My little tortie tabby, Buddy, came home this morning. I poured cat food into the bowls and she showed up in the kitchen to eat (I left the garage door cracked and she alone of all the cats can go from garage to house through a space near the basement ceiling). I am amazed and delighted! She is a little thin, but otherwise completely fine, not even dirty. After having some breakfast, she is wandering around getting reacquainted with the house. Her best friend cat looked at her with round eyes and hissed at her. Some friend! But he’s coming around. I am absolutely positive that the scent trails you advised me to leave were what brought her back home. All my neighbors were looking and they didn’t see her, plus I received no calls at all from the alert service. The corn starch left out by the food stations showed raccoon tracks which was worrisome. I am confident it was the scent trails that led my dear Buddy home.