Congratulations to Ann, Rick and Iris of Frederick for a safe return home!

Special thanks to Sherry for helping them capture her today and to Felicia and K9 Riley for their work on this case.

Iris is a two year old Shih Tzu mix who went missing late January. She dug out under the fence to the neighbor’s yard and the neighbor’s gate was open. Unfortunately, the local kids chased her through the neighborhood after she left the yard. K9 Riley, Felicia and Sherry went out to track all of the sightings and confirmed them. Then the local kids chased her through the neighborhood again after we left.

DFD got a call from the owners that Iris was spotted on a farm and that she ran into a old barn full of all kinds of old equipment and such. Sherry from Dogs Finding Dogs drove over and met Rick. Sherry went into the barn with chicken and found that Iris was hiding under some pallets. She called to Rick to come over and lay down to coax her out with the chicken, and they were finally reunited!!