Congratulations to Anna and BoBo for a super fast and safe return home!

Special thanks to the fantastic work of Clementine and K9 Scipio.

Bobo, a indoor kitty, went missing on February 19. Dogs Finding Dogs went out to track on February 23 and BoBo returned home in the early morning hours.

K9 Scipio tracked from Bobo’s house to a playground nearby. There was a neighbor’s kitty in the area who stays outside all the time. We asked the neighbor to keep their kitty in overnight so there wouldn’t be any deterrent to Bobo heading home.  Bobo came right home and up to the door! He followed the scent trails back to the house, and with the other kitty inside, he was comfortable enough to show his cute little face.

Here’s a note from Anna to help people with seeing what she did:

I thought I might want to share how I used the action plan. I put out his favorite blanket, it’s the plastic one so I just took one of the small ends off to make a hideaway. I put out food and sprinkled flour and a water dish out, and left the gate open. I tied a dirty sheet to our fence post there to hopefully billow some scent around.

And when Bear woke me up I saw Bobo in the monitor meowing away!