Please watch your older dogs. On Sept 9th at about 5:15 am my husband let the dogs out and turned around to come in and get his shirt on. When he went back out, our nine year old blind staffie was missing . My husband grabbed the flashlight and went back out to look for him. For five days I looked for Colt in the 274 acres of woods behind us. My heart was broken, I couldn’t sleep or eat, not knowing what had happened to him. I went to the four area pounds everyday. On September 15, Anne and Heidi came out and searched. Colt was not in the woods, as he had made his way out to the busy main street. Heidi lost his scent there, Ann then told me to put up more signs up and down the street. On Wednesday. September 16th a neighbor stopped by to let me know that a man had come by their house a week earlier and said he had found a dog. My neighbor remembered that he had worked at a county school. I went there and had my baby back that night! Thank you Anne and Heidi!  You put our minds at ease and advised us on what to do next.