Figaro has been FOUND!!! We thank the man at 3:00 PM, and then the couple at 7:30 PM (both today) who saw our flyers and called us!  We thank the great people at Dogs Finding Dogs who came out and also gave us great tips, as well as Anne from DFD. We thank our neighbors, some who went out themselves looking for Figaro. We thank all for their messages of concern and compassion. You all are GREAT!!!!!!
He looks good, he’s quite hungry, eating LOTS and he will be going to the vet in the morning. He’s super affectionate with us, my dog was ECSTATIC when we brought him in the door (but we kept them separated as my dog was TOO MUCH for Figaro, so they will have to reunite later). We wish everyone the ABSOLUTE BEST OF LUCK in finding your pet. Don’t give up.

– Brandy in Baltimore, MD