Bingo thought he hit the jackpot when he was able to get out of the yard and run free. A commonly made mistake was made when Bingo first got out – some workers at the house ran and chased him trying to get him back home. While this was good intentions, it resulted in Bingo running away in fear. Being a little dog he ran thru a heavily wooded area that edged a stream. Anne had told us to do a phone calling alert to get sitings of Bingo and while she and Heidi were tracking one came in that led to Bingo being found. The site was qualified that it truly was Bingo by scenting Heidi up at the location and have her tell us if it was Bingo or not. Sure enough Bingo was found in that area and coaxed back into the arms of her owner. It was like an adventure of Lassie come home! With Bingo’s parents out of town and ready to cancel their trip, the return of Bingo made all feel very relieved!