Kitty Lost in House Fire – Dogs Finding Dogs Clients Made this Search Possible

Joe and Rebecca along with their two young children lost their home to a tragic fire. Nothing was able to be saved. They had two cats. One escaped from the fire alive, but sadly, Duncan was not as fortunate. . We bought four large traps, donated our time four times to track for Duncan and also created and posted 75 flyers in the neighborhood. Some of our past clients, after seeing the story on our Facebook page sent many prayers and donated traps as well to help Duncan and his family. Heidi was the dog of choice to use because she has a strong enough nose to go into the charred remains of Duncan’s home to search for him. After many hours of hard work and tracking and manning traps, Duncan was found but the fire caused him to expire too early. Our hearts go out to Duncan’s family. It was one more tragedy that his family had to endure. In the end, the family got some closure.

Dogs Finding Dogs wants to give a SPECIAL Thank You to all of our clients/friends who sent prayers, money, and traps to us to help Duncan’s family. This helped us to be able to put forth a HUGE effort to find Duncan. All remaining funds were given to Duncan’s family to help them start over and rebuild what they have lost. All of us at Dogs Finding Dogs are so very grateful to all of you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!