Mary and Lessa from Dogs Finding Dogs came over. Lessa started in the backyard and, using Isis’ harness for scent, proceeded to go around the alleys behind our house multiple times. This meant that Isis at least circled the area a few times on Tuesday. Mary said that Lessa was only getting air scents and not ground scents, meaning the scents had dispersed and were a few days old. Then, the very next morning we got a siting right near where we were tracking! I ran and tried to whisper her name, straining to listen for anything. As I made my way towards the part of the alley that runs towards our home, I heard the jingle-jangle of a dog’s collar and tags. I came towards the bottom part of the ‘H’ shaped alley, when I saw her. I called her name, she stopped, whined her usual whine and slowly came towards me. I waited until she came to me and I grabbed as tight as I could and walked back towards the house. Isis must have picked up our scents and followed them back home.