Cali had been sick with a tumor and when she disappeared it was certain that she went off to die somewhere down in the huge basement full of 10,000 books that are sold for Amazon. Hearing about Dogs Finding Dogs seemed to be the only way that Cali could be found. K9 Heidi was the dog of choice due to her ability to search buildings for missing pets and drugs. Heidi and Anne arrived at the house and quickly checked the ground outside to check for scent of Cali. With no scent outside the search began inside. K9 Heidi was first taken to the attic because the attic door was close to the front door. Up she went and a huge ruckus started hearing Anne tripping over all the items stored up there. Then within 10 seconds a yell down the stairs “We Found Her!!!” Poor Cali was hiding in the insulation in the rafters. We made the house quiet, put food out and Cali came out to eat and then down the stairs. 8 days, quite hungry and thirsty but otherwise in good health.

– Susanne in Hyattsville, MD