On Monday evening, my cat George decided to sneak out as the pizza delivery guy came to the door. We searched many hours, walked several miles, putting up flyers, visiting Animal Control, and local Vets and Animal Hospitals. I got a call from Anne Wills at Dogs Finding Dogs offering suggestions and help. After her call, it was the first time I felt a little bit of hope. When I heard we were going to get another snow storm on Friday, I called Anne and asked if she could come out with Heidi to help look for George. Anne and Heidi came on Thursday and within an hour, Heidi found George. George saw me but was super scared and ran back underneath the deck. With the help of my wonderful friends, we were able to coax him out of hiding. If it weren’t for Anne’s call and help, I don’t know what I would have done or if I would ever have gotten George back. Thursday night was the first peaceful night sleep I had since George slipped out and I owe it all to Dogs Finding Dogs tracking my kitty!

– Shelly in Odenton, MD