UPDATE: We have found Moca the second kitty in the car accident!!!!

Congratulations again to Lois and Moca for a safe return home.

Lois was in a car accident where she lost her two kitties. Earlier this week we found Alice in a storm drain nearby. Today we went back to the accident site, scented up the K9, and off he went following Moca’s scent.

Literally, five minutes!!! Moca was found under a deck. She was crying and so happy to see Mommy Lois!

Special thanks to Team K9 Jake again for finding Moca.

Congratulations to Lois and Alice for having one of her two kitties found.

Special thanks to Team K9 Jake for their help.

Lois got into a car accident with her two kitties in McLean, Virginia. We have found Alice in a storm drain. We are still looking for the other. We have only one scent article that has both smells of both kitties on it so it makes it a bit tricky.

Please send prayers that we can locate the other kitty!