Little Cocoa escaped during a Labor Day party at our home.  Because of the rural area, and because Cocoa is small, it was a huge concern that she was missing. K9 Lee and his handler, Janel, were able to come out later that day. By then, we had a sighting of our little Cocoa and we were able to start tracking close to where Cocoa was last seen.  Lee smelled Cocoa’s bed and her little shirt and off he went!  We walked between the baseball fence and some very tall bunch grass. Less than 50 feet along, Lee made a sharp right hand turn into the bunch grass after a few feet and stopped short. Janel started to move the grass aside to see what Lee was interested in and – lo and behold! – there was my little Cocoa. I can’t believe that it took longer to walk to where we started tracking, than it took to actually find Cocoa. Many thanks to K9 Lee, Janel and the staff of Dogs Finding Dogs for the quick and safe return of my little one.