Dogs Finding Dogs can sniff out any animal that walks on the ground with our certified, professional tracking dogs. We can track dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, horses, reptiles and more! We provide full-service tracking with proven recovery methods to ensure that missing pets are returned to their worried owners quickly and safely.

We are a nationally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and have been covered on many TV programs as well as numerous online and printed publications.

First featured on:

Good Morning America – Anderson – MSNBC – Fox News
CNN – ABC – CBS – Washington Post – Baltimore Sun – and more!

Our system is reliable and successful.  We are busy to the point where we having difficulty keeping up with demand due lack of handlers. We are looking for some savvy handlers with canine partners who could benefit from income-earning opportunities.

Without our skilled K9 and handler teams, we would not be able to help reunite people and their pets.  Demand is high, and we are currently recruiting dogs and handlers to join the Dogs Finding Dogs team. 


Are you interested in joining Dogs Finding Dogs? 

We have a few requirements:

  • Proof of AKC Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) certificate
  • Basic Obedience Training (minimum)
  • 1+ Year Professional Tracking Training Preferred
    (will evaluate other dogs)
  • Proof of all immunizations
  • Evaluation of tracking by Dogs Finding Dogs
  • Flexibility. We cannot anticipate when we are called out.

If you fill the requirements above, please contact us!  We host tracking training and evaluations throughout the year, so if you believe you are a good candidate, contact us to learn how you can get started.

Earn Income with Your Dog!

Contact us Today!  (410) 908-6374   [email protected]