How We Work

Dogs Finding Dogs’s K9 Search Teams offer years of experience in multi-surface tracking of people and animals.

Our search teams continuously train several times a week to keep our dogs at their peak  when it comes to searches. Not only do we train in tracking, but we incorporate obedience training.

Our dedicated Tracking Teams and volunteers are the core of our organization.  Our staff’s first priority is to help reunite pet owners with their lost friends.

When you call Dogs Finding Dogs, you will be asked a series questions to help us determine the best method for a successful search of your lost pet.  These may include:

  • How long has your pet been missing?
  • When and where was the last sighting of your pet?
  • Do you have an article with your pet’s scent on it?
  • Where are you located? and more…

We will then dispatch one of our teams to meet up with you, perform the search and discuss an action plan.

Our dogs can find your pet. We first identify an area where they have traveled, and then advise you on specific actions to take

Our teams are ready to go on very short notice!

The sooner you call us the better the chance of recovering your pet. Missing pets are stressed and constantly on the go. Quick response is crucial!