could watch Nate while I went to a conference. Nate had been to her house many times before and he runs with her dog Sadie. After returning from a walk, Nate slipped out the gate as she was closing it. Mom was frantic. She ran after him, but Nate was too fast and she quickly lost sight of him. Not knowing what to do, she googled online and found findtoto.com (which is excellent btw). She then made flyers and began passing them out to everyone, but no one had seen Nate. The next day I contacted every rescue and shelter I could think of. A lady at the SPCA recommended dogsfindingdogs.com. I contacted them, and they turned out to be a God-send. These people brought out a K-9 search and rescue dog, which promptly found Nate's scent, and tracked Nate's path into a path of woods. We didn't find Nate that day, but the lady showed me how to set up scent trails and feeding stations which hopefully Nate would pick up on and we could lead him back towards my mom's house. Over the next two day's I set up trails, feeding stations, and even borrowed a trap. Within 24 hours neighbors started calling with sightings of Nate. He was following the scent trails! It got to the point where we could pinpoint the patch of woods that he was hiding in. When a phone call came from one of the neighbors that Nate was sitting in his usual patch of woods, I threw on my shoes and darted up the street. The sun was going down, but I could make out the shadow of a little dog. I was elated! I called to him and he came forward a bit, but he would not come out of the woods. If I stepped forward, he would run back. So I got an idea... I got up, turned my back to him and said "ok, time to go" and started walking out. And Nate started following me!!! When I got to my mom's house I thought I opened the gate and said "come on Nate, lets go!" Sadie was standing in the driveway and Nate saw her and trotted inside. When I finally got a good look at him, we was really quite disgusting... he STUNK and he was covered with ticks and burrs. But I didn't care. My dog was home!

- Sara in Perry Hall, MD (October, 2009)

MiaMia's 3 day adventure!!!!

Mia is a 1 1/2 year old Shih tzu who was accidentally let out by the electrician. Within 30 minutes we had so many people in the woods looking for her you would have thought a small child was missing. The following day was spent hanging flyers and posters and praying someone would find her and bring her home and not be selfish and keep our baby for themselves. Even with so many wonderful people helping with the search we still had no luck. The only good thing that happened on that day was my lovely wife found a website called "Dogs Finding Dogs". I called the number being very skeptical and spoke to Anne. She spoke with me for quite sometime and gave me some pointers and told me to call in the morning to set up a time to come out. Saturday morning came and I called and Janel and Lee rushed over to our home on Kent Island and off in the woods we went. Lee picked Mia's scent up right away. Throughout our journey in the woods Janel was very helpful in explaining what Lee was doing. Janel told me she was pretty sure Mia was in the woods and told me about setting up feed stations and some creative ways of leaving our scent in the area for Mia to follow home. We are so HAPPY to say that on Saturday evening Mia came home on her own after 3 days in the woods!!!! We truly believe that without the help of Janel and Lee that she would not have came home that day. For anyone looking for hope we highly recommend this service and cannot thank them enough!!!!!!

- Brian and Jessica on Kent Island, MD (October, 2009)

JasperJasper Now Named Casper Comes Back from Death Sentence!

Jasper a 2 1/2 yr. Golden Retriever was rescued by DFD and Farmer Bob and his wife Pattie Anne. DFD was retrieving a dog from a cow pastured farm for another one of its clients. This client swore that Jasper was her dog Prince. DFD, not ever seeing the dog at the farm, took this woman's word for it. Long story short...After almost 2 weeks, Jasper was caught instead with a very dramatic ending. Farmer Bob and Pattie Anne helped catch the dog by feeding him when he would come out of the woods. Bob won the dog over one morning. When it was discovered that the dog was not Prince, he was turned over to Animal Control. Because the dog had been micro-chipped, his true owners were contacted that very same day! Here is the big twist!!! Jasper had been severely wounded. The puncture became so infected that a local vet said he needed his leg removed but only had a 10% chance of surviving! Jasper's owners made the tough decision to put him to sleep! With their kids heartbroken, the family tried to heal from this loss. Now, the vet steals Jasper after the owners leave and stitched him up and he was as good as new! Then, Jasper escapes from the vet and runs away. Not wanting to get in trouble, the vet NEVER posts him up as being gone!! AHHHH!!! So low and behold Jasper winds up right in the palm of our hands. When the owners were called to say that Animal Control had Jasper they thought it was a cruel joke! Sure enough Jasper came back home and had escaped his death sentence!!! The children are amazed and thrilled to have him back! They just can't seem to understand how his leg got sown back on and why he is still with us on earth! The picture is of Jasper and Farmer Bob holding him, Jasper's owners and their children at the reunion party that we had! MIRACLES do happen and this is nothing shy of divine intervention! Hurray for JASPER who now is called CASPER! Life is great! You never know how things will turn out!

- Written on behalf of all who helped Jasper aka Casper in Harwood, MD (October, 2009)

OsaIn Deepest Sympathy for Osa and Her Family

Dogs Finding Dogs wants to send to Osa's owner Kate our deepest sympathies for the unpredicted loss of Osa. Osa was a beautiful best friend to Kate for many years. She was full of life going jogging everywhere with Kate acting as her companion and her protector. Osa kept Kate feeling safe in her home in the city. As untimely as it was for her to depart, Osa will always be remembered with the free spirit that she had. To Kate and her mom and dad, we are sad for your loss and are grieving with you. We are however grateful that in this tragedy that we have made 3 very wonderful new friends.

- From all of the Staff of Dogs Finding Dogs (October, 2009)

BusterBuster Found after Two Weeks

The day before my wedding Buster scooted out the front door wearing no collar. Flyers were put up everywhere we could think of, ads were placed in the paper, and FindToto.com sent out an alert. We began running out of ideas, then someone at the vet's office mentioned using tracking dogs to find lost pets. A Google search led us to DogsFindingDogs.com. I contacted Dogs Finding Dogs and at Anne's suggestion, we placed things that smelled of Buster in a plastic bag and sealed it shut in case we had a tracking team come out. Then, 2 weeks after he was missing, I was driving down a side street and caught a glimpse of him on the other side of the road. I gave Anne a call and she said that she would have a team out the next morning. Lee and Janel came out on Saturday morning and we started from the last place he was seen. Lee spent about 5 seconds sniffing Buster's things and was off. After walking down streets, through wooded areas and back yards, we established the path that Buster was likely taking. Though the various locations don't seem close to each other when driving, by looking at a map it was obvious that all these locations were relatively close. We placed feeding stations and a trap along the path. On Monday morning, I received a call from someone who lives on the next block, and saw our sign. They said they were looking out their door at Buster and knew not to go running after him. My Mom arrived and just sat on the ground as Anne and Janel previously had suggested we do. She did not approach, instead just letting him smell and get comfortable. Mom said that after a few minutes, Buster just started walking toward her. She gently reached over and picked him up, at which point his little tail started wagging. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for all of the help and words of encouragement Anne and Janel at Dogs Finding Dogs provided.

- Dave, Beth, Bill and Helen (September, 2009)

Colt15yr Blind Pitbull Disappears

Please watch your older dogs. On Sept 9th at about 5:15 am my husband let the dogs out and turned around to come in and get his shirt on. When he went back ou,t our 9 yr. old blind staffie was missing . He grabbed the flash light and went back out to look for him. For 5 days I looked for Colt in the 274 acres of woods behind us. My heart was broken, I couldn’t sleep or eat, not knowing what had happened to him. I went to the 4 area pounds everyday. On Sept. 15th, Anne and Heidi came out and searched. Colt was not in the woods, he had made his way out to the busy main street. Heidi lost his scent there, Ann then told me to put up more signs up and down the street. On wed. Sept 16th a neighbor stopped by to let me know that a man had come by their house 1 wk earlier and said he had found a dog. My neighbor remembered that he had worked at a county school. I went there and had my baby back that night. Thank you Anne and Heidi for putting our mind at ease and telling us what to do next.

- Darlene in Germantown, MD (September, 2009)

AliAli Got a Miracle at Church!

Ali is 7months old and is my baby! When he ran out of the house, with my boyfriend chasing behind him, I knew he would be picked up. I live in Baltimore City where pets go missing and never can be found again. After 5 days of looking for him I called Dogs Finding Dogs and out they came with Heidi. Heidi is truly BLESSED! And she in turn blessed us all! I have never seen a DOG SO SMART! We took Heidi to the last place Ali was seen and scented her up on his toys. She tracked all through the neighborhood showing us where Ali went. Then suddenly, she stopped right in the middle of a local church’s grass, turned to her mom and signaled “Ali is Gone From Here and Where is My Ball!” Anne told us that Ali had to have been taken at this spot. Trusting in Heidi, I put an ad in the Pennysaver that stated “Boxer Lost in Church Grass, Please Call……” and I got a call from the Pastor who saw the ad. He had Ali but was so confused as to how I knew exactly the spot where Ali was last seen. I explained the gift that God has given Ms. Heidi. In fact, the exact spot that Heidi stopped at was where he picked up Ali and carried him over to the car. Everyone who hears the story says the same thing. “God blessed Heidi and he blessed Ali. Only him looking out for Ali in such a tough neighborhood made it possible for him to be found.” I will forever remember Heidi and will always pass on the name of Dogs Finding Dogs to everyone.

- Jamie in Baltimore City, MD (September, 2009)

ScooterScooter Scoots Around for Over and Week!

Scooter was being watched by relatives while we went away. He ran out the front door and took off down the street and disappeared! The neighborhood is filled with woods and fields where he was sited 2 times around houses. We called Dogs Finding Dogs and they came out to find Scooter. And find him they did, Over and Over again! We named Scooter correctly! Scooter had been running the woods and popping out into yards. I even got 10 feet away from him in the woods, purely by dumb luck, and he took one look at me and scooted off in the other direction. Dogs Finding Dogs instructed us how to get him to stay in 1 yard and come to eat. We then laid a trap. We used nite vision cameras to watch Scooter and record his movements. Finally when all patience was about to be expired and Dogs Finding Dogs was arriving with a net gun to net Scooter, he went into the trap and got caught! Scooter scoots no more unless he is on a leash!

Dogs Finding Dogs wants to thank Tina and her family for the wonderful donation of a new nite-vision digital camera. We are very grateful and the addition of the camera will go towards helping many other missing pets!

- Tina and Family in Gambrills, MD (August, 2009)

MaryNewly Adopted Beagle Escapes for 13 Days!

I adopted Mary from the SPCA and within the 1st two weeks of having her she managed to run away 2 times. The 2nd time the SPCA referred me to Dogs Finding Dogs to help get Mary back. I was told by them how to bait the area up and get footprints. The next morning WOW! a MILLION footprints everywhere and all over my driveway! Heidi and Anne came out and just laughed at all the prints everywhere!!! Heidi tracked Mary and we found her in the woods and the chase was on. Mary was so fast we couldn't catch her so we stopped and loaded the area with scent trails leading back to traps. Dogs Finding Dogs even brought out a big 5' x 5' open trap to catch her. We had to go on vacation so Dogs Finding Dogs kept after Mary coming over and also tracking Mary to make sure she was still there. Friends were supposed to help but didn't. Mary moved her location so when we got back Anne came out again and we found Mary in a different spot. Again laying the trails back to the traps we had Mary caught that night!! My kids are now best friends with Heidi. We live on the water and Heidi comes over to swim with my children. So nice to have Mary back home!! DFD did a great job for us! Thank you!

- Marsha and Family in Essex, MD (August, 2009)

Winky10 Month Old Sheltie Caught by Hound Dog!

Winky is a very sweet, playful, & gentle 10 month old blue merle Shetland Sheepdog who was obtained from a breeder in Nevada. He had just completed a 9 hour flight & was with us for only 12 hours before seizing an opportune moment to escape from our home. A vigorous 10 hour search ensued without any success. Dog Finding Dogs was contacted the following day & Anne responded with helpful advice to canvas the area with reward posters, fliers & automated telephone messages to heighten awareness. She also told us how to preserve any scent articles for a search. Shortly there was one confirmed sighting of Wink. Janel and Lee came about 3 days after Winky went missing. Lee immediately went to work, honing in on Winky’s track near the confirmed siting. He followed Winky’s large circular path around yards and the adjoining woods. Janel had confidence that he was remaining stationary and that we should focus my efforts in the search area surrounding where he was last spotted. Based upon Janel’s advice, we established feeding stations and the next evening we spotted Winky again in a clearing. We continued to increasingly see him when replenishing the feeding stations, but we could not get within 20-25 feet of him without him running away. Janel determined that trapping would be necessary and continued to provide advice with how to set the trap. Winky was caught during the first night of trapping, & came through the 6 day ordeal with just a matted coat infested with ticks and brush stickers. Despite overwhelming odds against getting Winky back, Dogs Finding Dogs was instrumental in overcoming a less than 10% chance that Winky would be successfully returned to his new home. Anne & Janel provided far more than just an accurate dog search with Lee. Their expert, experienced-based consultation at each step of the search and rescue process to employ useful strategies enabled us to successfully locate and bring Winky back home.

- Kenneth & Karen in Owings, MD (August, 2009)

ChristineChristine Runs thru Thunderstorms

It was a hot summer day and our new baby had just been born the night before. In the comotion, Christine got out and ran off. We were in a panic! We were referred to Dogs Finding Dogs by the SPCA. They said that Dogs Finding Dogs would help us! We called them at 4:00 in the afternoon and by 5:30 they were at our door ready to go! After scenting the dog up in the back alley, we started tracking thru the streets. 2 huge rain storms came down! Heidi, bless her heart, kept her nose to the ground and ran the track out as far as possible showing us where Christine had gone. The rain got so bad that we had to stop! The best part is that we knew where to concentrate on looking for Christine and Heidi was right! She was found and brought back home. Without that indication we had no clue which direction to even start and especially in the city! All of our family is now together! Many thanks for the quick response and concern....

- The Baley Family in Baltimore City, MD (July, 2009)

IsisScent Path Helps Bassador Find Home

Mary and Lessa from Dogs Finding Dogs came over. Lessa started in the backyard and, using Isis' harness for scent, proceeded to go around the alleys behind our house multiple times. This meant that Isis at least circled the area a few times on Tuesday. Mary said that Lessa was only getting air scents and not ground scents, meaning the scents had dispersed and were a few days old. Then, the very next morning we got a siting right near where we were tracking! I ran and tried to whisper her name, straining to listen for anything. As I made my way towards the part of the alley that runs towards our home, I heard the jingle-jangle of a dog's collar and tags. I came towards the bottom part of the 'H' shaped alley, when I saw her. I called her name, she stopped, whined her usual whine and slowly came towards me. I waited until she came to me and I grabbed as tight as I could and walked back towards the house. Isis must have picked up our scents and followed them back home.

- Nik in Washington, DC (July, 2009)

shockyDog Explodes with Energy on the 4th of July

Shocky decided to run away during the fireworks. We called Dogs Finding Dogs and Heidi came out to find him. It took under 1/2 hour to see that he was in the woods behind our house. We never have seen a real search dog in action and it was amazing! We have 5 dogs and Heidi was able to sniff the right path! We never would have know where our pet was with this service!

- Leslie in Woodbine, MD (July, 2009)

cimoreneDog Found Amongst Bank Robbery Scene!

Thanks again for your help and Heidi's help. It was so nice to meet you and to share the adventure of the day! What an adventure..not only a bank robber but also there was also an escaped prisoner in the area. Cimorene is doing very well. She slept next to me with her head on the pillow and her paws wrapped around me. She seems very happy to be back.

A brief description - Cimorene was lost from the doggy sitter and was tracked thru a MAJOR crime scene with police K9 and detectives and helicopters all around us in the EXACT neighborhood we found Cimorene in hiding under a bush. During the track we also found the escape route of the criminals and alerted the police. Unfortunately, the cops were too late.

- Michelle (and Maegan) in Towson, MD (July, 2009)

cinnaminCinnamin Stix to the Woods

Cinnamin a 5 month old stunning Pit Bull puppy slipped her collar when she got scared on a walk! Off she ran and no where to be found. Dogs Finding Dogs came out with Lessa to track Cinnamin. Lessa identified a patch of wooded area and junk yard that Cinnamin had been running in. Later that night we went out and searched for her and found her running that area and then she would scoot into the surrounding woods. We could not catch her so we called Dogs Finding Dogs that night and they told us to STOP chasing her and to try to coax her over, to walk away from her and she would follow. And that is exactly what Cinnamin did! She wound up walking exactly behind us to the house we went to. She cried at the door and walked right inside when opened! Amazing! 5 days out and not much wrong with her other than 100 ticks, which were removed. All the good advice and the help of the tracking dog brought Cinnamin out of the Stix!

- Randa in Severn, MD (June, 2009)

LaceyGolden Retriever Goes to the Beaches!

Lacy is a Golden Retriever Mix, 9 yrs old. She is special and very beautiful with her mascara looking eyes. For 9 days Dogs Finding Dogs chased after Lacey, siting after siting! She wandered the waterfront communities and the wooded areas between them. Wow! What a adventure she could tell! Finally Lacey's owner was able to coax her back to him in the woods. Lacey a little afraid at first soon came wagging her tail up to her daddy! A little underweight but otherwise in perfect condition! Lacey made us all loose a few pounds tracking after her and trying to find her! She got a big fat steak the second she got back to the house!

- Severna Park, MD (June, 2009)

Wisp2 Dog Team Rounds Up Italian Greyhound

It was my birthday. My 15 year old Whippet went for a nature walk by herself after a gate was mistakenly left open. Wisp, adorned in her pretty blue coat with colored paw prints, disappeared! I looked high and low and walked my large property thru the trees and the trails and could not find her. I am a Vet and one my patients, Heidi, is a search dog for Dogs Finding Dogs. In my plight, I remembered, call on Heidi! Dogs Finding Dogs showed up with 2 K9's, Heidi and Lessa. Sniffing Wisps' footprints led all over the trails on my property. Both dogs worked very hard and eventually this is what led to flushing Wisp out into the open. I directed Anne to take Heidi towards the firebreak. Off they went with Mary and Lessa holding up the rear in case Wisp came out the other side of my property. Within a few minutes I received a phone call from Anne, totally out of breath, saying "Get Outside on the Horse Trail! I got Wisp and she is heading your way! Anne had to send Heidi on a send-away, a command that is taught sending the dog out at a full run. Heidi was sent to catch Wisp who was was ahead of them. Heidi caught up to Wisp, stopped her with a nudge in the nose and turned Wisp around. Then Wisp and Heidi went blasting by Anne and back up into my property. We all ran out to the back and there was Wisp coming up the trail. We scooped her up with such joy and relief! What was the WORST birthday turned out to be the BEST birthday gift! Wisp was back home! Thanks to you and Heidi, Wisp is home and none the worse for her outing. Wish I could say the same for all of us. We sure had our exercise! Thanks to Mary and her girl for coming to our call for help.

-Barbara in Laurel (February, 2009)

HomerSkittish Rescue Beagle Avoids Major Traffic - Barely!

Homer takes the cake! What a amazing story!!!! While being doggy sat by my boyfriend at his home, he was taken on a walk into unfamiliar territory. Poor Homer is a rescue Beagle/Basset mix and was severely abused. He got scared on his walk and pulled out of his harness and took off. I was in Canada and called to ask for help. I cut my vacation short and rushed back home to Alexandria, VA. Two dog searches were performed over a 3 day span looking for Homer. Posters, flyers and door to door knocking were carried out. Homer's track was found and he was in the woods that were so dense with thorns! From laying a track from the woods back to the boyfriend's house several times, Homer was able to follow it home the very next morning at 5:00a.m. Homer was full of thorns and mud, had lost 6lbs and was very tired but Very Happy to be back with his owner.

-Deme in Alexandria. (December, 2008)

DexterWhite Pom Pollux Runs to Daddy's Car Alarm

Many thanks to Anne and Heidi of Dogs Finding Dogs, we couldn't have found Pollux without their help. Tracking his scent accomplished two very important things, first, we understood that he would stay in a small area, and second, if he was nearby, he could have smelled us and came near where we can locate him. Anne showed up with Heidi at 10:35am and we followed the scent from the house Pollux left from thru the neighborhood and to a house where either he got picked up or hid in the house, there was an event in the backyard. I blipped my wife's car alarm a few times and out came Pollux from someone's backyard to check it out and the rest is history...he was dirty and smelly, shaking a little bit but otherwise ok and very excited to see us...chomped 4 doggy treats...The vet checked him out and said he's in fine condition despite the ordeal...gave him a pedicure and a bath, he's resting at home now.

-Christian in Arlington, VA (June, 2009)

DexterDog Finds Way Home Via Dirty Socks

This week I found out what it truly feels like to lose (in my case literally) the love of your life when Dexter decided one day that he felt like running, hopped the fence of my parents’ back yard and tore off into the woods. A Google search led me to findtoto.com; I immediately jumped on the opportunity and got Dexter listed as missing. I also came across a group called Dogs Finding Dogs. I gave them a call and spoke to a wonderful person named Anne who turned out to be my saving grace. In addition to plastering the neighborhood with lost posters, she recommended laying a trail of treats from where Dexter was last seen back to the house and also leaving some of Dexter’s possessions on the front porch so he could smell them. She also recommended walking the path as much as possible to lay your own scent for the dog. But the most important thing she provided was encouragement and hope that he would be found. We walked in the woods for 12 hours walking back and forth calling his name, squeaking his red ball and even dropping dirty socks along the way so he could smell us. Nothing. At one point we think we saw him about a quarter mile away but we were too far to catch up and by the time we got there he was gone. Then around 10:00 that night I thought I heard whining coming from the back yard. It was Dexter!

-Erik in Philadelphia (May, 2009)

MangoDog Gone Visiting

This is awesome! Our pug found his way out of the gate and was gone out all night. We were freaking out. DogsFindingDogs recommended the FindToto website to us. We used it... and within 15 minutes the person who had my Mango called and another person who had talked with the neighbor called too. We were skeptical at first, but we are now telling all of our dog loving friends! Thank you!

-Virginia (May, 2009)

TashaDog Suspected Stolen

I just HAD to let you know since you were so kind to spend hours discussing my lost dog and worried with me about her... On Friday morning at 6 a.m. Tasha (remember us...she was the mini schnauzer) came home! I heard a wierd howling/bark as she ran home (our windows were open and it was the first morning it wasn't pouring down rain in a long time!) and ended up at our front door. She looked good, a bit shaggy, but had her collar on (tags were removed!)... we think somebody had her and she made her great escape to come home to us after 6 weeks! it is truly a miracle and we are sooooooo happy. I wish she could speak! Oh, the stories she may tell!!! I would love to know how many days she was on her own, if at all or how much of the time she was with somebody... I can't believe somebody would just take her. Take care and thanks so very much again for all the help and caring.

-Ina in Maryland (May, 2009)

Spots and BrendaDynamic Duo Takes a Hike!

Thank you so much Dogs Finding Dogs for your guidance which without you would not have found our precious family pets! Our 2 Dogs Spots and Brenda took off on a long hike for 3 days. We were in a panic when they did not return as usual and my little daughter was so upset!! Dogs Finding Dogs saw our posting and called with precise steps to take immediately. And WHA-LA! My first dog was found instantly and the second one soon followed. It was nice to have someone on our side giving free advice that worked instantly and not rush to track. We are so greatful and they not only got our dogs back for us but saved us money as well! I would recommend them to anyone!

-Jake in St. Dennis, MD (May, 2009)

ZoeyNewly Adopted Lab Mix Runs 60 Miles!

Dutch is a Lab Mix and wound up after all is said and done running 60 miles before he was caught! He ran from Frederick to PA. His poor little feet were sore and he had begun to limp! He had only been with us for 1 week and the front door popped open and out he ran! Dogs Finding Dogs came out to track immediately when he went missing and could show us a direction of travel. We then had posters, flyers and a newspaper article hit the streets in the general location. Sitings came in and we saw that Dutch was hanging around a industrial park and train tracks. Dogs Finding Dogs brought 2 dogs out to try to cover the area but still no Dutch but he had started running up the train tracks! We followed the possible path, confirmed with sitings into Thurmont, then converged on that area. Dutch just kept running the tracks til he got into PA where he adopted a house to hang around for about 3 to 4 days. We then took Dutch's original owner up to the house and she called his name and he came running over to her like nothing had every happened and he jumped into the car and the story had a happy ending! Dogs Finding Dogs helped with advice, tracking and anything that was needed. After a 60 mile hike Dutch is ready to take a nice long nap!

-Pam in Frederick, MD (April, 2009)

ZoeyRat Terrier Runs 25 Miles

Thank you Anne and Heidi for bringing my baby back home. It was the longest 6 days of my life. She was lost at 3:00 sunday afternoon; my daughter called me crying that Zoey got away. We had flyers made, put it in the paper, on the net; we looked all week. Friday we got a call that this couple had seen her about 25 miles away at a different location. When they called us we couldnt believe it so far away. We called Anne and she and Heidi came out. Heidi picked up her scent right away. Zoey was all over there; we were so excited. Anne and Heidi looked till it got dark out. Just then Zoey popped up at the house where the anniversary couple had called us. Zoey was scared and wouldn't come to us--the chase was on with Anne and Heidi at one end and my husband at the other. We got her that night thank you so much Anne and Heidi! We weren't going to give up till we found her and neither were you two. Zoey is happy and healthy back at home with her other sisters and brother. One big happy family again thankyou.

-The Curtin Family in Ferndale, MD (March, 2009)

Allie10 Year Old Blind and Deaf Dog Wanders Off!

Allie a 10 year old Pug who was mostly blind and deaf wandered off at 7:30 in the morning. Allie lives on a big peice of property in the countryside. Afraid of her falling into a hole in the woods or meeting up with a wild animal and Allie not being able to defend herself, Dogs Finding Dogs was called at 11:00a.m. They gave very helpful advice and support and told us to issue the Ambert Alert system for pets to see if anyone had Allie or if sitings could come in. They suggested this first because Allie is a small dog that could easily be picked up by a kind stranger. They also offered to come out and track Allie's path but said to try this first to get the word out and possibly save money on not having to track. By 1:30 panic started and we had Dogs Finding Dogs come out and track. The tracking dog found the scent path and as we were heading in the correct direction a policeman and a kind person rounded up Allie who was wandering in a circle in the middle of a busy street. The Alert that Dogs Finding Dogs told us to do worked! Allie is home safe and sound!

-Mel in Glen Arm, MD (March, 2009)

RomeoArthritic 8 Yr. Old Dog Escapes New Fencing

Hi! My name is Romeo and I am an 8 year old German Shepherd/Great Dane mix and LOVE to chase deer. My humans recently had a fence installed and I make my rounds every night to make sure my property is secure. One night, I noticed that the fence door was open and spotted a deer and decided to go after it. My humans finally realized I was gone and started to search for me to no avail. A few hours later, they decided to contact Dogs Finding Dogs to calm their fears that I went running towards the busy road by my house. Within one hour, the search party set out including a search dog, Heidi that assured them I had gone towards the forest and not towards the street. Within two hours, I noticed people were looking for me and safely made it back home. I was very tired and couldn't wait to go to sleep. Thank you to everyone who helped me find my way back!

-Valerie in Pikesville, MD (February, 2009)

BeansChiuahua Goes Missing for 5 Days

Beans went missing from a dogsitter when I went out of town. He was gone a total of 6 days. Luckily he only ran around the immediate neighborhoods and didn't get picked up. Dogs Finding Dogs took on our case and came out and searched for Beans. They told me to also get out in the area and walk around and to drop food as I walked. We did this when we had a siting at 7:00a.m. in the morning. Dogs Finding Dogs was on the way to help get Beans as we followed their instructions as to what to do until they got here. And like a miracle!!!! we did as they said and when we walked back to our car, Beans was sitting right by it! Happiness is not the word to describe how it felt to see him right there waiting for us.

-Tony in Annapolis (March, 2009)

KaseySheltie Runs PA Farms for 3 Weeks

Kasey is our rescue Sheltie. We got Kasey home and when the car door opened he bolted out and went on a 21 day long adventure. He roamed a 4 mile area all through the farmlands of Pennsylvania, circling and frequenting certain yards and cornfields. We were recommended to Dogs Finding Dogs after posting onto a blog of the Baltimore Sun. On a Saturday morning they came up from Maryland with their Shepherd Heidi accompanied by their tracker Erica and her dog Ghotti. A group of kind neighbors agreed to join the successful search for Kasey. Starting a 9:00a.m. and combing thru all of the site locations with the dogs and the other volunteers in cars, one of the scent paths off of a previous days siting led to a farm. Lo and Behold there was Kasey! Trotting straight for Anne and Heidi. Kasey being from a abused situation wanted to come to the dog but when spotting the humans he turned away. Erica quickly jumped into her SUV and drove out onto the cornfield helping to circle the dog and tire it out. With all the people and dogs involved and Erica's driving, Kasey was worn out of energy and was simply picked up! After 3 weeks of being out by himself Kasey was a little dirty and that was it! Amazing! He is home and getting to know all of us and he will be spoiled for the rest of his life! Thank you to Dogs Finding Dogs and the volunteers who came out to help!

-Stewartstown, PA (February, 2009)

BuddhaShepherd Found on Golf Course - Can You Say 4?

Lessa to the Rescue! We dropped off our dogs, Millie (a shih-tzu) and Buddha at a friends house to pet sit for one night. Four hours later we got the terrible call that Buddha, our mixed-breed German Shepard, had escaped out the back gate. We rushed home early the next morning and spent days scouring the neighborhood, posting flyers, talking to people and checking with the local animal shelter. A friend mentioned the website, Dogsfindingdogs.com, it was a long shot but we gave them a call. Their tips and ideas were a life saver for Buddha. They suggested we leave clothing with our scent, walk from possible areas back to the house and leave food out for our dog. Then on Sunday, one week after running away, Mary brought Lessa, her beautiful and intelligent rescue German Shepard, to the neighborhood to track Buddha. While we were out, we received a call from a man who had just sighted Buddha on the nearby golf course. Would Buddha still be around, could Lessa pick up the scent? Our hearts pounding, we slipped down the hill and through the brush onto the golf course. Lessa was making a bee-line for the east end of the course, when we came to an opening in the trees, she turned north heading right across a green. Then suddenly Mary spotted him, Buddha was sitting back a few feet in the group of trees on the other side of the green. We gently coaxed Buddha out of the trees with our calls and encouragement. There were many tears shed as we embraced Buddha in our arms. By the way, the area of the golf course that he was found in, was only about 200 yards from where we left some clothing with our scent on it. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to Mary and her partner, Lessa. We will always remember the self-less service they provided us in finding Buddha.

-Tim and Kim in Sterling, VA (February, 2009)

ZoeyYorkie Tracked to Neighbor's House

Zoey is our family Yorkie who ran out of the house on a Wednesday afternoon around 3:00. We could not find her anywhere and we flooded half of the nieghborhood with flyers. When we posted on Craigslist we were called by Anne of Dogs Finding Dogs and were told that their search dog Heidi could come out and try to locate Zoey. We called on the following Friday nite and she came over and tracked Zoey going in the opposite direction of where we put up flyers. We had none in that area. Zoey went along a long meadow behind some houses and then into the woods were we could see her footprints like she was being chased, then out of the woods to a house and then they stopped. We knocked on the door and they said they did not see Zoey. We searched some more and as we we got back home the people from the house called and said they had Zoey and they would meet us on the corner. They brought Zoey back but they had taken her tags and collar off and bought a new collar and leash for her. They were going to keep her! Their children coming home from school chased Zoey into the woods and then scooped her up! We want to thank Heidi for her work! We would have never found Zoey if she didn't take us to the house that she was in. Thank you Heidi! We love you!

-Jason in Parkville, MD (February, 2009)

RalphBulldog Puppy Escapes in Wind Storm

As a first time dog owner I found out the hard way that there is nothing scarier than losing your pet. A few weeks ago my 5 month old English bulldog puppy Ralph walked out my front door when I was not at home. Losing your pet in Baltimore City, as you can imagine, is probably one of the most dangerous places for your dog to be wandering around. My immediate thoughts turned to tragedy as after relentless searching, my efforts came up short. The only thing I could do was hope that a responsible individual would pick him up and contact me. That is until I found 'dogs finding dogs' while posting notices on the internet. The comfort of having Anne and Heidi search for Ralph was immeasurable. Sure enough Heidi retraced Ralph's footsteps to the exact spot where he was picked up just earlier. In a fortunate twist of fate Ralph ended up about 3 blocks away at a neighbor's friend's house. Having Anne and Heidi by my side throughout the process truly gave me comfort in knowing that I was doing everything in my power to find my dog. If you are reading this I can certainly share in your pain but know that there is always hope. The faster Heidi can get to your house the better chance you will have of a successful find..

-Brian in Baltimore City (December, 2008)

KillianChihuahua Tracked to Waterfront

Killian was a young but scared Chihuahua. He ran off one evening on our waterfront property in Annapolis. Dogs Finding Dogs came out to search for Killian 3 times. On the last time, Heidi tracked a very strong almost violent track, but she CRIED the whole time. Weird and we knew something was not right! She followed a path that lead down a huge staircase to the pier. Still crying, Heidi frantically ran up and down the pier! We were looking at the cliffside and saw no Killian. Then Heidi went to jump off of the pier into the water. Anne stopped her just in time and thought that she just wanted to go for a swim. Then we looked at the water where Heidi wanted to jump and poor little Killian came floating out from under the pier! We cried along with Heidi, scooped blessed little Killian up out of the water and brought him back home. He still was wearing his little sweater. He had fallen down the stairs and had been in the water for some time. It was icy and when the ice melted this is when his body was finally able to be found. This is not a happy ending but one of closure thanks to Heidi and her incredible nose!

-Annapolis, MD (February, 2009)


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