Meet DFD’s K9 and Handler Tracking Teams

DFD Team:
K9 Heidi and Anne

Meet Heidi and Anne.

Heidi is a German Shepherd with just a splash of Labrador! She has an incredible nose and drive to perform searches for pets, people and objects. Along a search track she locates and downs on articles that a person or pet has dropped.

Anne and Heidi have successfully tracked both pets and people. She has also earned citations from the Governor of Maryland and Anne Arundel County for assisting our local police.

Heidi is extremely friendly and gets along beautifully with dogs! All dogs are her friends, whether they want to be or not.

Heidi was the founding K9 for Dogs Finding Dogs. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in late 2015. We all miss her very much.

K9 Heidi’s Hero’s Foundation Heavenly Sent Help assists those whose pet has passed over the rainbow bridge and also assist those with pets that have cancer.


DFD Team:
K9 Gretel and Anne

Meet K9 Gretel and Anne.

K9 Gretel comes from the National Tactical Police Dog Associations breeding program.

The president of Dogs Finding Dogs runs this certifying and training center.  She was sent up to Maryland as a 8 week old puppy and has been tracking ever since.

K9 Gretel is a German Shepherd from great working dog lines.  K9 Gretel is very sweet and sometimes overly friendly.

She has also learned her tracking by going out on tracks with our founder dog K9 Heidi.  Gretel has tremendous energy and drive.  She loves to work.  She has been raised with 6 cats and K9 Heidi.

We are pleased to have her as an addition to our teams.

Gretel was featured on Disney+ It’s a Dog’s Life and National Geographic’s Trackers.


DFD Team:
K9 Lessa and Mary

Meet Lessa and Mary. 

Lessa is a German Shepherd. She has a incredible nose and drive to perform searches for pets, people and objects. Along a search track she locates and downs on articles that a person or pet has dropped.

She has successfully tracked dogs and people. Tracking is her favorite job! She gets very excited and vocal when the tracking gear comes out!

Lessa has been awarded her AKC CGC and her Schutzhund BH. Lessa is a rescue dog from our local MidAtlantic German Shepherd Rescue.

She is one of the DFD founding K9s. Lessa crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Memorial Day, 2016. She and Heidi are helping lost pets from the other side now.


DFD Team:
K9 Maggie and John

Meet Maggie and John.

Maggie is a German Shepherd that loves tracking and obedience work.

Two of Maggie’s grandparents were search and rescue dogs and many of her kinfolk are police dogs and work in other capacities; so as Hank Jr. might sing, she is simply following a family tradition.

We knew Maggie was destined to look for lost pets when she found her neighbor “Snoopy,” a Beagle who had run away from home. Within 30 minutes Maggie took us to the back yard of the person who had found Snoopy and he was reunited with his family.

John has owned and trained Germans Shepherds most of his life and enjoys working with dogs. Maggie has her AKC CGC and her Schutzhund BH. She continues to train at Arrowwood Shepherds.


DFD Team:
K9 Tucker and Sherry

Meet Tucker and Sherry. 

Sherry has been with DFD for many years working Intake and our Home By Phone program. When Tucker joined us, she stepped into the handler role and has been very successful teaming with Tucker to find lost pets.

K9 Tucker is a Labrador Retriever with a very strong drive to work. He came to DFD from Tarheel K9, the National Tactical Police Dog Association. He has the sweetest disposition and loves his job finding lost pets.


DFD Team:
K9 Riley and Felicia

Meet K9 Riley and Felicia. 

Felicia acquired K9 Riley from a rescue situation.  He is a German Shepherd.   His nickname is Marmaduke. He is very tall and long and is one of the sweetest dogs.

K9 Riley is very pet friendly and has been raised with other dogs, cats and farm animals.

Felicia’s father was a K9 Maryland State Trooper. She has shared her whole life with police officers and their working dogs.  This knowledge of working dogs makes for a great team.

Felicia and K9 Riley head our West Virginia office. K9 Riley is ready to find some of your furry loved ones.


DFD Team:
K9 Jake and Tim

Meet K9 Jake and Tim.

Jake is a Black and Tan Coonhound.  He came from a kill shelter in Parkersburg, WV and was brought to a rescue in Phoenix, MD. where he was adopted by Tim. Tim discovered that Jake had a nose for tracking when he did it for fun a few times after his obedience classes.

Jake has success tracking both dogs and cats.  He is known for his endurance and stamina

While Jake can do all types of tracks, his breed is built for rural tracks where the animal being searched has covered a lot of ground.

Jake loves to work and reunite owners with their pets.

Tim and Jake were featured on National Geographic’s Trackers.


DFD Team:
K9 Scipio and Clementine

Meet K9 Scipio and Clementine.

Scipio is a Belgian Malinois who, true to his breed, loves to work. After a number of wins in AKC obedience and rally trials and because of his eagerness to please, Clementine felt it was time to become helpful.

Clementine, with a PhD in Anthropology, studies therapy work with animals in the US, Germany, Russia, and Japan.

Scipio loves sniffing out locations of lost pets.

In his spare time, he works as a certified therapy dog and continues to compete in AKC trials.

Scipio resides with his rescued buddies, Rosie (Miniature Dachshund) and Boo (Australian Shepherd).

Clementine and Scipio were featured on National Geographic’s Trackers.


DFD Team:
K9 Bolo and Janel

Meet K9 Bolo and Janel.

Janel has been with us as a tracker for over 7 years.  Her success rate is incredible!  She is involved in competition sports with K9s and is very methodical with her cases.

K9 Bolo is Belgian Malinois who has come to DFD from Tarheel K9, the National Tactical Police Dog Association.  His tracking abilities are intense and very accurate.  K9 Bolo also has one of the sweetest dispositions.  DFD also has his brother, K9 Ragar, working for us.

We are very excited to have this team on board with DFD.


DFD Team:
K9 Ragar and Corinne

Meet K9 Ragar and Corinne.

Corinne became interested in Lost Pet search after her cat Izzy disappeared.  Corinne was determined to minimize the hopelessness that pet parents feel when their family member goes missing, and the rest is history.

K9 Ragar is a Belgian Malinois.  One of our other tracking dogs is K9 Ragar’s brother, K9 Bolo.  He came to DFD from Tarheel K9, the National Tactical Police Dog Association. His tracking abilities are nose to the ground and very accurate.  He has the kindest heart and the sweetest disposition.

We are very excited to have this team on board with DFD.


DFD Team:
K9 Bond and Kathleen

Meet K9 Bond and Kathleen.

Bond is a gentle, eager to please, sable German shepherd Kathleen secured locally as a puppy.  Bond earned his BH, 2 obedience and 3 tracking titles in Schutzhund/IPO, as well as his AKC CGC, CGCA, and TC.  We continue to train today as a team in nosework/scentwork, adding to his abilities to use his incredible nose

He loves to work and having accomplished the goals set for him in Schutzhund, Kathleen decided it was time to put his skills to work giving back. They look forward to getting out there to find your lost pets.

We are pleased to have this talented team on board with DFD.

Kathleen and Bond were featured on Disney+ It’s a Dog’s Life.


Join the Dogs Finding Dogs Tracking Teams

We are actively recruiting dog & handler teams

We have a few requirements:

  • Proof of AKC Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) certificate
  • Basic Obedience Training (minimum)
  • 1+ year of Professional Tracking Training Preferred (will evaluate other dogs)
  • Proof of all immunizations
  • Evaluation of tracking by Dogs Finding Dogs
  • Flexibility. We cannot anticipate when we are called out.

If you fill the requirements above, please contact us!  We host tracking training and evaluations so if you believe you are a good candidate, contact us to learn how you can get started.

PHONE (410) 908-6374   E-MAIL