Allie, a ten year old Pug, was mostly blind and deaf wandered off early in the morning. Allie lives on a large piece of property in the countryside. Due to concerns that Allie might fall into a hole in the woods or meet up with a wild animal, while not being able to defend herself, Dogs Finding Dogs was called just before noon. They gave very helpful advice and support and told us to issue the Amber Alert system for pets to see if anyone had Allie or if sightings could come in. They suggested this first because Allie is a small dog that could easily be picked up by a kind stranger. They also offered to come out and track Allie’s path but said to try this first to get the word out and possibly save money for not having to track. By early afternoon, panic set in, and we had Dogs Finding Dogs come out and track. The tracking dog found the scent path and as we were heading in the correct direction, a policeman and a kind person rounded up Allie who was wandering in a circle in the middle of a busy street. The Alert that Dogs Finding Dogs told us to do worked! Allie is now home safe and sound!