Ali is seven months old and is my baby! When he ran out of the house, with my boyfriend chasing behind him, I knew he would be picked up. I live in Baltimore City where pets go missing and never can be found again. After five days of looking for him I called Dogs Finding Dogs and out they came with Heidi. Heidi is truly BLESSED! And she definitely blessed us all! I have never seen a DOG SO SMART! We took Heidi to the last place Ali was seen and scented her up on his toys. She tracked all through the neighborhood showing us where Ali went. Then suddenly, she stopped right in the middle of a local church’s grass, turned to her mom and signaled “Ali is Gone From Here and Where is My Ball!” Anne told us that Ali had to have been taken at this spot. Trusting in Heidi, I put an ad in the Pennysaver that stated “Boxer Lost in Church Grass, Please Call……” and I got a call from the Pastor who saw the ad. He had Ali but was so confused as to how I knew exactly the spot where Ali was last seen. I explained the gift that God has given Heidi. In fact, the exact spot that Heidi stopped at was where he picked up Ali and carried him over to the car. Everyone who hears the story says the same thing. “God blessed Heidi and he blessed Ali. Only him looking out for Ali in such a tough neighborhood made it possible for him to be found.” I will forever remember Heidi and will always pass on the name of Dogs Finding Dogs to everyone.