Jinx is home! He is worn out but otherwise healthy. He ate, drank from his favorite source, the fishbowl and rested by my side the rest of the evening. Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide. Kim, Kayla and Walker did a fantastic job. Walker really helped to narrow down the area and confirm that Jinx was close by. He happened to be in a yard that was closed off by a high fence but somehow Jinx got under it and was hiding under some plywood. Kim and Kayla worked very hard. My energy was waning after two days of searching all hours in the heat, so I was really grateful for their enthusiasm, diligence and high energy. They left no stone unturned and they approached everyone that we passed on the street. If it weren’t for Kayla insisting on looking under EVERYTHING, I may not have looked where I looked as I didn’t even think Jinx could fit in there. So thanks again for this wonderful service! They were true professionals and all the tips and advice really paid off in the end. I will definitely recommend Dogs Finding Dogs and truly appreciate this unique service.

– Teri in Baltimore, MD