I want to take the time to thank Dogs Finding Dogs for helping me find my cat LillyBelle. When I placed an ad on Craigslist I really did not think I would get a response. The next day you responded. Due to your quick response we were able to find LillyBelle quickly, which was vital to her well-being, for she had been missing for almost a week! You immediately sent a team to my house, that evening, to help me find LillyBelle.

On May 19, I had the privilege to meet Lynn and her dog Mabel. Lynn made me feel very comfortable and confident that Mabel would help find LillyBelle, even when I was doubtful. After giving Mabel the scent of LillyBelle, off she went to search for her. It was like she knew she had a job to do and acted very professional. It was as if she was a human-being, only better! Mabel started her search and I was amazed of how diligent she was.

Mabel took us on a 30–40 minute search for LillyBelle. She took us through neighbors’ yards, down to a wooded area. Lynn and I walked, sometimes running, with Mabel through weeds as high as our waists, wading through streams, tracking up and down hills, jumping over fallen trees and broken branches. I thought there is no way my LillyBelle could have traveled this path. I was getting more and more discouraged and sad of not finding her. I was almost doubting Mabel’s ability. We were about 40 minutes into the search when Mabel just stopped. I thought we were going to turn back to my house. But then Lynn was saying to Mabel “check check”, Mabel looked at one particular tree. I looked at the tree and hesitated then looked again and saw something orange. Not sure of what I was seeing, I went closer to the tree and wouldn’t you know it, THERE WAS LILLYBELLE!  I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES! I WAS SO AMAZED AT THIS! I could not help but to cry of joy and relief of finding her.

LillyBelle was stuck in this tree with her tail literally tied around the branches, hanging upside down, tangled all up. There is no way LillyBelle would have been able to break free of this tangle without the help of a human being. There is no way LillyBelle would have been found by humans, even if there were a mass man hunt for her. The only reason she is here today, alive, is because of that wonderful DOG NAMED MABEL and her handler LYNN. Lynn was amazing.  She knew exactly what to do, and how to handle Mabel. The connection between them was indescribable. I have never been more amazed or emotional about any experience. It was a true privilege to work with and watch Mabel and Lynn at their best.

LillyBelle suffered dehydration and major cuts and wounds to her tail but she will be just fine, thanks to Dogs Finding Dogs!  From the bottom of my heart, I THANK ALL OF YOU for being a remarkable team of miracles!!

– Jill in Eldersburg, MD