My cat Calie is a calico who was being watched by a pet sitter over the weekend. When we got home we were informed that the pet sitter lost Calie five days prior to our return. Flyers went up immediately and alerts were done and still no Calie. Calie is an indoor/outdoor cat so we knew that something very bad must have happened. We had DFD come out and search for her. They arrived with Heidi and within an hour she found poor Calie at the bottom of a 20 foot shaft in a yard. I was about 2 houses behind the tracker when she called to me “Calie is Found, come here quick!” We heard her crying at the bottom of the shaft. The home owners came out with a ladder but we could not fit down there. Then, the fire department and public works came out. After many attempts they tied a rope to Calie’s carrier filled with her blankets and lowered it into the shaft. God bless Calie, she crawled right into her carrier to get out of the wet cold water in the shaft and they pulled her up to us. This dog, Heidi, is amazing, and the rescue as well. If we had not found her should would have died since she was not able to escape without help, and no one would have known she was there crying because it was winter.

– Owners, Fire Department and Neighbors of Calie in Annapolis, MD