Coco was saved from a Baltimore area shelter by the local pit bull rescue Mid-Atlantic Bully Buddies. She got out of her foster parents’ yard while they were at work. They searched all over the neighborhood for her with no luck. Dogs Finding Dogs came over with Lee and tracked her to a nearby apartment building. Because it was late and dark, they decided to wait until the next day to knock on doors and ask around. As luck would have it, Mid-Atlantic Bully Buddies got a call the next day from a very kind man that had found Coco and brought her to his apartment (the same apartment building that the track led to). He witnessed several young boys tormenting Coco and decided to help her. He called the number on her microchip tag and was able to track down the contact info for Mid-Atlantic Bully Buddies. Coco’s foster parents rushed over to get her and were very grateful that this kind man was looking out for Coco. His kids loved Coco so much in the short time she spent with them, they wanted to adopt Coco! Sadly, their apartment building does not allow pit bulls. Hopefully Coco will find her forever home soon.