DFD has been out to my home twice now. The first time, my cat Betsy was trapped and found in the kitchen cabinet. She had been there for three days. This time my sweet Betsy ran out of the yard and was gone for four days. I have to say, Heidi is a remarkable dog! She scented up in my backyard. She tracked purposefully to the end of my neighbors back yard which was at the waters edge. There was a huge overgrowth of weeds and honeysuckle there. Heidi smelled Betsy under it but could not get to her.. Then she ran around the edge of it and onto the pier. She was trying to leap into it. They went into the water and Heidi went into the weeds. It scared Betsy out where I could scoop her up and get her inside. I am so glad that I do not have to feel crazy looking for her any longer. If you are missing a cat, these are the people to go to for sure!

– Kelly in Annapolis, MD