We dropped off our dogs, Millie (a Shih Tzu) and Buddha at a friends house to pet sit for one night. Four hours later we got the terrible call that Buddha, our mixed-breed German Shepard, had escaped out the back gate. We rushed home early the next morning and spent days scouring the neighborhood, posting flyers, talking to people and checking with the local animal shelter. A friend mentioned the website, Dogs Finding Dogs.  It seemed like a long shot but we gave them a call. Their tips and ideas were a life saver for Buddha! They suggested we leave clothing with our scent, walk from possible areas back to the house and leave food out for our dog. Then on Sunday, Lessa to the Rescue!   One week after running away, Mary brought Lessa, her beautiful and intelligent German Shepherd rescue, to the neighborhood to track Buddha. While we were out, we received a call from a man who had just sighted Buddha on the nearby golf course. Would Buddha still be around?  Could Lessa pick up the scent?  Our hearts pounding, we slipped down the hill and through the brush onto the golf course. Lessa was making a beeline for the east end of the course, when we came to an opening in the trees, she turned north heading right across a green. Then suddenly Mary spotted him, Buddha was sitting back a few feet in the group of trees on the other side of the green. We gently coaxed Buddha out from the trees with our calls and encouragement. We shed many tears as we embraced Buddha in our arms. Interestingly enough, the area of the golf course that Buddha was found in, was only about 200 yards from where we left some clothing with our scent on it. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to Mary and her K9 partner, Lessa. We will always remember the self-less service they provided us in finding Buddha.