Hello, I called your organization yesterday to ask for help in finding my pit bull mix, Daisy. Because she has that thin terrier coat, I thought for sure she had perished in the cold and snow since she was missing all night. I was calling to seek help in finding her body so that I would know what had happened to her. Whoever I spoke to when I called (I was so upset, I forgot to ask her name!) assured me that Daisy could most certainly have survived the night as dogs are “very resourceful.” This person also gave me several tips for getting the word out about Daisy. This kept me busy and made me feel like I was doing something to help bring her home. I immediately felt 100% more positive after this phone conversation, but what impressed me the most was that Dogs Finding Dogs committed to coming out that day. Janel called me later that day to say she would be out and would be tracking Daisy, even in the dark! That is impressive and very committed. Fortunately, Daisy found her way home prior to Janel arriving. I was so overjoyed, that I started to cry on the phone when I called Janel back to tell her that she did not need to come out. Still, I wanted to write to say thank you for being there, for the willingness to respond so quickly, for making me feel better after the initial phone call and for all that you do for missing dogs and cats in our area.