Congratulations to Blu and Belinda for a safe return home!

We also want to express our sympathies to Belinda and her family for the loss of her other dog, Njkki, in this incident.

Special thanks to Christine and K9 Keelah and Clementine and K9 Scipio for their work on this case.

On January 23rd, Blu and his sister got out of the yard due to a fence panel having blown down. Tragically, Nikki was hit by a car and died at the scene. Blu was also hit but he was seen limping away from the accident.  The owner plastered the area with flyers and posted on Facebook. Dogs Finding Dogs’ tracking team went out on January 29, On January 31, the owner received three phone calls and even a picture of Blu, in the same community, not far from home. She was advised to set up feeding stations to keep him in the area and to use scent trails to lead him home.

Early in the morning on February 2nd, the owner woke up to hear whining at her sliding glass door. She rushed down and there was Blu. He finally made it home. He seems to be fine but will be vet checked to be sure.