Congratulations to Carleen and Chris for a happy and safe reunion with Joey!

Joey was on a walk with his doggy cousins last Thursday when the leashes got tangled and slipped out of his walker’s hand. Dogs Finding Dogs search team, Tim and K9 Jake, were assigned the case and tracked Joey that Sunday morning.

A half hour in, K9 Jake alerted that the dog was nearby. They could not go too far into the woods because of its density and the proximity of Route 3.  After two hours, and checking a few other spots, K9 Jake’s activity didn’t match that of the initial alert. The Dogs Finding Dogs team wrote up an action plan for Carleen and Chris to follow.

They were out shopping for action plan supplies, when they received a phone call. Joey was passing through a patch of woods near a house and struggling to move through the brush. It was the same patch of woods where Jake alerted early in the track! A family that lived nearby saw him and freed him up and called the number that was on one of the posted fliers.