Jack is my best friend! He is the most loving affectionate cat ever! I was never a cat lover but Jack changed me. What was supposed to be a quiet working weekend with my wife and children out of town, turned into a nightmare! Jack, my Russian Blue buddy, had slipped out the front door on Friday.  All weekend I searched high and low for him. I posted lost cat notices on the internet and Dogs Finding Dogs saw my cry for help! On Monday, Dogs Finding Dogs showed up ready to look for Jack. Heidi started tracking Jack from the front door where he left my home. She then took us on a walk around the surrounding town homes and lead us to where Jack was hiding. Jack was hiding under a deck, behind a rolled up hose. Heidi zeroed in on him and Jack shot straight up in the air announcing his disgust all the way! Poor Heidi could not understand why he was so upset. Jack shot into a six foot high, fenced yard and was now cornered and had no choice but to let me snatch him up! I had to scale the fence and run around a bit to get him. Success! When Heidi found Jack all I could say was “You are amazing! Incredible!” Life is back to normal. What a incredible relief it was to find Jack. Thank you Dogs Finding Dogs! I just wish I had known about you earlier.