Congratulations to Sharon and Bella for a safe return home!

Bella was let out to the yard on March 17 in the evening in the community of Bulle Rock. The DFD team was called out to track on March 19.

Bella’s scent was picked up at an old Victorian house. Other areas were checked for scent and action plan was developed.

Flyers were up in the area and Bella was sighted on Monday. On Wednesday and Thursday she was seen in the same area. Sharon walked those areas to lay her scent down for Bella to recognize. On Friday, she received multiple phone calls reporting sightings of Bella.

Sharon drove over to one sighting area and spoke to some construction workers. She showed them a flyer and asked if they had seen Bella. They said they had, and indicated an area about five feet away. Sharon had some treats and got low so Bella wouldn’t feel threatened. After some coaxing, Bella moved toward her and once she got close enough to recognize her scent, she was so excited to be reunited!