Well this little fellow had a very lucky day otherwise he would not have lived in the extreme 20 degree weather and wind! Chewy was left outside to do his business in an open yard. His owners mistakenly forgot he was outside. Chewy ran off and got lost from home. While were were tracking for Bbo-Bbo in Glen Burnie, our tracking dog Heidi rescued Chewy also! 2 for 1 tracking and both pets home all in the same day! While Heidi was following Bbo-Bbo’s footsteps, she kept turning her head and air scenting across a 40 yard patch of woods with a deep creek in it. After she turned her head for the 4th time I said “OK, so show me what you want to!” So down the hill we went into the woods slipping and falling on the ice and snow, across a swampy creek we went and then up an embankment full of stickers. Just wonderful!! Halfway up she stopped and with that I looked ahead of her to see little Chewy shaking horribly and crying in the stickers! He would not come to me but I let Heidi go over to him and they sniffed. Then I pulled her back over and he followed. Chewy was scooped up and up the hill we went, tracking dog on one side and Chewy under my arm on the other. We called Chewy’s owner and left a message. They were out looking for him for over 45 minutes and were very happy to get him home. So, it was 2 dogs for 1 track back home! What a WONDERFUL feeling! Thank goodness we were in the right place at the right time. And especially thank you to Ms. Heidi who was able to scent and hear him from such a long distance away! Animals are amazing!. We especially want to thank Chewy’s parent Jennifer for her donation to us for saving Chewy!