Congratulations to Bindy and Lisa for a safe return home thanks to the DFD Found by Phone consult program!

Special thanks to Jill for consulting on this case!

From Lisa:

Last Saturday we lost one of our three dogs, Bindi. My boys were devastated as they opened the door and forgot to close it and quick-wit girl took an opportunity. I contacted Dogs Finding Dogs who got me in touch with Jill. She was amazing told me everything we were doing right but gave me ideas I didn’t know existed. We honestly had given up hope that someone picked up the princess. Turns out she’s a bad ass and was surviving on her own. She came to the house yesterday and after testing my athleticism we got her home. I can’t thank Jill enough for keeping my calm introducing me to pawboost and honestly at times giving us hope when we lost it. My baby girl is home after a week with no visible injuries. Thank you guys for your support. Honestly, the most thankful I have been in so long.