Congratulations to Sandy and her newly rescued 12 week old pygmy baby goat Betsy for a safe return home after about five miles of tracking!!!

Special thanks to Team K9 Jake for their hard work on this case.

This little 12 week old pygmy goat was rescued by Sandy and put into a pen with a pig to keep it company. Well, the goat didn’t like it and used the pig as a “Spring Board” and jumped out of the pen and took off! Poor piggy had goat hoof marks all over it!

After three hours, and more than five miles of tracking, this little goat through the woods and farms, K9 Jake was closing in on a nearby goat farm. While tracking, we quickly put a post on Facebook. The owner of the goat farm where Jake tracked Betsy, saw the post and called and said the little goat was there! YES!  Betsy was found and is safe at home now!

I guess the little baby goat wanted to have roommates that were of his kind and not of the piggy kind! Baaa! Oink! Baaa! Oink!