Congratulations to Simone and Daisy for a safe return home!

Special thanks to Team K9 Jake for their help with this case.for all their hard work.

Daisy is a newly rescued Lab Mix that went missing after she arrived at her new home for just a day.

While the Dogs Finding Dogs search team tracked, they came right up on Daisy, however, she was fearful and did not want to come to anyone, so we backed off so we would not chase her.

We set up feeding stations and scent trails back to the house and VOILA!!!!   Daisy came back to the house right away! But, then she left the house again and wound up in another person’s yard.  They, with friends, were able to contain Daisy in the yard and call the owners to come and get her.

Great Job and many thanks to everyone who helped get Daisy back home!