Congratulations to Erica and Charlie!

Charlie was staying with his grandparents in Edgewood, Maryland on New Year’s Eve when he slipped through a fence. Dogs Finding Dogs search team, Tim and K9 Jake, were called for a search on January 7th. K9 Jake alerted on one area in the marina, but Shiba Inu are known runners and can cover a lot of ground when they are in flight mode.

Dogs Finding Dogs recommended an action plan. This included canvasing the surrounding areas with flyers. About a week later Erica got a call indicating that Charlie was seen on the other side of the woods along Willoughby Beach Road. A week after that, he was on the other side of the Bush River. It appeared that Charlie had crossed the railroad bridge to get across to the other side of the river.

After that sighting on Friday the 13th, he continued to run for a few more days. The following Tuesday, Charlie was sighted and captured on Aberdeen Proving Ground.