My husband got into to so much trouble. We were moving and took a break at Arundel Mills in Maryland to let the dog go to the bathroom. He let her out without a leash and she took off. Now what? We searched all that day and night, slept in the moving van and had to take our car off of the trailer to drive around. We were referred to Dogs Finding Dogs by the local animal control. They came out and found that our dog was in the area and at a construction site of new apartments. We had to go to NJ because my husband needed to be at work on Monday. Ladies, you will love this! When we had to drive back I was so mad that I tricked my husband into going into the trailered car to look for something for me. When he got in I pulled off and started driving. I left him there about 3 hours when finally I got sick and tired of hearing him blowing the horn at me. He lost my dog! On Wed we came back and were able to catch Sparky at the construction site. Some workers there helped all of us round him up. This time on the way home I let my husband ride in the car. He wasn’t banished anymore. DFD came out to help total strangers. This is a terrific feeling.

– Ellsa in New Jersey