I lost my cat Inca on a cold, rainy Saturday night. I searched my home and yard, and found no sign of him. I posted an ad on the Anne Arundel county Lost Pets site, and within 24 hours Anne sent an email to ask if Dogs Finding Dogs could help me find Inca. Anne brought Heidi that same day. Heidi quickly caught Inca’s scent and tracked him to a storm drain just a few houses away. We didn’t find Inca though, so Anne left me some Hav-A-Heart traps and instructions to lure Inca home. Anne called every day and came to help search whenever I received a report of an “Inca sighting”. For every search, Heidi led Anne and I back to the storm drain but we just didn’t find Inca. During this time Anne provided the support and kindness I needed to keep up hope and keep searching. Three weeks after Inca went missing, I received a call for a sighting in the neighborhood adjacent to mine, that Inca was seen going into a street drain. I raced over there, crawled head-and-shoulders down into the drain, and called for Inca. He jumped right out of the drain and into my arms. Turns out that this street drain empties into the neighborhood storm drain where Heidi tracked Inca. He was there all along!