Congratulations to Katie and Bubba for a safe return home!

This is a cute story! Spring is in the air!

Bubba, who has an abscess that was being overseen by his vet, decided one day that he was tired of the two girl kitties in the house giving him a hard time.

So, Bubba decided the weather was nice and he saw a beautiful Maine Coon girl kitty hanging around outside. Longing for some sort of female companionship, he decided to go introduce himself.

Well, he came back with he came home with a sore tail and another abscess, Poor Katie was so upset because Bubba really needed to heal up, slick back his fur, and get his kitty groove and health together first!

So, Dogs Finding Dogs went out to track Mr. “Romeo” Bubba down and get him back home! And that is what happened. We found where his new bachelor pad was and lured him back home.

Now Bubba can get himself a little bit more presentable, heal his wounds and Katie can finally relax. However, there may be a reunion in the future for Bubba and his new found kitty-girlfriend!  Katie is going to try to find out if this pretty girl kitty has a family and if not she is going to trap her and spoil her as well! We are sending healing prayers to Bubba in the meantime as he is a bit under the weather.

From Katie:

Your organization is absolutely incredible. I’ve been raving non stop. I’m the talk of the town around here, haha. I’m called the cat lady around here now, which is very true. Dogs Finding Dogs is also the talk of the town now! When I’m sent the photo of the love birds, I’ll send it your way. For now here’s a photo of Bubba and I cuddling. If only you could hear how loud he is purring through the photo!

Bubba’s tail is bent, and if I touch it he cries.  He cannot move it at all. I fear he fractured it. I just noticed and he won’t be seen again until Saturday. The vet also didn’t give him any pain medicine for his abscess this time,  even tho he very much so needs it!  He can’t even get up to walk and I have to hold him up to go potty. This poor baby. Please send your prayers for a speedy recovery.