Our beloved 15 year old indoor cat Emma was accidentally locked out of the house. She enjoys sitting on our porch for a few minutes. I had opened the door, but she walked away into the kitchen to eat, and so, minutes later, I had shut it, thinking she was in the kitchen. Dogs Finding Dogs contacted me. We spent two hours or more, picking up fresh tracks. Interestingly, Heidi showed a lot of interest in a yard where our neighborhood mockingbird had been calling out every morning, imitating Emma’s rather distinct meow. Anne and Heidi returned two evenings later with 3 volunteers and we searched every backyard behind my block. Then, Heidi picked up a scent while walking along the front of the houses on my block, and the team caught sight of a cat on a porch, calling me to come see. It was Emma. She bolted right into Heidi’s paws, but Anne pulled Heidi back so as not to hurt her. A volunteer managed to grab Emma, but Emma (or the “Emma-nator” as we call her), bolted to freedom. By this time, a dozen neighbors and children were on the case. At the same time, a police helicopter was overhead with searchlights, apparently looking for a suspect. Was it us? We had been running through backyards all evening! We had to shout at each other at the top of our lungs because of the noise. All I could say was that I felt like we were in an action movie. It was definitely high drama. We set four traps since Emma was unreachable. The next morning, there was Emma, hissing and spitting in one of the traps. As I write this, Emma is happily asleep in the rocking chair. And, the mockingbird woke us both up this morning with a very happy “meow.” All the excitement in his territory is over. My thanks to our canine search team and most especially to Heidi, the wonder dog.