I want to write this to have people never give up hope this winter. Baxter is our Maine Coon Orange Tabby mix and he got out of our new house just before the big 20″ snow storm. He used to go out at our old house. We did not know how to find him. We hired Dogs Finding Dogs and they helped by giving us guidance on how to set up our yard to keep Baxter near by. They also lent us traps to try to catch him. But most of all they came out 2 times with their K9 and searched for Baxter. They assured us that Baxter was somewhere in the alley behind our house. The alley is full of so many places and yards we could not get into. We posted flyers as well. Dogs Finding Dogs gave us such hope and when we found Baxter hiding in a old garage we were over joyed!!! During the 2 weeks that we worked with them we knew Baxter had come home because of his huge footprints in the area we set up with food. We knew he was running the yards because the tracking dog said so. They were right and Baxter was found. 3 snow storms and he is just a little thinner. Now it is a Happy New Year!

– Monica in Baltimore, MD