I want to thank Dogs Finding Dogs for finding Boo Boo not once, but twice, in less than 24 hours. Each time it only took 15 minutes. We would have never found him! Boo Boo fell thru the screen and scurried under the concrete steps that led to our basement. The dirt had washed away from under them. I had cameras up at the door looking for him all night. I walked by the steps at least 100 times, and didn’t sleep at all. Heidi found Boo Boo right away and when she sniffed him out he came up and gave her a swat on the nose. After you left. we tried to get him out of the hole with a hose. We blew into it and he flew out of the hole and across the yard. I am so thankful that you came back the next morning and found Boo in the storm drain pipe that goes under the driveway. It was quite an adventure to get him out of there by taping the unused drain spouts together to move him towards the opening with the net attached to it. Boo Boo recovered from the ordeal real fast and is now laying around like nothing ever happened. I am so happy this is over! Using a search dog team is a real help. I will recommend you to everyone.

– Joyce in Severna Park, MD