What a nightmare! Poncho was being boarded in Baltimore and was going to be groomed. However, they decided to groom him in a room full of caged dogs. Poor Poncho was so scared that he ran out of the groomers arms and found a small hole in the wall. He managed to squeeze into it and from there he ran all the drop ceilings and walls of the renovated 2 story bar. He was trapped for 5 days. DFD came out and the dog found Poncho in one of the ceilings. We could not get to him because he kept running away. So we put traps up and started to wait. After 2 days and no Poncho, DFD came back out to make sure he was still there. This time he was found in the reception room ceiling 1 story below. Now we had traps there too! The third time out the dog smelled Poncho back upstairs in the original ceiling again. With everyone out of the room, my husband, who Poncho loves, called him out with his favorite saying for dinner time. This time, Poncho meowed and he poked his head out of the wall and my husband grabbed onto him. With claws out, my husband pleaded for a carrier. He took it like a man! Poncho was put into the carrier and finally he was going home. He was fine and we had a Welcome Home Poncho Happy Hour Party. It was a nice celebration. And we have now made new friends.

– From All of Ponchos Searchers in Baltimore City, MD