Found By Phone was developed in response to continual pleas for help from around the country to deploy K9 teams and/or requests for help in recovering lost pets.  Due to the high demand for assistance, Dogs Finding Dogs responded by developing and launching the Found By Phone program.

Found By Phone is a donation-based service to pet owners, supported solely by donations and fundraising events.  Contributions pay for the operation costs, outreach, and to enroll K9 dog and handler teams nationwide.  All donations are tax deductible.


The Found by Phone program was developed to help reunite owners with their missing pets across the US and internationally.  We use specific criteria to determine if a tracking dog is the right choice for each unique situation, and advise owners on appropriate actions that they can take immediately to help recover their lost pet.  Using search dogs is only one of many tools that we can use to help us locate lost pets, and there are circumstances where it is not beneficial to deploy a tracking team.  However, there are many options to choose from and knowing what is most beneficial is extremely important.  Dogs Finding Dogs has that expertise.  We have reunited more than 9,000 missing pets and their owners since 2008.

Anthropologists have found that without pets and other domesticated animals, modern civilization would not have developed to this point. 

Pet owners understand the deep connection with their animals.  It is critical that we raise awareness for all lost pets. It is important for them to come home. 

Please donate and help someone recover their beloved pet today. Thank you!


How does Found By Phone work?

When you call Found By Phone, we first assess critical information required for every missing pet.  Then, we develop a complete action plan that outlines tasks on location, what to do at sightings,  instructions for luring your pet out of hiding, recommendations based on maps/location, how to generate sightings, and more.

We are committed to supporting owners until pets are found or the search is ended. In most cases, pets and owners can be reunited by using our Found By Phone program.  A simple phone call begins the process.

Do you need a tracking dog?
Let Found By Phone help you decide.

There are some situations where a tracking dog cannot help.  A tracking dog is one of many tools that can help humans figure out what to do and where.  If we recommend a tracking dog, we can refer you to a trusted K9 team in your area.  Hiring for-profit tracking dogs can be very expensive, and the costs mount with every visit, so it’s important to use them wisely.

Avoid Scams

One of the most important services that Found By Phone offers is providing screened, qualified local resources.  Unfortunately, there are con artists who may attempt to take advantage of you during this stressful time.  These scams can actually prevent recovery of your beloved pet.  Unfortunately, there are also unethical trackers and unscrupulous individuals to be avoided.  We work to ensure that you and your pet receive quality, legitimate, local support.

What if my pet may have been stolen?

If it is determined that your pet has been stolen, we can provide referrals to licensed private detectives who can assist you in locating and recovering your pet.  Sadly, this is a more common occurrence than most might guess.  Part of the Found By Phone critical assessment addresses this possibility.

Client Feedback

We did all of that stuff and fell asleep with the front door open and buddy came home. Your guys method does work I am so appreciative of your help I will try my best to spread the word about your non profit I can never thank you enough.

We found him! He followed the scent trail we left and when we went back up to check he was standing there following the scent trail. Harrison sat down like you said and it took about 5 minutes, but he came to him! He’s home safe! We couldn’t have found him without our consultation! We learned so much!

Cooper is home safe. We adjusted the traps as your recommended. Your advice for the traps was perfect, thank you so much for all your help!

Sheldon has returned. Thank you so much for getting back in touch with so much useful advice.

As I was printing out posters I found tuna running around in the alley! Thank you so much for sending me the information. It made me feel much less hopeless in a dire time.


Found By Phone serves pet owners throughout the United States.  We never turn away a plea for help. We want to help bring every “furry child” home to their owner, safely and quickly.

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