I can’t thank Dogs finding Dogs enough for the good work that you do. I know that without Heidi we would never have seen our cat Lucy again. It all started when our little curious black cat, Lucy, got out one Friday night. It went unnoticed until Sunday. We immediately starting searching and put out flyers. That’s when we found out that a neighbor’s dogs had cornered her in their yard late Friday night and that the neighbor had picked her up and put her out of their yard. That was the last time she had been seen. I began to feel hopeless when I read an email from Anne at Dogs Finding Dogs. She came out the next day with Heidi, her dog and Christine. Heidi picked up Lucy’s scent around a garage near where she was last seen but despite being able to get in the garage, Lucy could not be found there. Anne, Christine and Heidi carefully looked up and down the whole block checking everywhere and under everything to try and get Heidi to hit on another scent trail, with no luck. Everyone went home and Anne promised that she would come out again as many times as it took. Two big downpours had really saturated the ground since Lucy got out but Heidi immediately followed the same trail as before and tracked Lucy to a different shed a few neighbors down from where she was last seen. It was so amazing to look under the shed and see Lucy looking back at me. I was astonished and amazed at how quickly Heidi found her! As soon as Heidi was away from the shed, Lucy came out to me. I cannot thank Anne, Heidi and Christine enough for the service they provide to pet owners in distress over their lost pets. Thanks so much for all you do.

– Nicole, John and family in MD