It was a hot summer day and our new baby had just been born the night before. In the commotion, Christine got out and ran off. We were in a panic! We were referred to Dogs Finding Dogs by the SPCA. They said that Dogs Finding Dogs would help us! We called them at 4:00 in the afternoon and by 5:30 they were at our door ready to go! After scenting the dog up in the back alley, we started tracking thru the streets. 2 huge rain storms came down! Heidi, bless her heart, kept her nose to the ground and ran the track out as far as possible showing us where Christine had gone. The rain got so bad that we had to stop! The best part is that we knew where to concentrate on looking for Christine and Heidi was right! She was found and brought back home. Without that indication we had no clue which direction to even start and especially in the city! All of our family is now together! Many thanks for the quick response and concern!