I contacted your organization Monday May 3 at 8 pm about my missing cat, Binky, in Woodbridge, Va. I was given some amazing advice from a caring and empathetic expert. She told me to go to Home Depot and buy a Hav-a-hart Live Animal Raccoon Trap and put wet food inside, with flour around it to track the paw prints. I did this immediately, and within two hours, my cat was inside meowing! My cat had been missing for three whole days, and I had contacted numerous animal shelters, vets, other organizations, etc. and no one provided the personalized, helpful advice that your organization did. I had not even heard of these traps before. I cannot thank you enough- you have no idea how much it means to me to have my precious cat back! Thank you again and keep helping people and animals- it is much appreciated!

– Stephanie in Woodbridge, VA