My dog is a Husky Wolf mix who was rescued from being a unsuccessful sled pulling dog. She had us all fooled that she was old and barely could move. When she disappeared, tracking her was the only option knowing this breed combination. Luckily we had only one sighting to go from, but that was all that was needed. The track lead into the woods about a quarter mile away where all the paw prints appeared. We knew she was there. She even visited several feeding stations we had set up. Once we knew where she was, it was time to catch her and hope to lead her back home. We made a deliberate trail heading to home with food and clothes. This worked! She followed us back. Now the little “not so sore girl” can go back to work with me every day. And she will be getting a lot of exercise! There is really nothing wrong with her other than the love of just being lazy.. Lots of Smiles!!!!!!

– Rebecca in Gaithersburg, MD