Congratulations to Emma and Elvis for a safe return home.

Special thanks to Team K9 Jake for their help with this case.

Elvis was adopted from Second Chance Animal Rescue. Poor little Elvis was with Second Chance for more than a year.  No one wanted to adopt him because he has a breathing problem and runny eyes, which now is getting much better in his forever home. Elvis decided to go find a “Hunka Hunka Burning Love” friend on a neighbors farm as he was found there in the pens with the ponies. He made new buddies!

Here is the email from Emma:

We got ELVIS back tonight!!!!!! After a day of scouring the new neighborhood and talking to people, handing out flyers, we got a call this evening from someone at a different horse farm saying they thought they saw him in a pen with ponies. I rushed over there. It was him, at last!!! Elvis is our guardian angel and he has his own too. Here he is after two bowls of food, relaxing, and putting away. Thank you so, so much for your help!