Congratulations to the Stanley Family and Bella for a safe return home thanks to the DFD Found by Phone program!

Special thanks to Sherry for consulting on this case!

From Debbie:

I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Sherry Johnston Webb at Dogs Finding Dogs. Her expertise enabled us to find our dear Bella, who decided to stray away from a path on a hike and was lost in a very big wooded area for a total of 16 days. Even though she was unable to send someone to help us with a tracking dog (we are 3.5 hours away), Sherry talked us through the process and we were able to locate Bella within 10 days. Sherry was always very encouraging no matter what news I had to update her with. Bella was a little skinnier and very tired, but she will be just fine. Thanks Sherry! You are definitely in the right line of work!

The Stanley Family