Congratulations to Doc and Chilly for a safe return home!

Chilly is a Australian Cattle dog that went missing from her Bel Air home for about a week.

Yesterday DFD went out to track and learned that she was hiding along a path in the woods. The K9 was absolutely going crazy. We heard Chilly’s tags as well. This area of woods was in between two very busy main highway roads so we decided not to pursue her because we didn’t want to chase her into a dangerous situation.  Instead, we used an action plan to bring her to us.

So, scent strips were dropped and a trap was set up and just as it was completed, Doc saw Chilly watching him. He got down on the ground and Chilly came flying over to him.  What a happy reunion!

From Doc:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Shirley says thank you so much! Naturally, Chilly waited until I set everything up here on the farm. I am just so happy.  My wife and I can’t thank you enough.